special masters program

  1. N

    Very conflicted and need help please

    Hey guys! I’m a non-traditional student, I graduated in 2020 with a major in Biological Sciences. I’ve taken the MCAT twice, both attempts did not hit the 500. I’m in the middle of studying for my test right now but I haven’t been seeing the progress that I want. My science gpa is a 2.91 for...
  2. T

    Chance of getting into Special Masters Program (SMP)

    Special Masters Program chance of acceptance? I’m a recent pre-med graduate with a degree in neuroscience taking a gap year and plan to apply to a special masters program (smp) following my MCAT exam this January 2022. I graduated with a 3.02 cumulative gpa and 2.8 science gpa. That being said...
  3. A

    Georgetown University SMP 2020-2021

    I haven't been able to find a thread for this application cycle for the Georgetown SMP. I just submitted my application. Has anyone gotten in recently? How long does it take to hear back?
  4. S

    Tulane MS Anatomy - Accepted

    Hi everyone, I am looking for anyone recently accepted into Tulane MS Anatomy program for the 2020-2021 academic year. Would you mind sharing your stats? (e.g., GPA, MCAT). I am planning to apply and was looking for others accepted to reference myself with. Anyone currently in the program...
  5. StressoEspresso

    Post-Bac/Special Masters Programs

    Hi Guys! I'm a long time lurker on SDN and recently made an account to get some advice. I'm applying to SMP and post-bac programs to improve my academic record (I have an upward trend in the last two years). I already have tons of research experience, clinical shadow hours from scribing...
  6. C

    Case Western MSMP 2019-2021

    Hey folks of SDN, Firstly, thank you for taking time to read my post and for possibly responding. :) I'm a 23 year old female (ORM-Asian) who is attempting to reinvent herself. I majored in Biochemistry and minored in Psychology. cGPA: 3.04 sGPA: 2.7 (yikes) I unfortunately had my fair share...
  7. B

    Med schools that look favorably on an SMP?

    Hey all, New to sdn, thought I'd give this a shot because I've been researching for hours and I can't figure it out!! It seems like there is no easy way know what medical schools I'd have a chance for admission at given my non-traditional background. The MSAR and all other resources only look...
  8. P

    Marian's Master's of Biomedical Sciences (2018-2019)

    I wanted to make this thread to give anyone thinking of coming to Marian's MBS program a chance to know the truth beforehand. Overall: Would I recommend the program to anyone? No. I attended Marian's BMS program, like many students in the class, to better prepare my application for medical...
  9. L

    My Best Option...

    Hello all, I'm pretty new to sdn but I really like the community and a lot of you seem to be very knowledgeable about these topics. Right now I find myself in a predicament with respect to applying to schools, and I wanted to see what my best options are. I'll just give my stats straight away...
  10. A

    Help me decide SMP program!

    It was a tough decision whether or not to do a post-bac or SMP. I will graduate soon with a Biochem degree with 3.0 gpa and 3.0 sgpa. 508 MCAT. Obviously not very good, I'm going to retake MCAT. I was accepted to Georgetown, Tufts and Tulane SMP. Still waiting to hear from Boston University and...
  11. Boston University MAMS

    Post Boston University MAMS 2019-2020

    Hey all! Thank you for your interest in the MAMS program. Please feel free to use this space to ask any questions that you may have!
  12. W

    Weird spot

    Hey! I’m thinking about doing a postbac program/special masters program after graduation(spring 2019) but I’m having a hard time finding one I meet the qualifications for. So far, I’ve taken every requirement except physics. This puts me in a spot where I’ve taken too many classes for a career...
  13. S

    SMP Questions

  14. Med Ed

    *~*~*~*~*~*Official Personal Statement Guide and Reader List 2018-2019*~*~*~*~*~*

    I will chime in as one of the adcoms on this forum, and as someone who reads a lot of personal statements each year. For starters, ignore everything @The Dragon Slayer has posted. It's not that it's 100% incorrect, but there is not point in trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Every...
  15. dodolol21

    Is This a Good Master's Program? Is it considered an SMP?

    Looking for some input from adcoms on whether or not this is a good program for someone who has a low GPA (2.9 to 3.1) but decent MCAT 510-512. Is this worth it or a waste of time? All input is appreciated. Here's a link New Program - University of Houston Program Overview The Department of...
  16. V

    Post-bacc or master's programs while working full-time

    I'm graduating (undergrad) in December with weak credentials. Overall GPA is 3.24 and science GPA is 3.01. I'm taking the MCAT this weekend but practice exams have all been 498, so I can't imagine I'll land any medical school interviews this cycle. I started an internship as a microbiologist...
  17. B

    Need Help Deciding on Post-Bacc/SMP

    Hey Guys, thanks for all your support so far! Because of your help I have gained admission to the following programs: - Temple ACHS - BU MAMS - Loyola MAMS and MSMP - Drexel IMS - Rutgers MBS Newark And awaiting decisions from - Cincinnati MSP (waitlisted) - Rosalind Franklin BMS (under...
  18. Y

    Advice Needed: Gap Year? Post Bacc? SMP?

  19. B

    Non Traditional Pre Med Student-Master's, Special Master's or Post Bacc?

    Hello Everyone! I have seen that this is a continued topic of debate, and I am going to go ahead and throw myself to the wolves so to speak! (Just kidding! The information that I could get from this-pros and cons-will be incredibly helpful for me to make this decision). :) This is the age old...
  20. LindaAccepted

    Medical 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Participating in a Special Masters Program (SMP)

    You’ve completed your undergraduate degree and are looking forward to attending medical school, but are looking for a way to set your application apart. If you have a strong undergrad science GPA, pursuing an SMP can be a fantastic way to do just that. There are currently more than 75 different...
  21. J

    Personal statement for Rowan and Touro SMP

    Hey guys, Did anyone submit their medical school personal statement to these SMPs or did you write one specifically for them? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  22. W

    Has anyone recovered from a poor SMP?

