1. S

    Digital Note Taking

    Hey guys! I hate typing notes and have always been a handwriting person, even through my whole undergrad. I'm firmly a PC/Android person, so ipads are out. I've been seriously considering a Mobiscribe or Remarkable 2, but I was wondering if anyone has experiences with a paper tablet like those...
  2. M

    Document faster??

    I've been trying to shave time documenting my HPIs and have essentially abandoned the paragraph format. Now I'm using a bullet-point style but others in my office think it loses context.. My example: - Onset: - Context: - Symptoms: - Timing: - Severity: - Aggravating: - Alleviating: - ROS...
  3. I

    100-day MCAT schedule re-reading days?

    I've been following the 100-day MCAT study schedule posted on the SDN website pretty religiously so far, but the part that I've been struggling with (and knew I'd struggle with beforehand) are the days where I need to re-read ALL the chapters from the past week all in one day. I'm personally a...
  4. SOAPsucks222

    how do you take concise notes from the content review books?

    I'm 9 weeks from my MCAT and still doing Bio Content note taking is taking an unholy amount of time. I was using the TPR book but thought it was far too detailed, so I bought the EK book. I use word to take the notes then transfer them to Anki for solidifying the content. I think my...
  5. jbond271

    Is an iPad and home PC enough for medical school?

    I was planning on just getting an iPad pro for lectures, google slides/sheets for presentations, and work off of my home PC for all the rest. Do you guys think this is sufficient for M1/2, or is a laptop still necessary?
  6. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Note taking on OneNote in pharmacy school?

    Hey all! So just wrapped up day 2 of orientation, the highlight was the OneNote vs Notability discussion, where two P2 students just gave you the advantages of each, and in all honesty the orientation leader speaking for OneNote didn't really do a good job, while the Notability speaker was...
  7. T

    Free Pulmonary/Respiratory Notes

    Hello all. I’m a medical student that strives to take the best quality notes. Thus, I have decided to share them with others beyond my classmates. I have compiled my notes from the respiratory/pulmonary unit into four ebooks. For the next couple of days (until Monday 9/13), my ebooks will be...
  8. J

    Hand written vs. typed notes?

    Hello, This is a bit of an odd topic but I thought maybe some of you would have some input. Ever since I could remember my hand written notes has affected my learning significantly in a bad way. My hand writing isn’t horrible but it isn’t neat, every time I try and take notes in lecture or even...
  9. D

    Sketchy Pharm Notes

  10. adrenalinejunkie

    Note-taking Suggestions?

    I'm starting medical school this fall and in the past, I've learned/processed information the best when I wrote out my notes, pen to paper. I go to class, take notes on my computer or scribble some notes on scratch paper, and then go home and re-write the Powerpoints with my notes included in a...
  11. joe7456

    Best tablet for studying in med school?

    hello, Please post your favorite tablet below and why you think it will suffice for upcoming medical students?
  12. B

    Traditional Laptop vs iPad for Note-Taking?

    I will be attending SCO starting this coming fall and I had a question for those of you who are already in optometry colleges or have graduated! For in-class note taking, what would you recommend; a laptop or an iPad? I currently have a MacBook Pro but would be open to getting an iPad. Also...
  13. L

    Taking notes from Kaplan books

    Hello everyone, I was just curious about those who used the Kaplan books to study with, would it be better to read the chapters and then write the notes based off the end chapter reviews instead of taking notes as you read? What has helped you? Thank you
  14. B

    iPad vs Traditional Laptop For Note-taking?

    I will be attending SCO starting this coming fall and I had a question for those of you who are already in optometry colleges or have graduated! For in-class note taking, what would you recommend; a laptop or an iPad? I currently have a MacBook Pro but would be open to getting an iPad. Also...
  15. O

    Feralis Notes to email pleaseeeeee?

  16. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Note-taking apps look complicated, am I missing something?

    For some classes I just have a word document for that class that I open and free write, insert tables, lists, bullet points, etc. and for others I handwrite on a print-out of slides. Usually works for me. Am I doing it wrong?
  17. D

    My dog ate my chem notes..

    For real. I felt so hollow inside...there was only myself to blame. But now I'm seeing this as an opportunity to rewrite them more effectively. As neat as they were, they didnt really stick with me. Any tips on how I can write good chem notes? I want to save them for college. (chem ap)
  18. FutureDoctorX-men

    Asking for a favour from my Mentor

    Hi everyone, :) I hope that everyone is doing well! I just have a question regarding asking my Medical School mentor for a favour. Please keep in mind that this might be a little long! So here's the background: My med school mentor is currently a fourth year medical student and he will be...
  19. S

    It's just not clicking

    Hey everyone, I am a first year family medicine resident and I am currently in my third block of the wards. I just feel like nothing is clicking. Like I don't see the big picture. I see my coworkers and they all seem to be getting everything and it seems to be coming so easy to them. All I...
  20. Kuttappan

    Were can I find Internal Medicine notes based on Harrison's textbook of Internal Medicine?

