etsu interviews

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I got in! :) I'm excited....I have an interview at LUCOP on the 20th....since ETSU and Lipscomb were my top two choices I feel like I should go to the interview at least and give the school a chance...does anyone know anything about how these two schools compare (besides the obvious info that's available on their websites)....

I too was at the 1/13 interview, you were all ready accepted?!? did someone contact you that day that you had been extended an offer of acceptance?

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that's cool! What group were you in?

I got a call from the dean after i made it home...I actually missed his call and called him back and he gave me the news :) I am so excited...I have an interview at LUCOP tomorrow but I'm fairly certain that ETSU is where i'm going! It's just such an awesome school! What did you think of it?
I was in Group A. I actually got a call from the Dean this afternoon and I was accepted! yay! I'm pretty sure i'm going here in the fall, and sooo excited. what group were you in?
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I was in Group B.
I just sent my check in! So I may see you there if you decide to go :) Congrats!! Where else are you applying?
Does anyone know when the next interview is?
Got my acceptance call last night!!! It has been such a long application year but well worth it.
So has anybody started the list of requirements for matriculation? I know they aren't due for a little while, but i didn't know how long it would take to complete some of them (like the background check)? I finished my FAFSA already and the only thing they sent me was a letter denying me an undergraduate loan which i thought was silly because I don't need an undergraduate kinda makes me wonder if I filled the FAFSA out correctly though :confused:
ETSU has started calling on waitlisted applicants. I received an acceptance call on 05-05-11. I'm not sure if I will change my current pharm school plans, but I just wanted people to know that phone calls are being made.....