1. H

    Retake 515 with 125 CARS?

    Background: Hello everyone. I am a senior taking a single gap year before medical school. Last year I studied for a took the MCAT, getting a decent score of 515. Under normal circumstances, I would be happy about that score, but my practice test was in the ballpark of 520-524. Having said that...
  2. Huo

    What are my chances of being accepted? Recommended school list?

    Hi everyone. I am planning on applying this upcoming cycle. I took my first MCAT in May 2022 and got a 500 (128, 121, 127, 124). I then retook it in Sep of the same year and got 507 (130, 121, 129, 127). I was satisfied with my score except for the CARS section :( I did not improve on CARS at...
  3. H

    Where can I find the best CARS Passage?

    Hi everyone! I'm starting my content review for the MCAT which I'm planning to take on January 21st. I'm thinking about doing 1-2 passages 6 days a week. What do you guys recommend I do? What resources do you all recommend? Thank you so much
  4. lialalala

    Will reading magazine help me with CARS?

    Will reading articles in Cell or Nature help me for CARS??
  5. F

    CARS Strategy Resources

    I've been reading 3 JW CARS passages per day for about a month now, but I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I know everyone says CARS improvement is slow, but I'm starting to feel like I need to branch out. I have the Kaplan CARS book since it came with the full set, but I've been avoiding...
  6. Doctoscope

    Nontrad - Can I start practicing CARS now without much prereq knowledge?

    Hello everyone. I'm a nontrad who recently started a premed track, and I've only taken General Human Anatomy and General Biology 1. From what I've read around on SDN, r/MCAT, and r/PreMed, CARS seems to be one of the more troublesome sections for a lot of people, and also takes the longest to...
  7. N

    For Sale UNWRITTEN IN Berkeley Review (2018 ed.) + Exam Krackers Biology (10 ed.) + Princeton Review CARS Workbook

    All books are entirely unwritten in and are gently used. There are no markings whatsoever in any of the books. Books include: The Berkeley Review 2018 ed. complete science set (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - 8 books) MCATBros charges $300... mine are $278 in...
  8. chemdoctor

    AAMC CARS volume 1?

    Hello, I recently purchased CARS volume 1. I've been doing Princeton Review passages (form the new book). The strategies are meh, but I'm mainly using it for practice. I just purchased CARS volume 1 and am looking to do that. I've been doing well on the Princeton passages (missing at the most 2...
  9. K

    WesternU (Pomona) commuting current/future students

    so I noticed the lack of a Facebook group and also of any posts/threads for Pod WesternU students that commute to school. I’m an incoming 1st year (yay class of 2023) and I’m looking for advice/options/guidance on how people go about organizing carpools, if there is a website or page already for...
  10. chemdoctor


    I ordered Princeton Reviews "3rd edition" but the Bio and CARS books are "2nd edition" WTF!! What does that mean?! Did Amazon mess up?! Do I need to return them to get the 3rd edition?? (I know it prob doesn't make a difference but I'd like to get what I Paid for)! please help TIA
  11. A

    Cars improvement advice

    I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but i'm getting pretty frustrated with the CARS section and need some guidance. On almost all the full lengths I've taken (AAMC, PR, etc.) I've consistently been getting 123 on the CARS section. I've tried some techniques from youtubers, and princeton...
  12. A

    How do you all feel when answering CARS questions?

    When I select answers for the CARS passages, I feel like I'm guessing on almost all my answers. I am only certain of my answer choices a few times throughout the CARS sections. I'm doing decent on the CARS Q-packs and I also did decent on the PR review CARS sections. Its not like im missing a...
  13. futureneuromaniac

    For Sale 10th Ed. Examkrackers Complete Study Set

    Hey, guys! I'm selling the Examkrackers 10th Ed. MCAT Complete Study Package for $165 total or best offer. I will pay for shipping. The set is in almost like new condition. (There is no writing in any of the books and the only highlighting is on a few pages of the CARS book.) The books include...
  14. S

    CARS Strategy under 1.5x Extended Time Conditions

    Hello, I have a well-documented learning disability and was recently approved for extended time on the MCAT, with 1.5x standard conditions. Reiterating that the basis for my receiving this is well-founded, I would be interested in how any CARS high scorers or ostensible extended-time CARS...
  15. S

    1.5x Extended Time on CARS strategy

  16. T

    508 retake and uneven breakdown?

    Alrighty folks just got word of my mcat score and a bit disappointed 508 (128/123/127/130) As you can see everything else is fine but CARS killed me...if I had even scored an average 125 then I would be happy ugh!! I've never scored that low. Is an uneven breakdown a red flag? On AAMC, I scored...
  17. R

    MD Did I do enough to compensate for my 124 CARS?