    Hey guys ,where can I find notes or anki cards or ppts made from Harrisson?For some chapters, I do want to read the things that are important in building the concepts,but due to time constraints I wont be able to read some of the chapters that I'd like to read.So if I can find some notes based...
  21. wimma - free Med Student encyclopaedia

    Hey guys, please check out my free site : StudyingMed, a massive portal for medical notes where any user can edit! Contains everything you'll need for your degree. Made by and update by doctors! Upload your own notes to contribute to the perfect database! We've recently been doing a whole lot of...
  22. P

    Indiana student planning on taking MJPE in Illinois

    Hello all, I go to school in Indiana and I want to take the MJPE in the Chicagoland area since I got a job offer there. Illinois students....please help! Did your schools have any advice on how to study for the exam? Are you studying only your class notes? Is there an Illinois Pharmacy Law...
  23. Masttt91

    Share Lower Notes

    I'm studying for boards part 1 and I really don't like the notes my school has for lower anatomy. Does anyone feel like sending me theirs?
  24. P

    Step 3 exam scheduled! How should I study?!

    Hey everyone, Little background information about me....I am an IMG, currently in my 3rd year of psychiatry residency training. I took step 3 once, back in March 2016 and didn't pass (188). I am scheduled for my second attempt at this exam and I'm freaking out! I passed all my other USMLEs on...
  25. S

    ~~Looking for SKETCHY PHARM Transcripts! Will trade MICRO!~~

    Hello, Im looking for annotations/transcripts of sketchy pharm's videos to save me time so I don't have to continuously rewatch them. If you prefer not to include the pictures for copyright purposes, that is totally fine I just need the notes on what he says, since many things he says are not...
  26. M

    found decent exam prep resource for study notes -link

    Hey guys, thought I’d share something a guy in my study group showed me. This is getting pretty popular where I study- Its a website that gives pretty good information about oral exams and just general study. It’s written in a pretty funny way and their tips and...
  27. michikun

    For Sale NY Pharmacy Compounding Review Notes

    I'm selling Dr. Cutie's compounding review package. Everything is included and like brand new with no writing. PM me for details.
  28. Ribbo

    Need advice for final year

    Hey docs , can anyone give me advice on how you study effectively for final year majors ? I always make notes on my own and I tried making notes for these and it takes alot of time and there's so much to study, I felt like i was lagging behind.. I thought maybe I should stick to just studying...
  29. doc4kids93

    Does anyone have non-traditional way of taking notes?

    How do you take notes? My note taking has evolved over the years based on classes. My freshman year, I would use the traditional notebook and paper, but I found that I write too slow, so I started using a computer to type. My sophmore year, I would use a camera to record my physics lecture (with...
  30. M

    For Sale FLASH SALE! MCAT Notes & Personal Statement!

    Notes: I took all of these notes myself, and they helped me score in the top 7% of scorers! They were crucial in helping me do well enough to obtain a seat at NYU School of Medicine. Four packs of notes, usually sold separately but sold here at a discount! This deal includes Examkrackers Audio...
  31. D

    Should I keep my undergraduate notes?

    Hi guys! I recently graduated a few weeks ago and will be starting PT school this September. I have kept all of my notes and assignments throughout college and I've been considering throwing them away since they’re taking up space. The only notes I’m considering to keep are my anatomy/physiology...
  32. C

    OAT Study Material

    SELLING OAT KAPLAN LESSON BOOK & REVIEW NOTES! 2014 version. I used these notes to take my OAT Dec 2015. I got into both schools that I applied for, UIW & UH. These are the one that comes with the course, so you can’t buy it anywhere. Review notes has some highlighting in the text, the lesson...
  33. C

    New York NY Compounding Exam Notes

    i have Dr. Cutie's Part III Compounding Written Review Notes+Workbook (purchased 04/2016, brand new, no marks) for his Pharmacy Board Review Programs B/BL (course & notes valued at $425) - let me know if interested! [email protected]
  34. dannibambi

    How did you organize your notes/handouts/binders in PT school?

    I know this is a very "Type A" question, but I am a Type A kind of gal ;). I have searched the forum and am still wondering how I should organize my binders for DPT school (I start classes on May 5). For my undergrad, I did not have lockers, and I rarely brought my laptop (but I did bring my...
  35. D

    Thank you Notes

    Is it better to give a generic hand written thank you note on the day of the interview or email faculty thank you notes and how much you want tot go to the school? Thank you so much for your input
  36. P

    Florida MPJE Review Material

    Hello Everyone, I am in Dire need of finding Fl MPJE review material so that i may take the exam. Anyone with any idea or materials or where i can find/buy materials or even studying tips which helped them pass the exam which you can provide would be more than greatly appreciated please PM me...
  37. Judson

    MCAT Study Group - Washington D.C./NOVA/MD area

    I am scheduled to take the April 1st MCAT and am looking to start a weekend MCAT Study Group. Currently, I plan to study Fridays and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. I will be studying on evenings and Sundays closer to April 1st. I live in Leesburg, VA and can host groups of up to 8 or so at my...
  38. Denraham


    Hello everyone, So I heard there are a lot of good notes on a website called but all I keep getting is: Even when I click blogs posts through Google, it leads me to this. :boom: I am really sick of seeing this smiling lady..:bang: Can anyone please tell me if there is another...
  39. ReviewR

    Scanning and organizing notes automatically, proof of concept.

    Hey everyone! I posted this in the interdisciplinary/technology section, but changed my mind and wanted to post it here. I have figured out an easy way to take notes, scan them into PDFs, and organize them automatically. I am not claiming my idea is unique by any stretch of the imagination...
  40. ReviewR

    Technology Scanning and organizing notes automatically, proof of concept.

    Hey everyone! I have figured out an easy way to take notes, scan them into PDFs, and organize them automatically. I am not claiming my idea is unique by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it would be a boon to people who are in medical school. It basically involves using a...