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Discussion in 'Occupational Therapy [ O.T.D ]' started by Elbrus, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. otlove23


    Feb 27, 2017
    Anyone on the NYU waitlist heard anything back?
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  3. AspiringOT1218


    Jan 3, 2017
    To follow that, has anyone on the Pitt waitlist heard anything back?
  4. PuppyloverOT


    Feb 7, 2017
    I am giving up my spot in the class this week so at least one seat is opening up!
  5. uark17


    Apr 17, 2017
    Has anyone been accepted to Temple or waitlisted and then accepted and have any recommendations? They told me I was waitlisted about a month ago and I wasn't sure of the odds of getting in at this point. I have heard that it is good to be persistent with them, but I don't know how much is too much or what to say exactly.
  6. AspiringOT1218


    Jan 3, 2017
    I just received my acceptance off of the waitlist this afternoon! SO excited! :) Good luck to you wherever you end up going!
  7. PuppyloverOT


    Feb 7, 2017
    Best of luck! Pittsburgh is an awesome city and Pitt is a good research school. Thanks!
  8. MOTmking


    Jan 4, 2017
    Has anyone on here that's been accepted to Nova's MOT not found a place to live yet? I just found out I got in off of the high hold list. I have already committed to another program but Nova is really my dream school. I am from New York so I would be totally starting over in 3 weeks lol so I figured finding a roommate would be my first step.
  9. aiwalker7


    Mar 21, 2017
    Hey I am renting a room for the summer from the Nova Housing Website, have you joined the Facebook group. I think there were a couple people looking for roommates on there! Message me if you need some more info on it!
  10. mdOT17


    Jul 24, 2016
    I found out that I got off the waitlist this morning for Emory and Henry! can't wait!! Where are my other E&H folk?? :)
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  11. _OThopeful_


    Oct 25, 2016

    University: UC Davis
    Major: Human Development
    Overall GPA: 3.99
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.97
    GRE: 164 V, 154 Q, 5 AW

    Extra-Curric: Work as a paraeducator at elementary school, internship at preschool/experience 1:1 with boy with autism, research assistant in aging/cognition lab and lab studying autism, VP/founding officer of pre-OT club, Arts-Music-Inspire club member (we did art/music with kids in hospitals and group homes), Davis Aggie Lions club member (community service), patient care volunteer with hospice organization, assistant riding instructor at equestrian therapy center (3 years, provided riding lessons to kids and adults with disabilities)

    Volunteer/Shadowing: 202 total with 94 in skilled nursing, 24 in outpatient peds, 42 in elementary school, 42 in hospital/acute rehab

    Applying: USC, Stanbridge College, St. Catherine University, College of St. Scholastica, University of Minnesota (Rochester), University of South Dakota (I have family all over and will go anywhere that accepts me!!)

    Acceptances: USC, Stanbridge, St. Catherine, College of St. Scholastica (will be attending!)


    Interviews: Stanbridge (01/27), University of South Dakota (Declined)

    Waitlist: University of Minnesota (Rochester)

    I definitely have a few (more than a few) gray hairs after this process. I am so thankful to have gotten into some great programs and have a new place to call home in the fall as I embark on my journey to become an OT. My advice to people applying/on this forum - believe in yourself!!! :)
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  12. Melgardner


    Dec 2, 2015
    University: Louisiana State University - Shreveport
    Major: Community Health
    Overall GPA: 3.66
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.66
    GRE: 149 Verbal, 152 Quantitative, 4.0 Writing

    Extra-Currie: Worked as a therapy tech at a level one trauma hospital in both acute and outpatient areas, worked as a therapy tech at an outpatient pediatric center, worked at an orthotics and prosthetics office

    Volunteer: Spent two weeks at a summer camp for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, once as a camp counselor and once as a cabin leader. Spent a semester as a "coach" for an after school program called "Girls on the Run" for girls ranging from 3rd to 5th grade. Spent a semester interning at a daycare/preschool that focused on "inclusive education" by combining children with disabilities and children without disabilities in the same classroom.

