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Dec 24, 2003
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Does Anyone know if any osteopathic schools give you a refund on your deposit (Specifically DMU)? Just curious because I know there are a bunch of allopathic schools that give you back your deposit if you withdraw before a certain date.

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As far as I know, it's nonrefundable. But, you should always call and ask because they just might have circumstances where a refund is issued. Hopefully, you only gave them the first $500 rather than the entire $1000.

Good luck!
Hey Luckystar,
thanks for the info. yeah I only gave the $500. I was dead set on going there and just had a change of heart, decided i've been in the wintery hell that I call Iowa for way way too long now. I'll call them and let others know also, because I think many people believe that these deposits are nonrefundable. They probably are but I've also heard they are nonrefundable only after a certain date.
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I have heard the same thing. I hope that's the case! Enjoy the sunshine :D
I don't know why deposits at DO schools are so much. The least they could do is let them be refundable.
So I called DMU today and found out that the deposits, no matter when you withdraw, are not refundable. I'm guessing most of the DO schools are like this. but anyway, withdraw from DMU=no money back if anyone cares.