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medical admission

  1. N

    Harvard Extension School

    Hi Has anyone applied to the premedical program at Harvard Extension School or completed the program that I can talk to about? Thank you!
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  3. G


    Hi, I am currently 23 years old. I am a hospice RN currently. I am on track to finish my BSN this coming December. Right now I have a GPA of exactly 3.50. I am considering the possibility of med school. I once was pre med so as far as pre reqs go I am only 3 chemistry classes off the mark. I am...
  4. M

    Clinical Experience

    Hi, I'm a rising Junior and I have realized I have NO clinical experience whatsoever. While yes COVID affected me from Spring of Freshman year to this date and medical schools might be understanding, I believe I owe it to myself to be hands-on in a clinical environment which shows me what I love...
  5. A

    Which program should I choose to help my app? Baylor Post-bacc vs Arkansas MSB?

    Hey guys, I'm applying to these two programs and idk which is better and/or best for me. Some brief background, I have a cGPA and sGPA of 3.0 as a bio major, with my last 60 hours being ~3.7 and last 2 years ~ 3.5 of mostly upper level hard sciences, MCAT 500, I have published 1 lit review, have...
  6. I

    Some of my letter writers have stopped responding

    Hey so I have letter writers from my upper divs for my med school applications and they agreed and stuff but some of them just stopped replying. I sent them my interfolio stuff earlier and like now only one of my upper div bio professors has replied and one of my English professors replied. I am...
  7. GiannaSb

    Important quick question for research project!

    Hey! I am doing a research project and would love to hear your thoughts! Any responses to the questions below (even if they are just bullet points or keywords) are SUPER helpful! Thanks! :) What does a day in the life of a medical student, medical assistant, PA, etc. look like for you? What...
  8. T

    Suny Upstate Linkage Program Vs Ponce

    I have a friend who has been accepted to Ponce Medical School and the Suny Upstate linkage program (1 year MPH degree with conditional acceptance to SUNY Upstate medical). Unsure which one they would be better off choosing. Turning to the SDN community for your help! Thanks in advance
  9. F

    3 courses Fall 2020 Semester

    Hey guys! I enrolled for 4 courses this semester. 2 lab courses, one English, and french (for a service trip I'm applying to) but because of COVID, family situations, and an elective surgery I had this semester I ended up dropping my biology course. I wasn't doing bad but the transition online...
  10. T

    Dental student applying to medical school

    Hi all, Long story short, I am a dental student who will be applying to medical school (MD) this upcoming cycle after much deliberation. Dentistry no longer serves my interests as I am very interested in the biomedical sciences, and want to focus on healthcare outside of just the oral cavity...
  11. U

    WAMC for next cycle

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on this thread so it may be somewhat long. I'm feeling somewhat discouraged because this pandemic really set me behind by ALOT. I was supposed to apply next cycle but several people on reddit have told me to take a gap year because my chances of getting in...
  12. P

    Australian Pharmacist applying to American medical school

    Hi I was just hoping I could possibly get some advice about applying to medical school. I'm actually a practicing pharmacist in Australia. I'm actually a dual Australian-American citizen. I've been looking into American medical schools on forums and such but most information is about applying as...
  13. M

    How Do Medical Schools Look At GPA

    Hi everyone, I have a question. I'm a sophomore as of this academic year but so far have attended 2 universities. One for my first semester as a freshman, and the other since then and which I plan to graduate from. Thus I would have attended 2 different universities when I'm ready to apply from...
  14. premeddd121612

    does this count as an IA for med school applications?

    Hi! Long story short, fall of my freshman year of college (2017) I was out with friends and drank way too much. On my home, I was stopped (not by an RA, but by a university police officer) and was required to go to the hospital. He didn't charge me, I didn't get in any trouble with him, he just...
  15. Ramona Flowers

    Should I acknowledge a "C" grade in the optional comments secondary essays?

    Hi there, I am working through secondaries right now and am curious about other perspectives on whether to acknowledge or not acknowledge C grades? I have already submitted one essay from a school that specifically asked to comment on any STEM grades below a "B" so I feel like I have a good...
  16. D

    Did I overkill by applying to 38 DO schools?

    Hello, So I just discovered SDN recently and kind of panicked when submitting my primaries. I am looking for some assurance that my panicking would be worth it or not. I am a Texas Resident and applied to 38 DO schools, not knowing if I would be able to get in or not. I really like the DO...
  17. F

    Would a post-bac help me?

    I have a strong passion for becoming a Physician. I recently graduated undergrad with an overall G.P.A below a 3.0 and I'm considering a pre-med formal postback program or an informal Postbac Certificate program. If I excel and show a drastic change in grades during this program, can it boost my...
  18. D

    Drug testing, which compounds do they search for?

    I ask this without fear of judgment or anything: When medical schools drug test, they're just looking for the regular things like marijuana, cocaine, etc., right? If a person has been taking a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), basically a performance enhancer, would that show up on...
  19. D


  20. D

    No advisor, MCAT studying length for a non-traditional?

    Hello, I’m a 26 year old non-traditional student and need a decent Mcat score for my 3.32 gpa. I have a science/bio background but need to do some serious content review for the MCAT and not sure about the timeframe I should leave for this. I’m starting a post/bac program end of August. Would...
  21. K

    Is it to late for me to apply for Fall 2021 if I haven't taken the MCAT?

