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Feb 23, 2004
    I will be interviewing at DMU in about 2 weeks and I wanted to know from those who have been interviewed/accepted, 'what do you feel DMU was looking to hear from you that made them decide that 'you were a good fit for them'?

    Thanks so much!


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    Feb 10, 2004
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      Just be yourself. I am a naturally happy-go-lucky, outgoing person and I didn't feel like I stifled my natural self at all. The interview day is packed so be sure to eat a good breakfast...the lunch food isn't that great, but the salad I had was good.

      If you run a search there was a similar thread a couple of months ago for DMU where there was alot of stuff posted.


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      Feb 19, 2004
      Gilead, MW
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        I'll give you my opinion on the interview. It is really laid back like everyone says. They try and keep you fairly comfortable here. Trying to get into medical school is stressful enough. What DMU wants to hear about you is this: who are YOU. Like dancinjenn said, be yourself.

        With this said, I'll give you a few other things to think about.

        The questions that I recieved were not terrible hard. The hard thing can sometimes be the fact that there is so much more to you as a person than what is revieled through answering the questions (this can be true of any interview). I handled this problem by making a list of personal attributes and accomplishments that I thought were important enough to be touched on no matter what question they ask. The hardest thing to do can be thinking on your feet and smoothly working these things into your answers...

        Q: How do you feel that osteopathic medicine differs from allopathic medicine?
        A: Well I don't know much about that, but I was president of my university's student government for 3 years.

        This may not be a good answer. I think you get the idea. Like everyone says about DMU: just relax; you'll do fine. And you will. Just be sure to prepare.

        things to think about...

        personal attributes
        personal weaknesses
        why you would be a good fit for DMU
        why DMU is a good fit for you
        if your application here was turned in late, why?
        what you have to offer to your classmates if you are accepted
        why be a doctor (duh)

        I'm sure you can think of a few more things to add to this list.

        Good luck, have fun, be yourself.


          the admin is really nice too.they are very friendly and will try to accomodate if u need anything.i needed to head back to the airport to catch an early flight back home, so they scheduled me early for an interview and got my tour of school also done before i head out.i did call them before i got in (a week or so before the interview day) to discuss that.

          as for the interview, very casual everyone says, relax and be yourself.u'll do just fine.

          good luck:thumbup:
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