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Jul 8, 2011
I'm thankful for being given the opportunity to attend one of these two great institutions. I'm aware of similar threads from the past, but I felt that they didn't touch up on some of my thoughts / concerns about the two.
I'd be grateful if anybody has any further insight into the two schools. Thanks in advance!

- Patients are obtained / scheduled by a clinical coordinator
- You get your own chair in clinic
- Early clinical training (e.g. Healthy Smiles in D1)
- Time off given to prep for boards
- More nation-wide network (I could be wrong with this one, but being a private school my assumption is that more people will branch out to different locations as opposed to staying in Ohio. As of current, I don’t have any concrete plans to stay in Ohio (or Minnesota for that matter))
- Cleveland (Not so much a minus, but I am married and have a little one and I feel that the Twin Cities win for family-friendly / safe location)

- Excellent clinical training w/ great patient base
- Flexible with when you can complete the boards.
- Twin Cities (Again, I feel that it’s a better location for family)
- Only have the Canadian Board (NDEB) available on site* (Also, required to graduate) which is accepted for licensure in the US only in the state of MN (currently; there seems to be efforts going on to expand this to other states). For NERB, WREB, etc you need to go to an off-site location.
- I’m OOS in both cases so costs are high, but UMN comes out a tad bit higher (410-420k vs. 390k at Case, therefore not a deal-breaker in any sense)

* Correction: They will only have NDEB available on site starting 2018 (Currently, they have NDEB and CRDTS available on site and NDEB is reqiured to graduate). I'm curious as to how big a hassle it is to go off site to take other regional boards.
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Mar 22, 2013
I would honestly really go UMN. It is a solid school, and lots of the students there were married + kids. Don't underestimate the location of your school for your strongest support system, your family, especially when the cost of attendance somewhat close as you are saying. If you were single, I'd say sure give Case a look. Minneapolis is a tremendously family friendly city, while I don't think the same can be said for Cleveland (I am sure there are some nice things/areas in Cleveland but I personally would clump Cleveland along with the other cities I hope my family never sees: Detroit, Baltimore, Flint, Oakland, etc.).

I was accepted to UMN as well but will be withdrawing since some other options are much much cheaper. I think if all costs were equal for me, I would go to UMN, because of the family friendly atmosphere in the school, city and state. This would allow me to feel more comfortable and do better + learn more in school.
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Aug 26, 2011
North East
Case is an amazing school! they have new facilities as well. It's also cheaper! Case is a no brainer in this case. UMN OOs is ridiculous and the living costs are definitely higher than Ohio. Case is the better pick!