    Applied: TWU, all campuses

    Waitlisted: TWU

    Acceptances: TWU Houston (as of this week)

    Rejections: none

    Interviews: none
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  13. FutureOT13


    Sep 18, 2016
    Final Update for me. Feel free to ask any questions!!
    University: Jefferson College of Health Sciences and Thomas Nelson Community College- Associates in Science
    Major: Health Sciences with Minors in Psychology and Public Health
    Overall GPA: 4.0 (My major was easy, I'm not actually that smart in my opinion :))
    Pre-Req GPA: 4.0
    GRE: Verbal:153 Quantitative:152 Writing:4.5

    Extra-Curric: Resident advisor for a year, substitute paraeducator at an elementary school, soccer referee for 5 years, babysitting a lot.

    Volunteer: Special Ed. Summer school one year, Early childhood intervention intern for 80 hours, 3 mission trips to Latin America to work with special ed schools and orphanages, and special ed teacher's aide for an hour everyday for a school year.

    Shadowing: 45 hours at adult outpatient, 40 at pediatric outpatient, 10 at elementary school, 10 at inpatient rehab

    Applied: Jefferson College of Health Sciences and Radford University

    Acceptances: Jefferson College of Health Sciences and Radford University

    Rejections: None :)

    Interviews: Jefferson College of Health Sciences

    Currently trying to decide between Jefferson and Radford. I attend Jefferson and love it, but Radford is a lot cheaper. Any advice with this would be appreciated!! Is it better to go to the cheaper school or the school that is a little better???
  14. dobber

    dobber 2+ Year Member

    Jan 21, 2013

    Cheaper is good, it doesn't matter where you went to school as long as you pass your boards in the end
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  15. akk3


    Apr 10, 2017
    Hello everyone! I am a current undergrad student studying OT. I have a question... I received a "C" in Anatomy and Physiology I, should I retake that class?
  16. MrTL


    Feb 4, 2017
    Yes. Most schools require a B or higher in Anatomy and Physiology I & II to even look at your application. I recommend looking at the school admission requirements for the schools you may want to apply to and contact them if needed.
  17. loolin123

    loolin123 2+ Year Member

    May 9, 2015
    Please review my stats and let me know what I can improve! :) Thank you.

    California State University, Fullerton
    Major: B.S. Health Science
    Overall GPA: 2.75
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.2 - 3.8 (depending on school)
    GRE: 149V, 147Q, 3.5 AW (Will be retaking in August 2017)

    Job Experience:
    1000+ hours in-home behavioral therapy for children with Autism (current job)

    400+ hours in inpatient and outpatient rehab (both peds and geriatric)
    100+ hours outpatient sports therapy (PT/OT/OTA) (current)
    I am thinking about volunteering at a nursing home, but that will happen after the first round of schools in 2018 if they don't accept me.

    Applying to:

    AT. Still, Touro University, Midwestern University, University of St. Augustine (San Marcos), USC, CSUDH, Stanbridge University, SJSU, West Coast University
    (Should I apply to more schools? I am not able to move out of state further than Nevada at the moment)
  18. PNW_OT


    Apr 26, 2016
    9 schools is plenty! It would be exhausting and expensive to apply to more. You will surprise yourself. Make sure you apply as early as possible for rolling admissions schools or they won't give you a chance. Submit your application to Midwestern by end of August and AT Still by the end of September and you should be good for their interviews. Anything after that and you will very likely be waitlisted or not even contacted for an interview.
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  19. dbarajas

    dbarajas 2+ Year Member

    Oct 30, 2012
    Did A.T. Still say why they rejected you?
  20. OTeezy


    Jun 14, 2017
    University: Cal State Dominguez Hills
    Major: physical education
    Overall GPA: 3.23
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.65
    GRE: pending (taking next month)

    Hey guys, I'm new here.
    Question:Since my overall GPA is low, Do you think I should retake A&P 2 and development psychology to get A's. I currently have B's in both. Also, I'm limited to schools to apply because I can't move away to far right now. My choices are LSUHSC-shreveport, LSUHSC- New Orleans, TWU (Texas), and possible UCA (Arkansas)
  21. nOTeworthy


    Nov 12, 2016
    Retaking them would help, yes. If you're applying this cycle, I wouldn't bother unless you're able to take the courses this summer. And remember, the earlier you submit all your documentation, the better. Many schools accept students on a rolling basis. The class may be full before the deadline has passed. So take that into consideration. If you choose not to retake the courses, focus heavily on the LORs and personal statement. They can make or break you. Surely it's what makes the difference between lower GPAs getting in and perfect GPAs getting rejected.
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  22. luminosity


    May 26, 2017
    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know how GPAs from different schools are combined on OTCAS and/or looked at by schools?!

