DAT DONE!! 2017

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Jul 31, 2017
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Hi guys I recently made an account so that I can share valuable information regarding the DAT I took today! I wanted to help others because I was glued to these forums when I was prepping for my exam :)

Materials used: Cliffs, Ferrallis, chads videos, Bootcamp, qvault, Both destroyers, genius (first free tests per section).

time studied: 3 months (pushed back test twice because I did not feel ready)

schedule: followed Ari's schedule until "full length tests" week. Made my own schedule to take the remaining bootcamp tests. Also took 2007 and 2009 dat the week leading up to my test.

Breakdown on exam
Pat: 22
Qr: 20
RC; 21
Bio: 26
Gen C: 27
Orgo: 26
TS: 26
AA: 24

disclaimer: all tests are different, my advice is with resect to my experience and preparation. That being said, study everything because there is a chance your test will have the one chapter/section/set of questions you dread the most.

Pat: bootcamp and qvault
My exam had a HARD Pat section. Do not underestimate the time you need to prepare for this section. I began by watching all of the videos that are posted on Bootcamp. This gave me an idea on where to start and what are the "rules" for folding etc. I personally think that Bootcamp did a great job with the PAT practice. I struggled a lot with the pattern folding and keyholes and that was def an issue for me on the test. ROCK KEYHOLES ARE A THING ON THE REAL TEST. I prob had 5/6 of them and I got so nervous. But you're able to limit the answers down to a few (even tho they all seemed wrong to me). Pattern folding is just practice. I loved TFE because that was the only section that really clicked (watch all Joels BC videos and read the TFE articles and explanations) Also, I practiced using the bootcamp generators for about 10 minutes per section everyday which helped tremendously.... on another note, I did a good amount of practice in Qvault but these tests are way harder than the real test (especially TFE). scores on qvault pat: average 20. This being said, Bootcamp is the way to go, if you can score around 20 you'll be fine on the real thing. But be prepared for some weird keyholes. lastly, do yourself a favor and skip the 2007 and 2009 Pat sections.. they are a joke compared to real test and gave false impression.
scores on bootcamp: would average 21.

QR: math destroyer and bootcamp
This was the section I feared the most because I am not a math person (why I'm pursuing a career that has less math) i used Math destroyer for this section to prep. There were probably half of my test questions straight from math destroyer. It used to take me hours to finish one chapter when I first started but you'll get faster if you keep practicing. A quarter of my test was similar to bootcamp QR. The comparison problems were vary similar hint hint. I did each practice test in destroyer and bootcamp 2 times and made sure I understood all of the material(not an overkill i do not regret this). The remaining quarter of the test was wtf... I was so lost and probably got over half of them wrong haha. Again, I am horrible at math... If i can receive a 20 in this section I'm sure you can too. Just put in the time. average on BC: 18

Rc: bootcamp and genius
This was my second feared section. I would average 16's on the first 3 bootcamp tests and my score never went above a 18 for the next several tests.. I tried the genius rc section and scored a 19. The real dat is surprisingly not like Bootcamp RC and I found that BC really destroyed my confidence (for RC only). I did not have a single "the first statement is true the second is false." Genius, however, was nearly identical to my test because the questions were straight facts. I started to read scientific american articles and take notes after i read the passage to increase my comprehension skills. The real test (at least for me) was so interesting... I had super intriguing articles and read them while enjoying it. I think that is what helped me do way better on this section than in my practice. so maybe pretend the articles are interesting?? i wish i tried this before hand.

Bio: destroyer, Bootcamp, ferallis, cliffs ap
I put 75 percent of my time studying into this section. The real test was a perfect blend of Bootcamp and Destroyer (although the questions were worded just like BC). I read cliffs 4 times and went through ferrallis right after I read cliffs. Do not start questions and practice until youve gone thru both at least once. The thing about destroyer is that yes its harder than the real test, but i researched all the material that did not make sense and this was most likely the reason I performed well in this section. On the real test, I had maybe 3 questions that came out of nowhere but the rest were directly from Ferallis notes and cliffs. I had one plant question. I remember asking Ari if plants would be on the test and he told me that every test is different (which is true) so i prepped for the worst and learned all about plants (': the best advice i can give for this section is that it is better to be over prepared than underprepared. My exam was a lot of phys and cell stuff (which i had luckily prepared for in great detail). lastly, when you get to the BC tests and destroyer test, READ ALL EXPLANATIONS AND MAKE SURE IT MAKES SENSE. This will take time, but you will not regret this. i would average 22 on this section in BC.

Gen Chem:chads videos, BC, Destroyer
my exam was more calculation based. There were two questions on my exam that made 0 sense and I'm certain I got both wrong. Find out when to use elements as diatomic vs. monoatomic. I heard ppl saying that there is not a lot of calculations, but I think I had over 20 calculation problems. that being said, the calculations were with very simple numbers. For this section I watched chads, took notes, did the quizzes, and reviewed like it was my job. review review review your notes-- you'll always learn something from it. pH pka stuff: know that like the back of your hand. I would average 22 on this section in BC.

Orgo: chads, mikes vids (in BC), destroyer, BC
This was my strongest section during prep and i had just taken Orgo one and two this past year. I made my own list of all reactions that I encountered and that helped a lot. Mikes vids are an absolute must... I think I had a hard orgo section because I usually fly through and have nothing marked, but in my test I had 5 things marked. BC orgo is most similar to the exam but destroyer taught me a few things i did not know and forced me to research the material. also, memorize some common NMR and IR values( use mikes vids handouts) because I had multiple questions regarding those unfortunately. average scores BC: 23

2007 and 2009 dat: These two tests are a must.. however, the PAT section is a joke so just use bootcamp to prep. 2007 is way too easy but do it anyway as practice. 2009 dat was similar to my exam especially the sciences (although the 2009 test contains a few errors).
results 2007: total science 30. RC 17. QR 24.
results 2009 total science 26. RC 18. QR 18

To end off, I truly believe that Bootcamp is the jewel of all practice. Do all sections,read all explanations, print out all the extra handouts (chromosome number and lab techniques etc). Supplement that with a little more challenging sections in both destroyers and you'll be good to go. But remember, put in the TIME and practice if you want good results. Good luck fellow Pre-dents.


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May 17, 2008
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Great job and very consistent scores across all the sciences! Sorry you got the rock keyholes, they're pretty brutal. Solid breakdown and advice all around.
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