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Jul 10, 2016
I understand the UNECOM online postbacc pre-reqs are fairly well-regarded. However, I've honestly been looking for an excuse to move back to Maine for a little bit (I'm native to Maine and actually was accepted to UNE for undergrad in 2009 and didn't go... worst decision), and I was wondering if anybody had an opinions/experiences taking non-matriculated post-bacc courses at UNE instead of doing their online program. Does it look that strange? I also wanted to make some real-world connections while I'm out there.

(I was also looking at this because with a full online program, I can't draw full GI bill benefits. Dat $$, though.)

Apr 9, 2014
Medical Student (Accepted)
Although this doesn't answer your question, the best advice I can give you is don't waste your GI bill on a post-bacc. Save it for medical school. If you have no money, then work and do the post-bacc at a cheap CC in person.

Whether online coursework makes sense depends on info you have not provided. If you already have BA/BS from a non-online school with a respectable GPA, a few online pre-reqs probably won't hurt you. If you did your BA/BS online in the military, or you have a weak GPA from your BA/BS, then getting good grades in a traditional classroom setting will likely benefit your application when compared to online coursework.

With all of that said, I think anyone should be reluctant to do ALL of their pre-reqs online. Every now and then you here of someone who did it and was admitted, but they typically have a good reason. The one case that stands out in mind is a guy who was stationed in Korea for two years and did all his work through UNE. He didn't have an alternative though.