    I went to a different school my freshman year and ended up transferring to the school I plan to graduate from this summer and I also took some pre-reqs at a community college (so in total I have 3 different transcripts), and I was just wondering how the cumulative GPA would be calculated.

    Any help would be appreciated! :)
  23. empassOT2018


    Jun 16, 2017
    Grade Point Averages (GPA’s)

    you just combine them all

    -update- actually i take this back. i think it depends on the school whether they look at the graduating BA gpa or the total cumulative gpa.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
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  24. OTeezy


    Jun 14, 2017
    HI! I'm here in Shreveport after moving back from undergrad. Did you apply to LSUHSC Shreveport?
  25. empassOT2018


    Jun 16, 2017
    Has anyone had an interview at Stanbridge University before? Would anyone care to share the details?? Thank you!!
  26. Aot007


    Jun 27, 2017
    Okay so here are my stats

    University: Florida A&M University
    Major: B.S. Health Science Pre-Occupational therapy
    Overall GPA: Cum 3.17 (2.97 according to OTCAS, should go up retook 2 prereqs)
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.0 - 3.5 (depending on school)
    GRE: 143V, 143Q, 4.0 AW (Will be retaking in August 2017)

    Job Experience:
    1000+ hours outpatient clinic as a therapy aide (current job)

    20 acute care
    20 skilled nursing
    20 outpatient (not including my work hours)

    Need some advice about where I should apply, I want to stay in Florida but I wouldn't mind going out of the state. Im trying to be positive as this will be my 2nd year applying :(
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  27. Istoriaphile

    Istoriaphile SDN Gold Donor Gold Donor Classifieds Approved 2+ Year Member

    Jan 4, 2015
    San Francisco, CA
    posted in wrong forum
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
  28. ototot123


    Jan 23, 2017
    Did anyone get an interview invite for LSUHSC- New Orleans?
  29. ThatAcquaKid


    May 4, 2017
    University:University of Richmond, 2015
    Major: Public Health/Psychology
    Overall GPA:3.22
    Pre-Req GPA: Between 3.73-3.98
    GRE: Verbal-155, Quant-156, Writing- 4.0

    Volunteer:99.5 hours between Skilled Nursing Facility, School for kids with Autism, and Outpatient Center

    Applied: Boston U 8/12, Belmont 8/12 Thomas Jefferson (OTD) 8/16, Rush University (9/15), MGH (9/15)

    Acceptances:Thomas Jefferson, Boston U


    Interviews: Thomas Jefferson (10/23), Belmont (Declined Interview), Boston U (12/8), Rush (Declined Interview), MGH (Declined Interview)

    Attending:Thomas Jefferson!
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  30. Sjaze


    Aug 20, 2017
    University:College of Charleston, 2016 Summa Cum Laude
    Major: BA Psychology
    Overall GPA: 3.67
    Last 60 GPA:3.92
    Prereq GPA: 3.69-4.0
    GRE: V-150 Q-140 (yikes) AW-3.5 (retaking Sept 14)
    2nd: V-150 Q-148 AW-4.5

    120 hrs activities coordinator Intern at Bishop Gadsen retirement/nursing home in skilled Nursing, Assisted living, and Memory care unit
    60 hrs massage therapy clinicals at SEI
    30 hrs OT shadow acute inpatient rehab at MUSC hospital in Neuro, Ortho, and Gen med
    10 hrs OT hand specialist outpatient rehab at MUSC OT/PT clinic
    30 hrs OTA shadow at Amedisys homehealth
    30 hrs OT shadow at Amedisys homehealth

    Awards/honors: International Goldenkey honor Society
    Psi Chi Honor Society
    Summa Cum Laude
    Hibernian Honor Society Scholarship
    Betty Kinloch Scholarship
    Psychology Club

    Applying: MUSC, TWU, AT still University, Stockton, and Sacred Heart
    Interview: AT STILLS (12/8) TWU (1/10)

    Do you guys think my GRE scores are so low that I wont be accepted anywhere and that my stats are strong enough to compete? Its my first year applying and I'm super nervous.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  31. To_oT


    Aug 20, 2017
    University: University of Florida
    Major: Biology
    Overall GPA: 3.6
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.8-4.0
    GRE: Q-156 V-156 W-4.0