    Is there anyone in the world out there that did not totally rock an SMP but still found a way to gain admission into a US medical school? I'll spare everyone the details but I withdrew early from an SMP due to poor performance, have never taken MCAT or applied and I'm just trying to figure out...
  23. stonefawkes

    "Special Masters" vs. "Masters" in LORs

    Hi, wanted to get some input: I am planning on applying to Western U's MSMS program which is a 1-year deal. I have LORs on Interfolio from the last few years in two versions from each letter writer--one that uses the term "special masters program" and the other the uses "postbac program" when...
  24. Qwerty122

    Need expert advise for deciding future!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and help me! I am a senior in college with a GPA and sGPA of 3.2 and an MCAT of 512. I have leadership/ mentoring activities for a year, team building activities, 200+ hours of shadowing, some research experience and an upward trend in GPA. I was...
  25. J

    SMP for Pre Dental for Fall 17

    Hi everyone, I know its very late right now but I am desperately looking for a SMP for pre dental (possibly a postbac program). I know application deadlines are usually in early June or July, does anyone know if there are any programs that are accepting applications as of now? Or rolling...
  26. P

    Boston University vs. University of Michigan vs. Case Western SMPs

    Hi everyone! I've been accepted into these 3 SMP/academic enhancer programs and I really need some help deciding which program to attend, if anyone (especially individuals attending/have attended) would be able to offer some insight into your experiences and knowledge (at your earliest...
  27. dr.dbz

    Serious question for serious professionals

    It's been ages SDN, good to see you again. Coming back to these forums in my senior year as a pre-pharm, looking to glean some guidance from the depths of your ever-insightful wells of wisdom and guidance lol (but seriously, I remember some of you being quite articulate and pleasant from my...
  28. X

    SMP or Post-Bacc?

    If I can get my cGPA and sGPA to a 3.4-3.5 after a year/year and a half during a post bacc, would it still be worth it to do a SMP? Or should I just shine through with my ECs, and apply DO and "low tier"?
  29. astrostellar

    Master's programs associated with a med school (but not SMP?)

    Hey all. Trying to get a grasp on SMP/master's ideas before I come close to graduation. I know traditional SMPs are akin to the first year of M-1 curriculum, and other master's in medical science/biomed/physiology are also popular, but is there any truth to my thinking that it would be better...
  30. S

    Help Deciding Between Different SMP Programs? (Yes...I've reviewed the previous threads!)

    Hello!:) I have been reviewing different SMP programs in various threads for a few months now but I am still finding it difficult to make a decision on which school to attend with the best chances. I have been accepted to Rosalind Franklin University in Biomedical Sciences Program, Case Western...
  31. passionatepremed57

    General SMP timeline

    Hi all! I am a junior pre-med student with the typical low GPA in the science area but cumulative GPA is not terrible. I have decided to apply to a SMP but have many things going on in my life, one being a serious relationship. My boyfriend needs to be able to find a job where I end up, so I...
  32. NeuroAF

    SMP or Clinical Experience

    Hello SDN! I am a college senior planning on taking two gap years before entering medical school. I had been hoping to spend my first gap year gaining clinical experience by working as a scribe, however looking at the MSAR it appears that my stats are too low to be competitive at most schools...
  33. C

    Apply now or SMP?

    I am a sophomore in college and plan on attending DO school. I had some family issues come up and have failed several courses. Now I am doing much better and should be making all As in my future classes. I plan on retaking all seven (yes, I know, that's a lot) of the courses that I failed. I...
  34. NeuroAF

    Special Masters Program Wisdom

    Hello SDN! I am a college senior planning on taking a gap year (or two) before entering medical school. I had been hoping to spend my gap year (or first year gap year) gaining clinical experience by working as a scribe, however I recently met with a pre-health advisor who told me the only I...
  35. P

    Post Bacc or SMP help please

    Ok, so I'm considering doing a one-year post baccalaureate program or a special masters program to boost my credentials for med school. I hold a foreign bachelor's degree and upon contacting several med schools I was informed that they do accept applicants such as me but require that I undertake...
  36. D

    Post bacc or masters? Low gpa

    Just took the DAT a few days ago and didn't do as well as I had hoped. AA 17, 18 TS. My gpa is low about a cGPA of 3.3 and a sGPA of 3.2. I am about to start my senior year of college next month, and was just wondering what my best options to hopefully get into dental school in the future. Post...
  37. Student1222

    Advice on SMP Decision

    Hi, I just graduated from college and I have a huge decision to make. I was wondering if you smart sdn ppl can help me out on my path to medical school. I currently have a 3.22 cGPA and 3.26sGPA from undergrad. Since my GPA is too low for any M.D., I decided to apply for special masters...
  38. Student1222

    Need advice for my SMP Path

    Hi guys, I am just wondering about my path for SMP. Currently, I have two choices. #1. I can finish the SMP in two years by taking out loan and apply after the first year after finishing 18 credit hours. This would make me take out a loan and pile up even more loan before medical school...
  39. S

    Finishing pre-reqs at CC after undergrad?

    Hi! I'm fairly new this forum so I apologize in advance if this is a repetitive post. I just find more comfort in explaining my personal scenario! I am currently going to be a senior at my state school majoring in Neuroscience. I began undergrad being pre-med and continued these courses for my...
  40. Student1222

    Deciding on SMP

    I need some deciding on an SMP. These are the school. - Case Western Reserve University MS in Medical Physiology - Even though they are one of the newer program, they seem to have a good record. - Also, there are ton of hospitals and experiences around the campus\ - Bad thing is, its in...