    So, my aptitude falls into the science side of things, but I’ve been intentional to round myself out with good experiences. What do you all think, does my CARS score kill my chances? Where would you put me on the competitiveness spectrum? -MCAT: 512– 131/124/130/127 -BCPM GPA: 3.90 (3.95 were...
  18. J

    3.4cGPA 3.7 sGPA 501 MCAT

  19. ChymeofPassion

    NS108 to AAMC CARS Correlation

    Scoring around 80 percent on the NS108 Section Tests (1/2), which according to them is a 127/128. Did anyone score on AAMC similar to NS108?
  20. D


  21. M

    HARD! AAMC Sample Test CARS #5

    Can someone tell me how they would approach this problem? I still have trouble seeing the logic behind it and how to actually arrive at the answer
  22. D

    Do I need CARS Practice?

    Scored 131 on both AAMC FL 1 and 2 in CARS. I have not done any CARS practice outside of this. Could it be a fluke? I don't want to waste time, but I fear that maybe I have just been lucky and I am not as well prepared as it seems. I'm one month out from the exam. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  23. davethebarbarian


  24. K

    EK 101 Verbal or Ek 101 CARS?

    Hi! I was reading Nymeria's MCAT study schedule and saw that she recommended the EK 101 Verbal. In other forums I've seen people saying that the new EK101 CARS is bad, and that the old EK 101 Verbal is better. Currently EK sells EK 101 Verbal on their website, but does anyone know if they've...
  25. vikhloe

    For Sale TPRH verbal workbook

    Selling “CARS BIBLE” - TPRH verbal workbook No highlights or notes or marks. It’s the best and most classic practice for CARS section. Selling it for $145 (I initially bought it for $160). Message me if you’re interested!
  26. T

    MCAT Practice Exam Help

    Hello everyone, I am a new member to SDN. So today I come seeking the advice of anyone who may have some helpful insight to this beast of a test. My honest goal here is to score a 507 or higher. I am currently a month out from my MCAT exam date, and I am just beginning the AAMC Practice...
  27. A

    Advice requested: How to proceed with MCAT studying

    I just took my first TPR MCAT full length exam after doing 2 months of pure content review and a few practice passages occasionally. I scored a 499 (123/123/127/126). The content review was mainly just taking the TPR online classes and reading through the TPR book set. All practice passages that...
  28. M


    For this question, if the passage implies nothing about transitivity, does that mean we can just ignore that part of the question stem? My first instinct would be to keep looking for an example of transitivity in order to fulfill that criteria of the question stem. Could this be a general rule...
  29. Fishy fish

    Is it worth applying?

    I have a 509 (127/124/127/131) MCAT with a competitive GPA. I am working on solidifying my school list and was wondering...Is it worth applying to schools with a 125 CARS as their 10th percentile? I don't want to be throwing money away obviously if they won't consider my application bc of my 124...
  30. joe7456

    Selling New MCAT books; EK, Princeton, and NS!

    Hello, I just got into medical school and no longer need these books. I will use venmo for shipping costs and payment; I send you a text with picture of tracking number and date, then you just send me the money via Venmo app. I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes...
  31. S

    AAMC CARS Material

    So i was wondering since we have 5 uses for the AAMC CARS. What if i want to do 2 passages a day, is that possible?
  32. A

    TPRH Questions for CARS? Hard or AAMC-Like??!

    Are TPRHyperlearning questions similar to AAMC questions? I find that some of their answers to the tests at the end are just way off - you can't reliably draw the same conclusions each time. I'm going to buy the AAMC questions.
  33. A


  34. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    CARS Practice Resources

    Hey guys! So I'm testing on May 19th and have run through all of Kaplan's practice passages and most of the AAMC CARS questions pack 1. I was not a fan of the CARS QP1 because the passages were unrealistically short and almost all of the passages were only 5 questions. Looking at QP2, I'm...
  35. A

    Now or Later?

  36. B

    Low verbal (CARS) score

    hi colleges and physicians, i am in desperate need of help with the CARS section of the MCAT. I graduated with honors 3.9 GPA bachelors in biology emp in Neuroscience and minor in Chemistry. I have attempted to raise my verbal score over the last 2 years and on the old system only managed a...
  37. P

    What am I doing wrong.. another CARS question, but I'm desperate!

    I am re-taking the test on June 2nd. I have always been bad at CARS (I've been stuck at a 124-125). Since I knew that I'm bad in this section from my previous test, I've been consistently practicing CARS since last October. When I do each passage on its own, and when I take my time on a passage...
  38. T

    CARS success discrepancies

    Hey gang, Two things: 1) I've been using the latest TBR CARS book and usually scoring only 60%. I assume that is not good. I then dug up my old "EK 101 passages in MCAT VR" book and tried those and did significantly better, 78% (keep in mind this is an old book and was designed for the old...
  39. J

    URM NS FL average 504

    So I just took the Next Step FL 3 and got a 504 (126/123/127/128). I know my CARS on this exam was bad, but I heard that a lot of other people also did badly in CARS on this exam. I just wanted to know with my actual MCAT about a month away how accurate are NS FL scores to the actual AAMC...
  40. F

    AAMC Resources

    for the section bank, OG, and CARS volume. I read that you shouldn't fly through them fast because they are very representative of the MCAT and that you should do a few passages a day, for example. but how do you break them up if you don't get to see the answers/how you performed until you...