    ~110+ hours in a variety of settings

    Applying: UF, Nova MOT, FGCU, Alabama-Birmingham, MUSC, UNC

    Acceptances: Nova
    Interviews: Nova, FGCU, MUSC, UAB (declined)
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2018 at 8:04 PM
  32. ClimbGirlClimb


    Aug 6, 2017
    University: University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012
    Major: Double major: Political Science and Sociology with a Concentration in Research Methodology
    Overall GPA: 3.7
    Pre-Req GPA: 4.0 so far (taking A&P II this fall)
    GRE: 164 V, 155 Q, 5 AW (took August '17)

    Extra-Curric: Worked full time as a rehab aide at a hospital for the last year (inpatient care on almost every unit), 3 years teaching English in Japan on the JET Program after college, 1 year working as an infant teacher in a childcare center, 1.5 year internship with population studies laboratory at UW-Madison, internship with WI state representative's office in college, 5 months as a nanny for a toddler

    Volunteer/Shadowing: Volunteered for the past 6 months at a group home for adults with disabilities, about 40 hours so far. Volunteered at the hospital I now work at, 40 hours. Shadowed outpatient peds (12 hours), hospital NICU (8 hours), adult outpatient neuro (8 hours), TCU (25 hours), hand therapy (20 hours). A few volunteer hours at Special Olympics events and kids rock climbing camps. Led a weekly English conversation community group in Japan and tutored adults one-on-one in English as well.

    LOR: 1 from rehab supervisor at hospital I work at, 1 from an OT at the hospital, 1 from A&P professor, 1 from supervisor at childcare center

    Applying: UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities and Rochester campus), St. Catherine University, Allen College




    I'm really nervous to apply, especially since I'm 27 and only figured out I wanted to do OT a couple of years ago. I see a lot of people with so many more extra-curriculars and different volunteer experiences in college. Fingers crossed for everyone!
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
  33. To_oT


    Aug 20, 2017
    I know a lot of schools have minimum scores for each section that you must meet to be considered. I would check out the schools you are applying to websites, but your stats look good! Good luck :)
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  34. nOTeworthy


    Nov 12, 2016
    My GRE score was a little higher (152V, 145Q, 5.0AW), but you exceed my application on all other stats. I'd say just focus on your personal statement and LORs. I'm a student at TWU.
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  35. Seabassi84


    Sep 1, 2017
    Las Vegas
    Dont worry about being 27, im 33 and figured out i wanted to be an OT at 29. best of luck to us older applicants lol
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  36. Seabassi84


    Sep 1, 2017
    Las Vegas
    Im applying my 2nd time as well but i applied super late (Dec) and only applied to three schools i could see myself living at. This year i applied to everywhere i met the requirements w/o GRE requirements. 8 schools total. dont limit yourself to a specific state and branch out.
  37. Sjaze


    Aug 20, 2017
    Thanks for your response, I am a little nervous about my personal statement's length, its around 1,100 words now. Is that too long? BTW, I hope you are safe and were out of harms way from Harvey's path!
  38. nOTeworthy


    Nov 12, 2016
    I recall OTCAS having two essay questions provided by the school. They're, like, limited to 300-500 words or so. Really short, I recall. I wasn't going to submit a separate Personal Statement, but I ended up throwing one together about one page long. They're looking for people who can best express their thoughts in the least amount of words. So longer isn't better, necessarily. But 1,100 sounds about the length of the page, right? If so, I'm sure you're fine.
  39. To_oT


    Aug 20, 2017
    Do you guys know if the 3 letters of rec have to be 3 different sources? What I mean is does it have to be like 1 OT, 1 Work, 1 professor, or can I have 1 OT and 2 professors?
  40. OT3


    Jul 7, 2016
    University: California Polytechnic University Pomona
    Major: Kinesiology
    Emphasis: Health Promotion
    Cumulative GPA: 3.6
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.6
    Last 60 units: 4.0
    No GRE

    -96 hours hippotherapy
    -40 hours hand therapy
    -200 hours pediatrics both in home and in clinic
    -110 hours pediatrics sensory-based clinic
    -60 hours outpatient rehab (neuro and hand therapy)

    -Sigma Kappa Sorority
    -Golden Key Honours Society
    -ABA therapist
    -Attended Handwriting without Tears workshop on Pre-K Readiness and Writing
    -Worked as a secretary at one of the OT clinics I volunteered at
    -Nanny for a two year old (I told the people who I interviewed with that I use activities I see while volunteering with the boy I nanny like he was my client and they absolutely loved it!)

