Dental College of Georgia (DCG) Class of 2028 Interview/Acceptance Thread

what does it mean if I did not get a rejection email, but i never received an interview? last year i got an email, but my portal still says under review
No interview = rejection

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New member, made an account to get some feedback/advice.
I was waitlisted by email at 3:57 EST on Friday, just very discouraged and frantically bewildered. I'm a lifelong Georgia resident attending an OOS public university. 4.0 GPA, 4.0 sGPA, 26 AA, 26 TS, 22 PAT. 206 shadowing hours, 219 volunteer hours (135 assisting dentist at a charity clinic), on exec for my college's pre-dental society and another volunteer organization, etc, etc.

Application was received on 6/7, supplemental application received 6/8, invited for interview on July 18th, interviewed on August 27/28th. Felt the interviews went very well, the people were very welcoming, wrote me a handwritten card and all that afterwards. The only thing I could think of is that I maybe wasn't very outgoing while interacting with the other interviewees and current students--I just struggle to be very vocal/extroverted in brand new social settings where I don't know anyone, even though I'm certainly one of the loudmouths of my friend groups.

I assume there's really nothing I can do except wait until January 15th and hope for a lot of shuffling around? I'm worried there's just not going to be a lot of movement for a school like DCG that's so in-state friendly with no other IS options.

Was also waitlisted by Kentucky and UAB. The fourth school where I interviewed of the seven where I applied was UT San-Antonio so I can't say I'm that surprised at no word from them, being an OOS applicant to a Texas dental school.

While this has certainly been what was probably a needed lesson in humility, it's also just absolutely crushed me--I've worked for this since I was in high school, and I truly don't know what more they want from me.
I obviously don’t know you so keep that in mind as you continue reading…. This sounds like they see you as all numbers and no life or personality. My advice…. Start working at a dental office, find a hobby outside of school and dentistry, get out of the box, place yourself in uncomfortable situations.
If you don’t get in, reapply and at your interview be down to earth, open, positive, and be ready to tell them about your life other than your numbers.
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Accepted off of alternate list 2:57 EST 1/18
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Congrats!! What are your stats if you don't mind
Interview Notification date: 9/20
Method of notification: Phone call
Residency: IS
AADSAS mail-out date: 6/30
Application complete date: 7/3
GPA (science, overall): sGPA: 3.23 Overall: 3.51
DAT (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): 21AA, 21 TS, 17 PAT, 24 Reading
Method of interview: In Person
Interview date: 9/23-24
Pulled from alternate list: 1/18
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