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Jul 9, 2016
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  1. Pre-Medical
  • 3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA
  • large public school in the Northeast, Bio major
  • expect to score around 517 on the MCAT ( I take it this week)
  • Residency: PA (live in Ohio, will have Ohio residency by matriculation)
  • ORM
  • ECs
    • resident assistant for 3 semesters
    • pre-health honors society
    • learning assistant for 1 semester
    • club weightlifting
  • Clinical Volunteering
    • 200 hours in a hospital over 2 years, ER and social work (pretty much all patient contact hours)
  • Non-clinical volunteering
    • 100 hours in an organization working with underserved in my local city
    • 60 hours mentoring students with learning disabilities
  • Research
    • 100-150 hours in a neuroscience research lab, will present a poster this summer
  • Shadowing
    • 35 hours with 4 different specialties
  • I plan on continuing with shadowing and volunteering hours over the summer.
  • Here is my tentative school list
    • Case Western (my top choice, I live in northeast Ohio)
    • Pitt
    • Ohio State
    • Cincinatti
    • Wright State
    • Toledo
    • Hershey
    • Jefferson
    • Temple
    • Drexel
    • Wake Forest
    • Georgetown
    • George Washington
    • Emory
    • UBuffalo
    • Tufts
    • Boston
    • Rush
    • Northeast Ohio

Is this a reasonable school list? I think my stats are solid, but I am not sure if my ECs, research, and clinical experience are that strong.
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