    LORs: 1 from professor that taught an upper division pre-req course (abnormal psych.), 3 from OTs (all from pediatric setting)

    Applied: Sacred Heart, Pacific University, University of Mary, SUNY, MCPHS, Davenport University, Touro University (Nevada), West Coast University, Clarkson University, Midwestern AZ

    Interviewed: University of Mary, West Coast University, Touro University (Nevada)

    Schools that don't require interviews: Davenport, MCPHS

    Declined Interview: Midwestern AZ, Clarkson University

    Waitlist: Touro University (Nevada), MCPHS

    Acceptances: University of Mary, Davenport University, West Coast University

    Denied: Sacred Heart, Pacific University, SUNY

    Attending West Coast University, January 2018 start!!!!! I'm SO happy because this is my top school! :soexcited::biglove:
    They have a great hands-on program and I had volunteered alongside quite a few of their students during both FWI and FWII. And as a bonus, although the program is pretty expensive (85k for the whole program), I won't have to worry about moving or paying rent while in the program and the commute is amazing, with a 5 minute subway ride and a 10 minute walk!
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  41. 90sOT


    Nov 3, 2016
    Does anyone know when schools will be ranked again? (not that rankings matter!!!!)
  42. mystellique


    Sep 17, 2017
    Hello, I'm a first-time applicant and I'm currently in the application process for the 2017-2018 cycle.

    University: University of California - Santa Barbara (Quarter System)
    Major: Biopsychology
    Cumulative GPA: 3.01
    Last 60 Semester/90 Quarter Unit GPA: 3.3-3.5
    (Note: I took the prerequisite courses and a few other courses recently at a community college on the semester system. So it's difficult to determine my last 60 semester unit GPA. I'm not sure if they combine the GPA or treat them separately. So this is assuming that they combine the GPA.)
    Pre-requisite GPA: 4.0
    GRE: 152 Verbal, 158 Quantitative, AWA score pending (previous score was 3.5 :()
    Volunteer/Observation: 113 hours at a pediatric OT clinic.
    Work Experience: 2+ years as an ABA/Behavioral Therapist (1800+ clinical hours), in my second year as a Special Ed Aide (500+ hours)

    I was wondering what my chances are for USC, Stanbridge, and SJSU. I understand that SJSU looks heavily at numbers and I would have to retake the GRE again. I have taken the GRE two times already and I wonder if it's worth the time and effort to try again. (I wouldn't mind but second opinions and thoughts would be appreciated.) I couldn't apply to CSUDH this cycle because I still have a course in progress. I'm going to attend both the USC info session and the Stanbridge info session to check the schools out. :)
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
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  43. OT2BE2017


    Mar 18, 2017
    In order to be a strong applicant for USC and SJSU, I HIGHLY recommend retaking the GRE. Both USC and SJSU have a minimum for the verbal component of the GRE, which is 153. And because your cumulative GPA is low, I highly recommend retaking the GRE to be more competitive, especially for SJSU. SJSU only looks at your last 60 semester/90 quarter units so your GPA is slightly higher for that, however, they do also require/recommend at least a 4.5+ for the writing portion of the GRE.

    Overall, if you really want to attend either SJSU or USC retake the GRE! If you want to attend Stanbridge, I think your GRE scores are fine, you would just need to really nail the interview portion in order to get in.
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  44. mystellique


    Sep 17, 2017
    Thank you for your input! That was also a quick response, I really appreciate it. I just really have to nail the verbal section and improve my writing then. :)
  45. mjb2017


    Sep 17, 2017
    Opinions needed!
    I am primarily applying to MSOT programs, but have decided to add 2 OTD programs because of their locations and they don't require any additional documents on OTCAS. This is probably a stupid question, but are OTD programs much harder to get into compared to MSOT?- at least in terms of number of applicants. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a waste of money to apply to these programs and more applications could increase my chances of getting in. One of the programs is still in the developing stages and will be accepting their first class for fall 2018 so should I definitely keep that one on my list? Thanks for any input.
  46. ThatAcquaKid


