1. chemdoctor

    Storing Letters until AMCAS opens?

    Hi everyone. I am currently in the process of requesting letters of recommendation from my professors. Many of my professors have written the letters and are willing to send them to enter folio so I can store them and upload them to AMCAS. I was wondering if there was an easier way to do...
  2. chemdoctor

    Advice on letters

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how to proceed. I will be taking my MCAT in June, and my school requires a minimum 500 MCAT for a committee letter interview. By taking in June, I will have the score by July, and the GPA requirement is a 3.5. Is it considered late? My plan was to submit...
  3. chemdoctor

    32 credit hour rule

    Hello. Just curious if there are schools that do this? I saw threads on here but most of them seem to be at least five years old. I was wondering if schools like BU still take your last 32 credit hours? Also, how does this match up to MSAR? MSAR reports GPAs of a lot higher than what I see...
  4. chemdoctor

    Do I need a committee letter?

    Hi everyone. Just what the title says. My college has a committee but I graduated a year ago (May 2020) and will be applying this upcoming cycle. Wondering if I still need one because my school's office has been a mess due to COVID. I honestly think my individual LORs are significantly...
  5. ninam2000

    School List HELP! (4.0/514) / WAMC

    Hi! I am having trouble making a school list for this upcoming cycle. I know my stats are too low for T20s, but I may want to apply to a few. Do people have any suggestions on what I can do to improve my app. Should I retake MCAT? Should I apply next year? GPA: 4.0 (from IVY LEAGUE) MCAT: 514...
  6. T

    Dental student applying to medical school

    Hi all, Long story short, I am a dental student who will be applying to medical school (MD) this upcoming cycle after much deliberation. Dentistry no longer serves my interests as I am very interested in the biomedical sciences, and want to focus on healthcare outside of just the oral cavity...
  7. slewis_nymc

    Anesthesiology Residency Application Virtual Forum - August 25th, 6PM EST

    In response to this year's unique application cycle, the ASA Delegates of the New York Medical College AIG are organizing a Q&A session with several program directors in our area. The goal is to provide anesthesiology residency applicants with an opportunity to get to know a variety of programs...
  8. P

    UCR School of Medicine - Questions and Opinions

    Hello! For all those who have applied to UCR's medical school, what was your stats and experience like and if you have any advice to those who are future applicants to this school? I'm from Riverside, California went to Kinder all the way to college in Riverside, my family works in...
  9. C

    How do I make an application worthy of MD or MD/PhD (Duke-NUS)

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through what I have written. I'll try to be as succinct as possible. I am entering my Masters of Science (By Research) in Bioinformatics (2 year program) starting January 2020. Following the completion of my masters, I want to enter...
  10. chemdoctor


    I will be presenting and am currently in the process of making my poster. I was wondering if there was a specific template to follow? I feel like I've been trying to find one but can't. Really don't want to use my school' template xD Wondering if you guys had a link? Thank you so much!
  11. chemdoctor

    AAMC CARS volume 1?

    Hello, I recently purchased CARS volume 1. I've been doing Princeton Review passages (form the new book). The strategies are meh, but I'm mainly using it for practice. I just purchased CARS volume 1 and am looking to do that. I've been doing well on the Princeton passages (missing at the most 2...
  12. chemdoctor

    Snacks while studying?

    Just curious what all of you eat while studying? Adcoms members are welcome to reply as to what they used to eat? Personally, I go to my local Starbucks but if not, I’ll usually have a cliff bar or some type of protein bar, with water (or soda) and maybe some candy
  13. chemdoctor

    Best book for CARS?

    Hey everyone. What are the best practice materials for CARS? I’ve been doing the Princeton review and they’re hard but I’m realizing my mistakes. I heard ExamKrackers 101 passages is good? Please let me know. Thank you.
  14. chemdoctor

    What's your biggest challenge right now?!

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well For those of you that are applying this year, good luck! For those of you that are MATRICULATING this year, good luck! Just curious as to what your biggest challenge is right now? Are any of you taking summer classes? I just finished up retaking...
  15. chemdoctor

    Best Graduate programs for med school?

    As it says in the title, just wondering which ones y'all would recommend? I graduate in a year with around a 3.5/3.6ish GPA. I have the clinical experience, research, etc. I'm obviously taking a gap year so I'll be applying after I graduate but was wondering what graduate degree y'all would...
  16. chemdoctor

    Keep making silly errors on exams!

    Hello everyone. What do you guys do about dumb mistakes on exams? Like I misread or some nonsense. I went over an exam and I literally CHANGED MY ANSWER TO THE WRONG ONE. I don’t know how to STOP this How am I going to do well in med school when I can’t stop making silly errors on exams? How...
  17. chemdoctor

    Is this a downwards trend? Do I need a postbacc?

    Post bacc looks low because the generator assumes your GPA is a 0.0 if you did not pursue a post bacc. I’m still in undergrad. Also, the AO GPA for my senior year is low Bc my senior year will be all science classes. Thanks.
  18. chemdoctor

    Those without text Anxiety...

    Those of you that don’t stress or freak out over grades, when you open up the email and see a less than stellar grade, how do you react?
  19. chemdoctor

    PA vs MD/DO

    So, I know there are threads about this, but I'd like some advice from people around here. I'm not the best standardized test taker. Got an 1800/2400 on the SAT etc. I really want to go into medicine. I enjoy the field, etc. I love science. I just have really bad anxiety. Like, waiting for...
  20. chemdoctor

    Competitive for DO?

