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  2. RocketScientist05

    Creighton Phoenix vs Drexel vs Rosalind Franklin

    Hey guys, trying to decide between these 3 schools. I'm a FL resident so they're all very comparable tuition wise with some variation in COL. RFU is slightly cheaper COL in North Chicago. Distance from family isn't that relevant since they're all somewhat far from home. Thinking about aiming...
  3. P

    Wayne State vs. Creighton (Omaha)

    I could use some help deciding between these two schools! Any insight is appreciated! (I have not entirely decided what specialty (leaning primary), but my long-term goal for residency is to match around the New England area, as I am originally from Massachusetts) Wayne State: Pros: -...
  4. B

    Creighton PharmD, Class of 2026

    Hi all! I thought I’d start a thread for us who have been accepted into the Creighton Distance program for the class of 2026. I’d love to connect with my fellow classmates!
  5. C

    Help!: FIU HWCOM vs Creighton U

    FIU: Pros: 1. In state and cheaper 2. My family lives 10 minutes from the school 3. I did my undergrad here 4. High diversity 5. Good research opportunities 6. Community focused curriculum 7. High Step 1 scores Cons: 1. High cost of living 2. Low research funding 3. Driving to clinical...
  6. K

    General Admissions & OTCAS Creighton OTD 2020 Cohort

    Hello!! Starting this thread for those applying to / accepted to Creighton University's OTD program to BEGIN in fall 2020!! I interviewed September 20th and was accepted October 3rd. Good luck to everyone!
  7. J

    Any alum or current Creighton dental students on here?

    If there are any current or recent graduates from Creighton Dent on here I have a few questions I'd like to ask if possible! -How has the new building and increase in the # of students per class affected things (especially in the clinic)? -Any idea on specializing % that get into their...
  8. AlexisT

    Creighton Post-bacc 2019-2020

    Starting this thread since there isn’t one yet.
  9. P

    Creighton pharmacy stats help

    hey guys I was wondering if anyone here who has been accepted to the Creighton pharmacy school would be willing to share some insight and answer some questions.. I’m still in the process of taking my prereqs and I’m a strong student now; but unfortunately when I first attended college many...
  10. J

    Creighton Pre-dent post bach program

    Does anyone know how many applicants apply to Creighton's dental post-baccalaureate program? I saw on their site that they accept 7 students into the program but I am wondering how many apply for it, to better understand the chances of getting into it. Thanks
  11. Saisri_PharmStdnt

    Creighton SPAHP Class of 2023

    Starting up the official thread here for the cycle opening up next week for starting Fall of 2019! I'm applying to Creighton this cycle under the Early Decision time frame. I'm planning on attending via the Distance Pathway. For those looking to apply under Early Decision, here are the...
  12. Saisri_PharmStdnt

    Creighton SPAHP Fall of 2019 Important Dates (Pharmacy)

    For anyone else who may be interested in the important dates for the Fall of 2019 (Class of 2023) Pharmacy cycle: Important Dates for the Fall 2019 Admission Cycle Cycle Opens: July 2018 Early Decision Deadline: September 4, 2018 Preferred Deadline: November 1, 2018 Final Deadline: March 1...
  13. Saisri_PharmStdnt

    Best Laptops for Pharmacy School?

    Hi! I understand that Creighton doesn't provide laptops anymore, but they've provided specs that they recommend. I'm looking into laptops now as my current one isn't going to be on life support much longer and I want to invest smartly. I want something that is going to last me through school...
  14. D

    Creighton vs. Penn

    What's up guys, I was thankful enough to be accepted to both Creighton and UPenn. I am just curious as to what your thoughts are with regards to both programs. Some background: -I am fairly interested in specializing, but not sure in what specifically. -Both locations are far from my hometown...
  15. P

    OHSU or Creighton?

    To the current dental students out there, please advise me. I was accepted at both Creighton and OHSU and have been going back and forth between the schools for the past month. I am from Portland so it seems like a no-brainer to go to OHSU, but my sister is finishing at CU dental and had a...
  16. F

    Creighton Waitlist

    So I got waitlisted/alternate status for Creighton med school. I know they do not rank their waitlist so I was wondering if anyone has advice for going from alternate to accepted. What kinds of updates go above and beyond their expectations? Thank you and best wishes to everyone this cycle!
  17. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Creighton OTD for 2018 Cohert

    Howdy everyone! This forum is for everyone who applied to, interviewed, or got accepted into Creighton's OTD program during to 2017/2018 cycle, to BEGIN Fall 2018. All Pathways welcome! Best of luck fellow OT's!
  18. T

    Invitations to interview - 2017

    I sent in my applications at the end of August/beginning of September (Usci, Emory & Henry, Rutgers south, creighton, Puget Sound, university of arkansas medical sciences, NYIT, marymount university, franklin pierce, kean, gannon, AT stills, Murphy deming, hampton) and so far I have received...
  19. SuxDrugs&Rocuronium

    Help Choosing Dental School To Apply!

    I've begun researching schools that I would like to attend, but I feel like I can only tell so much from the schools' websites. I won't be applying until next cycle, but I would just like some feedback about which schools would be best to apply to. A little about me: Age: 24 Utah Resident oGPA...
  20. camtheram1815

    MCW vs Rochester

    Hello all, I've got some time to kill at work, so why not? Just hoping to get some insights about a potentially tough decision I'll have to make come May. I have an interest in neurosurgery so I've somewhat factored that in to help me decide. Priorities are cost of attendance, overall student...
  21. Jssgarden

    Creighton, NE or U of MN- Duluth campus

    Hi guys, my first post here. I hope I posted in the right forum. I just got accepted to these two pharmacy schools which are my top choice: Creighton, NE campus pathway and U of Minnesota, Duluth campus. Now I'm debating between these two schools and it's so hard to make a decision. Aside from...
  22. 9

    Program-Specific Info / Q's What to wear to an interview?

    Hi guys! I'm flying from Los Angeles (home) to Omaha for an interview with Creighton mid-January. Since I've never really had to dress for the winter, any tips on how to look professional while keeping warm? Thanks :)
  23. R

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Creighton Campus Pathway 2016-2017 Application Cycle

    I recently interviewed at Creighton Campus Pathway for OT and absolutely LOVED the school. Does anyone know how many apply and anything else about getting into the school? I'm super nervous to hear back from my interview!
  24. M

    ***The Official Creighton University Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    I thought I would start this for 2021. I received an interview invite today and couldn't find a thread to follow. Good luck everyone!
  25. ShowTheTeeth

    Creighton University Supplemental Application Questions 2016

    Hey guys I am currently applying to CU and I wanted to know has anyone completed the questions/essays in the Supp. App.? There was no mention of limits that I found on the website but I just wanted to make sure that I did not overlook it. The Supp App is in paper form but it only gives a few...
  26. K

    Creighton vs Miami

    Does anyone have any advice when choosing between two schools? I have recently been accepted at both Creighton and Miami and I can't decide which to choose! It would be very helpful if anyone could provide some of the pros/cons of either school from personal experience if possible! What kind of...
  27. K

    NYMC vs Creighton

  28. B

    Creighton Post-Bacc 2016

    Decided to start this thread to see if everyone is as anxious as I am during the app cycle.
  29. M

    Other OT-Related Information Writing Thank You Letter for being listed as ALTERNATE?

    I was recently listed as an alternate at Creighton. My friend said it would be a good idea to write a thank you letter. Note, I haven't been interviewed or anything yet. Is this a good idea? What should I even say?
  30. A

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Creighton OTD fall 2016

    Anyone applying to Creighton's program? If so, have you heard anything from them yet?