anatomy and physiology

  1. A

    Does is matter when I take A&P?

    I’m transferring and want to take my schools Morphology and Function Honors classes, because I feel they will look better. Currently, I’m going into my Junior year. I have to take O Chem 2 this semester before I can sign up for them. This means I can take A&P1 in the spring and A&P 2 next Fall...
  2. X

    What counts as general biology?

    When I went to college, I started out at an online university for two quarters before transferring to an in-person university. I took General Biology I at my online school, but obviously didn't have a lab since the courses were online. My college doesn't require a second semester of general...
  3. S

    A&P Anki Decks for Undergrads

    Posting for a friend who wants to use anki in undergrad but hasn’t been able to find any premade decks that are at the undergrad level. Anyone have any good decks they used in undergrad for anatomy and physiology?
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  5. ajs513

    Virtual reality anatomy

    Does anyone have experience with VR anatomy programs? I know some schools (VMCVM, TAMU) have VR programs either in the works or available for students to use, but does anyone know of any for students to use at home? I’ve seen JetsonVR but don’t want to buy it without hearing people’s thoughts on...
  6. Clint Westwood

    MD What are the Best USMLE Prep books and MSY1 Materials to have?

    What are the best USMLE prep books and books/study materials to have before starting MSY1?
  7. D

    Anatomy and Physiology TextBook Recomendation

    AnP textbook recommendation to pregame for dental school? Haven’t taken AnP and would like to be familiar with the content when I start school next year.
  8. S

    Telegram group links

    If you have a Medical discussion group link on telegram please drop it.
  9. M

    Online Anatomy/Physiology Courses?

    Does anyone know an institution I can take Anatomy and Physiology online? I’ve graduated and have yet to take this course sequence. I’d prefer everything being online and no requirement to go to campus. Also, would I have to apply to the institution, or is there some way for me to just take...
  10. Akam ahz

    Superficial functions

    Hello, There is something I don't clearly understand about superficial fascia functions written in my anatomy book, it is the part that superficial fascia work as medium conducting the blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics which supply the skin. The book doesn't give any further explanation...
  11. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Retaking Anatomy/Physiology?

    Hello! I'm a reapplicant for the upcoming year. I originally got lower grades in A&P, but I retook the first semester and got an A. My second semester of it is a B-, and now I'm debating on whether or not I should retake that (AKA spend the time and money). A little about me/my application...
  12. Lever09

    Practice case studies...

    Hello everyone! I apologize if this has already been asked but I searched and didn't see anything similar. I have already gotten into a DPT program, I started last fall but was required to take. Break around Christmas 2016 due to medical issues with a return a year later. I've been meeting with...
  13. Keanut125

    Anatomy and physiology 1/2 vs bio 2

    I have seen many posts about people asking if they can take anatomy and Phys 1/2 to satisfy bio 2, but does anyone have first hand experience where they were accepted without taking biology 2. I'm a sport and exercise science major going into my my last semester of my senior year and biology 2...
  14. D

    Anatomy with or without Cadaver

    I am currently practicing to take my DAT and apply this 2017 cycle. I have all the pre-requisites but am thinking about anatomy. I had taken anatomy at a community college while I attended a university because of the course load. I had been told that I only needed the fulfill the prerequisite...
  15. M

    Taking classes at community college after graduating?

    Hello everyone, The title pretty much says it all, but let me explain just in case. So this upcoming spring I will be graduating from university. I transferred to a 4 year university from a community college, but there were some classes I did not take at community college like anatomy and...
  16. M

    Currently a sophomore, trying to see if class counts

    At my undergraduate college, I've registered to take BMD 310, or Clinical Anatomy and Histology. I am a Biomedical Sciences major, and this is part of the classes that we are required to take. Would this be more impactful than a regular Anatomy and Physiology class, or would you recommend that I...
  17. Follow your dreams

    Help with personal statement need help please.

    So I am currently applying for my Masters program in Anatomy. The reason I am going that route is because I need to boost my science GPA. Is it wise for me to include that bit of information in my personal statement?
  18. Follow your dreams

    I really need some advice with my personal statement. Please help

    So I am currently applying for my Masters program in Anatomy. The reason I am going that route is because I need to boost my science GPA. Is it wise for me to include that bit of information in my personal statement?
  19. Masonh928

    How does undergrad physiology contrast to medical school physiology?

    While I know what there's an immense difference in taking, for instance, a semester of physiology during undergrad, but what if I were to major in Physiology/Anatomy ? Would majoring in Physiology still be little compared to Medical School Physiology? Just as a note, I'm not just considering...
  20. M


    Hello! I am currently working on my applications for MOT programs. I had taken A&P 1/2 back in 2013 but got Cs because I focused on work too much and didn't take the time to study like I should have! Completely my fault. I am retaking these classes over summer right now, but they are so...
  21. F

    Supplement Study Materials

    I am getting an Anatomy and Physiology coloring workbook but everyone I have looked at looks very similar. Is there a good and extra helpful coloring workbook you guys suggest? Thank You
  22. C

    Advertisement USMLE step 1 now by Draw it to Know it

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  23. G

    Coursework & Fieldwork A&P

    Hi, all. Here's a bit of info on me: University: Texas Tech Major & Minor: Kinesiology & Psychology TTU GPA: ~3.7 Community College GPA: ~3.1 (Atteneded before starting school at TTU.) Cumulative GPA: ~3.5 (TTU and community college GPA combined.) Pre-req GPA: I don't think I've taken any yet...