    I know the DO averages range with GPA as well as MCAT. How can I ensure I’ll be competitive? I’m trying to find a DO physician to shadow
  21. chemdoctor

    What am I missing in ECs?

    Research: tons of Orgo research. honors thesis. (maybe a pub...), presenting at an national conference soon clinical: medical assistant clinical research (I know many of you say this isn't clinical experience but I talked to an ADCOM on here and was told that what I'm doing in...
  22. chemdoctor

    Are these good LORS?

    So for most schools I've seen, they require a minimum of TWO science faculty letters and one nonscience letter. I'll be getting a committee letter (applying next year) LETTERS: Orgo professor (doing research and a thesis with him. May lead to publication... only thing is, got a C in his...
  23. M

    Is it possible to study for both the dat and mcat at the same time?

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased dat Bootcamp and was wondering if the bio, gen chem and o chem is the same for the mcat. I know that both exams have differences as far as pat, physics, bio chem, and math, but I wanted to know mainly for bio, gen chem and o chem. Thanks everyone!
  24. chemdoctor

    Auditing a class XC on transcript?

    How does this work? I want to audit a class in the summer because I need to refresh the material. Professor said I can, and advisor said an XC will show up on my transcript. Does it affect GPA? Look bad?
  25. chemdoctor

    LOR from a professor you got a C with?

    Does it look weird to do this? What if the professor knows you and you worked with him on projects?
  26. C

    How to get yourself off the post-II waitlist?

    Any tips or advice about this will be greatly appreciated. I know letter of intent helps, but how to write such a strong letter. Also, will getting a new LOR help? - Like from your new research PI?
  27. D

    MD & DO WAMC

    Hello! I'm planning on reapplying to med school in the 2019-2020 cycle and would like help with refining my school list and advice about whether I should also consider DO. I originally applied the summer before senior year (2017-2018 cycle) and got good feedback from my state schools - mostly...
  28. chemdoctor

    Committee letter?

    so my school has a premed committee but I didn’t know that it was absolutely mandatory I get a letter from them? Does it still count for nontrad students? I graduate in a year... and will be taking a gap year so would I still need one? What if I’m refused a committee letter? Really freaking...
  29. chemdoctor

    Will adcoms view this negatively?

    I'm taking 12 credits at my four year institution, but my school won't let me take some 2000 level courses that I want to take (science courses) So, I'm taking them at a local CC. I can't take the upper division electives of these courses at my four year institution, and need this so I don't...
  30. chemdoctor

    EXAMKrackers or Kaplan or Princeton Review?

    Ordering a full box set. Shelling out over $100.00 Ideally would only have to buy one. Leaning towards Princeton but... TIA
  31. chemdoctor

    Which class to take?

    Wondering which class to take between these two. Upper division Neuro course (good professor, however only two exams make up the grade. Not the best test taker, but an easy course) Biochem II (good professor, four exams (less weight on each exam), but would prob need a bit more study time...
  32. EnzymaticFuture

    MD Application Timeline

    Hello everyone. Would a July MCAT be considered late for MD schools? Also, can someone give me a brief timeline overview for an MD application cycle? Do we need to turn in our MCAT scores and LORs to be verified? Thanks!
  33. chemdoctor

    Did Poorly AGAIN switching to another career. Advice?

    Hello everyone. Some of you know me on here but I’m in my Junior year (first semester) and did terribly this semester. Was kind of already on a path to “reinvention” but alas it didn’t work out. Needed an upwards trend but it’s crushed now. Biochem I: didn’t do well on the final. Likely...
  34. chemdoctor

    What is “hands on” clinical experience?

    I was looking at some schools’ websites, and they state that they want hands on clinical experience. What exactly is that? How is it different from normal clinical experience? As a hospice volunteer, I read to children, offer support, bring coffee and just overall help out.
  35. chemdoctor

    How to effectively know you've done good research?

    For those of you that have had interviews, I assume you've had some research experience? What kind of stuff should you be able to directly articulate and elaborate on, to show that your research experience wasn't just sitting around doing nothing? I've been doing research for the better part...
  36. chemdoctor

    Being up to date on scientific discoveries?

    What magazines are y'all reading? I feel like I'm not on point or up to date with a lot of scientific advancements. I just read whatever's on CNN. Any apps or magazines y'all can recommend? Maybe for some new chemistry discoveries?
  37. chemdoctor

    More Research?

    Been doing research for a bit in the Orgo lab. Going well, got my own project. Really wanna do research in a genetics lab. Upset that I may not be able to be in that lab. Would it help my app to have more research? Prob not right? I mean I’m moderately productive with research in my current...
  38. chemdoctor

    Finals Support Thread!

    Hey everyone. This is just a support thread for all of you to do well on your finals! What final are y'all most stressed about? For me, it'd definitely be Biochem and my upper level Neuroscience course. Try not to stress too hard. Do as well as you can everyone!
  39. chemdoctor

    Applying both MD and MD/PhD?

    just curious as to how many applicants apply to both. Also, what kind of research productivity do MD/PhD programs look for? I’m a while from applying but just curious. Have any of you done this before? How is it being in the program?
  40. chemdoctor

    What's the hardest class you have ever taken in college?

    This is to all the premeds, med students and adcoms. I'm curious what everyone's most difficult class in college was? Which class caused you to study the most, and really REALLY made it difficult for you to do well? For me, I'd personally say it was Organic chemistry I. I just couldn't think...