    May 4, 2017
    It's kind of funny, because I'm only applying to OTD programs. I would say I don't think there's probably much difference between the admissions in an OTD and MSOT, because from what I've seen, class sizes stay about the same. I would think the only reason there would be a major difference would be if it's a brand new program (didn't have a MSOT program before). I definitely don't think it's a waste if you're legitimately interested in the program. I would recommend reading up on the differences in the MSOT v OTD. I personally only want a doctorate for the research component and because I want to complete my education in one sitting.
  47. Joelle22


    Apr 4, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
  48. wannabe_ot


    Jul 22, 2017
    I have gone to the SJSU and USC information sessions. The average accepted GPA last year was ~3.7 for USC and ~3.86 for SJSU. Although neither school focuses solely on GPA, they both seem to place importance on it. Although your cumulative GPA is on the lower end, I think that your pre-requisite GPA puts you in a competitive position! However -- like the person above me said, you should retake the GRE. SJSU does not even look at applications below the minimum 153 verbal and 4 writing.
  49. CptBarbel


    Jun 15, 2017
    University: Kaplan University
    Major: Health Science
    Cumulative GPA: 3.72 (3.92 community college)
    Last 60 Semester/90 Quarter Unit GPA: 3.82
    Pre-requisite GPA: 4.0 (Abnormal Psychology and Anatomy and Physiology 2 currently taking)
    Volunteer/Observation: 60 hours at Outpatient Rehab (including 40 hours of OTR shadowing). 40 hours SNF (Pending)
    Letter of Recommendation: Supervisor from military and human lifespan development professor. Currently working on requesting one from OTR.
    Military Background
    - Deployment – Operation Inherent Resolve, Iraq (2015)
    - Awards and Decoration – AF Achievement Medal, AF Outstanding Unit Award, AF Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon with Gold Border, Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon, AF Training Ribbon.
    - Certification – Physical Training Leader, Joint Inspector, Hazardous Material Inspector, Self-aid Buddy Care, CBRNE, CPR. Air Force Trainer
    - Recognition: 2013, 4th Quarter of the Airman, Rewarded Squadron Commander with coin for excellence.
    - Marine Service Recognition – Meritorious Mast: Rewarded by Col. Douglas, U.S. Marine Corps., Commanding Officer Task Force Al Taqaddum, Iraq
    - Physical Training Test – scored 95% and above every year (2012 – 2016)
    - Upgrade Training Test – scored 97% end of course test for technical skill level 5
    Community Volunteer
    - Habitat for humanity (8 HOURS) – landscaped unkempt yard/build porch
    Work Experience: Billing representative (2016-present)

    Remarks: Bachelor's Degree is from profit institution and regionally accredited. Took the degree 100% online due to military service duty but I have all my pre-reqs done at community college. Do you think degree from profit institution might affect my application? Any thoughts of my application status? What else should I do to make my application competitive? I have completed my essay and 1 person did a constructive criticism. I am not really good at essay and I have 2 more essay (departmental question) to do, just a draft for now.
  50. OT-riffic


    Sep 20, 2017
    Ok, first time applying, wish me luck!!!!
    University: UMass Boston
    Major: Exercise and Health Science
    Concentration: Exercise Science
    Overall GPA: 3.47
    Pre-Req GPA: 3.65-3.85
    GRE: 157 V, 144 Q (ugh), AW: Awaiting Score

    Extra-Curric: Currently work as a Rehab Tech in SNF (300 hrs), OT observation in an OP sensory integration clinic (8 hrs), Research Tech intern for Tufts U studying mobility impairment interventions (400 hrs), Externship developing community project for inclusive school serving at-risk youth (15 hrs), Research assistant on two public health studies on UMass campus

    Volunteer: Rehab Tech at OP PT clinic (125 hrs), Adaptive sports volunteer (120 hrs), surf instructor for community organization serving orphan and foster children (10 hrs)

    LOR: OTR/L from my Rehab Tech position, PT from volunteer position, Instructor that I worked with on research at UMASS and proctored my Stats, Ex Phys II, and Obesity classes.

    Applying: Philadelphia, Shenandoah, Puget Sound, Winston-Salem State, Barry, University of St. Augustines (San Marcos), Tufts, Pacific, W. Michigan, Husson, NYU, Columbia, Alvernia





    Aug 11, 2016
    quick question about OTCAS verification. I'm doing the professional transcript entry and it says that it could take up to 14 days, and then it would start the verification process which could take an additional 4 weeks.

    My application is due on october 15th (about 3 weeks from now), and I was wondering if it would actually take the full amount of time!
    Super nervous but hoping for the best.

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