1. K

    Burrell (BCOM) or University of New England (UNECOM)

    Hello! I’m a 32 years-old non-traditional from SoCal. I was wondering if I could get some advice/input/help choosing between both these schools. UNECOM starts in the beginning of July and BCOM starts mid July. Thank you in advance for any advice/input/help you all provide!
  2. oma33


    UNECOM PRO 3 hours drive matches well in the New England region, I am from MA closer to family Great match rate great board pass rate CONS More expensive Spends more time in OMM 4th year, find your own rotations. housing is more expensive more mandatory classes KCUCOM PRO 3 hours...
  3. marlanagt


    I’m favoring Rowan and UNE over KYCOM. So mostly hoping for insight between Rowan and UNE. My understanding is that they are both good programs. One pro about UNE it is in New England which is where I would like to do residency. One pro about Rowan is that I would have free housing. I am an...
  4. D

    How is UNECOM/ how accurate is this 2017 thread about i?

    I was researching UNECOM because I was considering applying to it and I came across this thread from 2017: https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/what-unecom-is-like-from-a-graduating-4th-year.1261652/ While UNECOM does seem like a good school, there are a lot of concerning things that OP...
  5. S

    UNECOM vs ATSU-SOMA vs. Touro-Harlem

  6. O

    KCU vs UNE

    Hey guys, I'm deciding between these two schools and I'd love your thoughts. KCUMB KC campus pros: high board score averages- potentially due to the famous rigorous academics here at KCU one of the first osteopathic medical schools-great reputation has one of the best military track programs...
  7. N


    Cities I have a love hate relationship with Indianapolis. I been here my whole life so I want to move but I like the cities and rotation sites. Kirksville is too small of a town for me and Biddeford is great because it’s small but only 30 mins from Portland. Rotation sites Love MU-COM rotation...
  8. theonlyken2

    AZCOM vs UNECOM vs KCU-Joplin

    Hello! I have been having a ridiculously hard time choosing between these three schools. I am an international student, hence will be paying out-of-state for all three schools. KCU-Joplin is the cheapest (and I got a $5000 scholarship for the first year), but the location is kinda meh and I'm...
  9. PreMedHeart


    I apologize as this is my second post regarding this, but now that I've had some time to think it through I was hoping to get some specific feedback. I was accepted at both UNECOM and RVUCOM. I am planning to attend RVUCOM, but am unclear about both a positive and negative on my UNECOM list...
  10. C

    Accepted to UNECOM, interview invite to TOURO Harlem, want to end up in NYC...

    Hey guys I got into UNECOM and have already paid my first deposit fee. I loved UNECOM but my one concern was that I want to end up practicing medicine in NY/NJ and live in the city. I just got an interview invite to Touro Harlem campus. Should I attend the interview because I will have a better...
  11. keepItReal17


    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has interviewed at both schools and has feedback they are willing to offer about their experience. I have been admitted to ACOM and I absolutely love this school. However, UNECOM was initially a top 5 school of interest for me (as was ACOM) and I just received...
  12. C

    KCU - Joplin vs UNECOM

    hey guys so this is my first post ever so bare with me. I am super grateful that I have been accepted to 2 great schools but currently I am conflicted about what school to choose. I have already put my deposit down for KCU Joplin so I guess I also need advice on how to recend my acceptance there...
  13. C

    KCU - Joplin vs UNECOM

    hey guys so this is my first post ever so bare with me. I am super grateful that I have been accepted to 2 great schools but currently I am conflicted about what school to choose. I have already put my deposit down for KCU Joplin so I guess I also need advice on how to recend my acceptance there...
  14. PreMedHeart


    I made a post like this pre-interview at UNECOM. Now that I've attended the interview, I am extremely torn between the two. I have been accepted at RVU-CO. I am writing this as an IF I get into UNECOM post-II as you have to let them know fairly quickly, so I want to be prepared with my...
  15. PreMedHeart


    Hi all, I am hoping to get some feedback on UNECOM vs. RVUCOM. To be clear- I have not been accepted to either at this point. I am interviewing at RVU-CO soon, and was invited to interview at UNECOM around 3-4 weeks after my RVU-CO interview. RVU-CO has a fairly high interview acceptance rate...
  16. S

    UNE vs Quinnipiac (Netter)

    Hi all - I never thought I would post here, but I need to throw this out into the ethos and see what comes back. I am supposed to go to UNE this year (next week!) but yesterday Quinnipiac called me and offered me an accept-defer. Basically I would accept this year, but defer until this year...
  17. JaguarsFan

    Question about UNECOM Primary App

    Hello all. I'm applying this cycle (2017-2018) to 13 MD schools, and 4 DO. UNECOM's primary app asks you to write the number of osteopathic schools to which you're applying and the number of allopathic. They have no way of knowing, so should I just lie and write 0 MD schools? Obviously if I tell...
  18. U

    What UNECOM is like from a graduating 4th year

    I graduated from UNECOM this year and here are my reflections on my medical education. All in all, I would say that, given my options for medical school, I would go to UNECOM again. However, I also feel very strongly, as do most of my friends, that my/our successes in entering residency was in...
  19. browneyes1000

    Nova Southeastern vs. University of New England (NSU vs UNE)

    Hi all! (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, the "Help Me Decide" thread seems to be more for the Pre-MD forum) I am very lucky to have been accepted to both NSU and UNE, but now am having a hard time deciding which school to attend. If you could help me by voting in the poll and posting...
  20. allanMED15


    Hey everyone, I am very blessed to have options this application cycle as I am a reapplicant. I need a bit of advice on a decision of which DO program to go with. I have been accepted to UNECOM and PCOM-GA and am still waiting to hear back from UIWSOM. When I was accepted to PCOM-GA in...
  21. astrostellar

    DIY post-bacc @UNE vs online UNECOM program

    I understand the UNECOM online postbacc pre-reqs are fairly well-regarded. However, I've honestly been looking for an excuse to move back to Maine for a little bit (I'm native to Maine and actually was accepted to UNE for undergrad in 2009 and didn't go... worst decision), and I was wondering if...
  22. S

    I'm Canadian, UNECOM vs TouroCOM

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted to TouroCOM Harlem and UNECOM - and I'm trying to make a difficult decision about which school to choose. Any advice/experiences/information that isn't readily available you think I should know? Main areas of concerns I am weighing: -The fact that Touro-NY...
  23. C


  24. B

    Is it too late to submit secondaries to these schools?

    I haven't heard back after submitting my secondaries to the nine schools I applied to: ATSU, WesternU, DMU, MWU-Az, MWU, Rowan SOM, MSUCOM, NYIT, and KYCOM. I have been considering submitting secondaries to other schools as well: KCU, WVSOM, LECOM, UNECOM, Nova, OSUCOM, OHUCOM. Do you guys...