1. O

    Pennsylvania unrestricted medical license - by endorsement for FMG

    Dear All, I am a European doctor who has been offered a fellowship in Pennsylvania starting next year (non-ACGME). For this I need an unrestricted medical license. I have completed my training and boards in my home country. I have USMLE Steps 1-3. I spoke to the PA board and they said I can...
  2. O

    Other Pennsylvania unrestricted medical license application - by endorsement

    accidental post
  3. Rhi96

    PennVet vs. RVC (London)

    Hello! I am a California resident who is currently trying to decide between the University of Pennsylvania and the RVC in London. Sadly, I didn’t get into any of the schools on my personal “Top 5” list, but I am trying to remain optimistic and still feel very grateful for the acceptances I do...
  4. 1

    Help with school list! (3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA, ~517 MCAT)

    3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA large public school in the Northeast, Bio major expect to score around 517 on the MCAT ( I take it this week) Residency: PA (live in Ohio, will have Ohio residency by matriculation) ORM ECs resident assistant for 3 semesters pre-health honors society learning assistant for 1...
  5. H

    USF SELECT vs Rutgers RWJMS

    Hey guys! With waitlists starting to move, I figured I should have this decision down pat in case USF pulls me from their list. Any advice would be amazing!! USF SELECT Pros: I really enjoyed the interview day. Met 3 students and they all seemed really cool but this may have been a small...
  6. medshousing

    Renting Philadelphia, PA-Studio near Penn hospitals Walking distance

    New Listing on www.MedsHousing.com Philadelphia Description: "Walking distance to all U Penn hospitals, HUP, CHOP and Presbyterian. Also to wawa, saxbys, insomnia cookies, old nelson, chipotle. The Studio has: walk in closet, AC/Heater, Microwave, Dishwasher, oven, Fridge and freezer, IN UNIT...
  7. TeeKay310

    Pennsylvania Licensure via WREB Question

    Does anyone know if PA requires the optional Prostho and extra operative sections from the WREB? Or is the standard required sections of WREB enough for PA license. I checked their .gov site and it didn't specify which sections of WREB were required, so hoped I could get an answer here. Thanks!
  8. R

    Post Bac in Pennsylvania Help

    Looking for any input on post back programs in Pennsylvania. I'm a recent athletic training grad from the philly area and I've decided I want to go to med school to further my career in sports medicine. I'm not sure what specialty I want to pursue, but I need to do my post bacc first. I'm...
  9. eldmd_32

    Renting 1 bd/1bath for rent University City, Philadelphia

    One Bedroom One Bathroom apartment available August 10th at 329 South 42nd Street, Surrey Hall Apartments. Near UPenn/Drexel/USciences graduate and undergraduate schools. Located in a relatively safe location within the Penn Patrol zone. Rent is $1075 per month and includes heat, gas, trash...
  10. acc10

    Vet School Visits!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help from current vet students. I'm a rising senior undergrad student applying this admissions cycle. I live in New York and am going on vacation in Florida in a couple of weeks (July 21-July 29). My dad and I are planning on driving back so we can stop and...
  11. D

    Should I change State Residency before applying????!

    Help!!! I am a legal resident of Georgia but I have been living in Pennsylvania for a year while obtaining my Master's degree. I would like to stay in the area and work as an EMT for my gap year, but that would require me to change my legal residency to Pennsylvania. I've been told to look at...
  12. K

    Worked at community pharmacy in NJ. How to submit intern hours to PA for licensure?

    I have been working in New Jersey as a pharmacy intern. I am looking to apply to some residencies in Pennsylvania but I know PA requires 500 intern hours outside of rotations for licensure. On the PA BOP page, the "Intern Experience Reporting Form" states that intern hours must be earned in PA...
  13. USSNathanJames

    College Recommendations for aspiring Equine Vet

    I'm currently going into my senior year of high school and researching many colleges and universities. Honestly, I'm feeling quite lost and not sure what to really look for. I'm looking for a college in the NJ, NY, MD, PA, or DE area that has a good pre-vet program and others related to equine...
  14. M

    Help with my school list? 3.83 cGPA, 519 MCAT

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some input on my school list. When I originally submitted my primaries, I had a 3.83 cGPA (with a similar sGPA) and an MCAT score of 507. However, I just received my new MCAT score on 8/1 and I scored a 519 (97th percentile). I'm not really sure how to approach...
  15. S

    PA Medical License IMG

    Hey all, I just finished residency in PA and am an IMG so had to wait till 30 days prior to residency finishing to fully submit my application for full license. In prior years most IMGs had received their licenses by July 1st, but mine has not even been reviewed yet. Is anyone else having this...
  16. O

    NBEO in NY/NJ/PA

    Hey guys! I'm starting at PCO next month and I have a couple questions about the boards. Do you have to take them in the state in which you graduate? Also does anyone on the east coast know if New York accepts New Jersey licenses? Vice versa? I heard that NJ will accept Pennsylvania licenses but...
  17. E

    Studying for PA MPJE

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my Pennsylvania MPJE next week. I currently have last year's version of MPJE made easy. I was wondering if anyone used last year's and had any luck with it. I'd rather not buy the new version if I can avoid it. Thanks for any input!
  18. D

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters - School Choices

    I'm a career changer looking to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pittsburgh, PA. There are four CACREP accredited master's programs in Pittsburgh to choose from, and I'm wondering if anyone can speak to their experience in any of these programs, if there are any thoughts on their...
  19. P

    Pain Management Physician position

    Practice looking for an additional pain physician to join-outside of Pittsburgh. Office with procedural suite and ASC. If this is a good location-full post is at http://www.painrecruiters.com/JobPitts.html
  20. C

    In-State residency at Penn Vet

    Does anyone have experience gaining Pennsylvania residency prior to applying to PennVet? I intend on moving to the Philadelphia area to work in the upcoming months and I want to see if I can apply as a PA resident. I can't seem to find Penn's requirements for residency anywhere on their website.
  21. A

    Solid Public University (with Full Ride) vs. University of Pennsylvania (with half-ride scholarship)

    I am currently deciding between a solid public school with a full-ride scholarship and University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship that pays for half of the total cost of attendance. Medicine is my eventual goal. The public college is close to home and allows for a study-abroad trip...
  22. O

    Accepted to LECOM - Seton Hill Class of 2020 PBL should I go?

    Hey guys I was accepted in LECOM of Seton Hill's PBL program and am struggling with the decision on whether or not to go and send in my 1500 acceptance deposit. It is my only interview and acceptance so far. My stats are 3.4 gpa at top 10 university in California, 28 mcat, tons of research...