    Long story short I am entering my last year of PharmD. I will graduate in May of 2021. I completed a pre-medical minor along the way to ensure that I would meet the minimum course requirements for most schools. Right now I have a 3.88 with only 4 course remaining. Last summer I started preparing...
  22. jwarren10101

    Do schools care about foreign masters grades?

    Hi all, I am currently doing a masters. I know that AMCAS does not have an option to upload foreign transcripts - but do you think schools would want to see my grades during this program?
  23. currentlyTorn

    Unsure if medicine is the right path

    Just as the title reads, I'm wondering if anyone else has been in a similar position and how they responded. My entire life, I've had the desire to become a doctor. Honestly, I never really struggled in this path until it came time to write my personal statement. To pinpoint any reason for...
  24. M

    MCAT Accommodation Application

    Hi I am looking to interact with someone who has gotten MCAT accommodation successfully or knows well about the application process for it. I am applying for it this year. I would really appreciate if I can chat with them about my application and discuss about it.
  25. F

    2 Year SMP applicant applying for 2021 admissions in need of advice

    Hello, Thank you for any and all advice and taking the time. 22 yo student in first year of a 2 year SMP. Undergraduate stats: 3.25 cGPA, 2.7 sGPA, MCAT first attempt: 504. Trended upwards through 4 years. Attained 4.0 in first semester taking Physiology and Biochemistry in SMP. Plan on...
  26. K

    MD What are my chances?

    I am a black male applicant, and am planning to study for the MCAT rigorously for 6 months. I have always been a good test taker and aiming for a 520+ on the MCAT. my GPA is a 3.5 and my sGPA is around a 3.1. I have 2 years of research experience. I have 100 hours of non-clinical...
  27. L

    Carribean medical schools?

    I got an email from a carribean medical school, wondering if its a scam or legit and If it its a worthwhile investment.
  28. Potinator

    Osteopathic vs allopathic

    Hello. I am a junior Bio Major planning to apply to medical school next year and taking most courses recommended for the MCAT such as bio, chem, sociology, biochem, Phys, psych...etc. I currently have a cumulative gpa of 3.57 and a science gpa of about 3.23 which I know is not very competitive...
  29. mcmoog


  30. T

    what high school courses do I need to go to medical university in Germany/Norway?

    Hi, I would like to go to medical school either in Germany or Norway. I've just started my grade 11 in Canada. I've been searching for medical university requirements in Germany/Norway, but I can't seem to find what courses I need to take to apply at medical university. It would be very...
  31. P

    Transferring undergraduate schools as a pre-med.

    Hi guys! This past year I attended George Washington University as a pre- med and academically I did pretty well and finished freshman year with a 3.83 GPA. The only downfall of GW is that I was super unhappy there and nothing seemed to click outside of academics. Because of this I want to...
  32. P

    Personal Statement Review

    Hi everyone! Is anyone willing to look over my personal statement, and give some feedback! Would really appreciate it! Thanks
  33. DrH541224

    NEEDED: Personal Statement Review!

    Hello! I was hoping that someone could read my personal statement final draft and give me their most honest critique! I appreciate the help.
  34. M

    (medical school)

    Planning on applying next cycle and I was wondering if I will be considered a URM, I was born in Africa (my ancestors were there since the early 1800s), however I am not black neither do I know if any of my ancestors were mixed with Black or not. Is African considered a URM? Also this is my...
  35. M

    Medical Mission Trips

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how to approach talking about medical mission trips on my "Experiences" for the AACOMAS application. I went to Costa Rica for a week to volunteer. I know there is this idea of "rich" kids going to a 3rd world country to look good on their application. I am not rich...
  36. J

    Taking medical school before undergraduate

    Is it a good idea to start medical school before getting my undergraduate degree? A college I’m interested in offers an early admission program into medical school to where you start first and get your bachelors degree while in medical school. Is this a good idea? Will it be harder for me to...
  37. C

    How's my school list?

    Hi there! I currently attend an Ivy League school in New York state. I have a 3.87 GPA, 518 MCAT and 74.7 LizzyM score 100 hrs of clinical shadowing where I shadowed obstetricians, RNs, NPs, and attended morning round meetings 3000 hrs of research during undergrad 4 publications as co-author...
  38. M

    Help with medical school list + improving my app

  39. C

    SMP while Applying to Med School?

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently going to apply to medical school for the next cycle as I am a current senior and I need some help regarding deciding if I should do a SMP or not! Im looking into applying about 30 schools both MD & DO but I recently got accepted to an SMP program at Kansas City...
  40. PsychPop

    Plans for Medical school, could this work?

    Hello guys! So currently an undergraduate majoring in psychology set to graduate in spring of 2020. my GPA should end up in the 2.9-3.1 range when that happens. I have been juggling the idea of therapy and getting my masters in marriage and family (MFT) BUT, my mind has been thinking more and...
  41. HugoBoss_89

    1st MCAT experience and plan for the future

    Hello everyone, I am a new member here on a student Doctor network. I’m happy I found this website because over the last few days, I’ve been gaining more confidence to continue pursuing my passion to become a doctor. I’d like to share my academic background before I share my first MCAT...