Dental College of Georgia (DCG) Class of 2027 Interview/Acceptance Thread

Has anybody been able to pay deposit? When I want to pay deposit and want to choose select a term it says no term available !
I have the same issue here as well. My guess is that they wait for the Spring 2023 fees to be due which is like the 5th and then it’ll show the next term. I’m not entirely sure though. I going to contact DCG and see if I can just send the acceptance separately from the deposit receipt since it doesn’t allow term to be selected.

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I called them yesterday but nobody answered I think they are in winter break! If you get any responses let us know, please!
They might be on break because I called again today and no response. Just wondering if you turned in your acceptance agreement already?
They are out until at least the 3rd. We’re good though they’ll be back before everything is due! Even after sending the signed acceptance agreement, I got an email just saying they are out and will get to stuff when they get back
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DCG is a great school. If you are accepted, pay your deposit and attend DCG!
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Does anyone know when those on the waitlist can expect to start hearing back?