1. OldDO2Bee

    OU-HCOM (Athens) vs. OSU-COM (Cherokee Nation) vs. NYIT-AR (Jonesboro)

    Anyone have any advice on which school to choose? I’ve been accepted to all 3 and I’m paralyzed by the decision/ afraid to make a mistake. OSU-COM (closest to where I live, still out of state), OU-HCOM (closer to family, again out of state) and NYIT-AR (no ties to region/area of the state). Can...
  2. S

    Colonoscopy training for FM resident

    I am a second year FM resident in Ohio and planning on practicing in a rural ohio town. I'm planning on doing colonoscopies there as well...the FM doc who is there now is retiring. Does anyone know of any good physicians either in or around ohio that would teach and have taught endoscopy to FM...
  3. medshousing

    Renting Bratenahl, OH-Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve, and University Hospitals.

    Listed on www.MedsHousing.com Listing# 0046294 Contact landlord through www.MedsHousing.com link Cozy 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Apartment – CLEVELAND CLINIC / UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS 9911 Foster Avenue, Bratenahl, OH, USA Less than a 10 minute drive to the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve...
  4. E

    PhD/PsyD Ohio Jurisprudence/Licensure Exam

    Hi everyone, I am studying for the Ohio jurisprudence exam (I take it on July 18th). I have been told to essentially "memorize" the entire manual they provide (39 pages). Has anyone taken the test recently who can speak about the difficulty of the questions? Or, the types of questions they might...
  5. J

    Position Swap IM pgy-1 spot swap from New Jersey to Ohio

    Looking to swap a PGY-1 internal medicine position from New Jersey to Ohio. Mainly for family reason. Message me if anyone is interested.
  6. 1

    Help with school list! (3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA, ~517 MCAT)

    3.96 GPA, 3.9 sGPA large public school in the Northeast, Bio major expect to score around 517 on the MCAT ( I take it this week) Residency: PA (live in Ohio, will have Ohio residency by matriculation) ORM ECs resident assistant for 3 semesters pre-health honors society learning assistant for 1...
  7. E

    MD 521 MCAT, 3.7 GPA

    GPA: 3.77 at a top 10 school (but a C+ in ochem II freshman year, not sure if that is relevant?) MCAT: 521 Home State: Ohio Ethnicity: Not URM Clinical Volunteering: 140 hours Non-clinical volunteering: 220 hours at non-profit, 100 hours as a volunteer coach (plus a few other random things with...
  8. optomize

    Ohio State University (OSU Optometry)- PROS/CONS

    I dont see much about OSU on SDN....Does anyone have any info about OSU? What are the pros/cons? Any major negatives?
  9. L

    Ohio PT Schools

    Hi all! :) I haven't seen many threads (if any at all) regarding schools that are in Ohio... I figured we could all keep each other in the loop with any updates/acceptances/etc. The Ohio schools I applied to are: University of Toledo Ohio State University Ohio University Walsh University There...
  10. B

    Texas vs Ohio Residency

    I am a non-traditional applicant, and have been working as an engineer in Ohio until I get my MCAT score up to make myself a competitive applicant. I wanted to ask if anybody on here has any experience with the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service. I have been looking to...
  11. Eleithyia

    Ohio State vs. U of Cincinnati

    Just got an acceptance from OSU this morning and now I'm trying to decide between two very similar schools! The prestige difference between OSU & UC is probably negligible, both have great research opportunities, and tuition is very similar at both schools. UC has repeatedly used their...
  12. O

    Position Swap PGY2/3 Psychiatry July 2019, East Coast looking for Ohio

    Current PGY2 psych in a NY/NJ area university program. Looking to move closer to my spouse who is currently a PGY1 OBGYN resident in Columbus OH.
  13. P

    Ohio State University 2021

    I am curious to see how many people have put a deposit down for OSU. Hopefully we can connect as there isn't a fb page or anything yet. Fell free to comment, etc.
  14. O

    Chance for next cycle?

  15. L

    For Sale OH MPJE Dr.Sullivan Law guide and Question Set NEW!!

    I bought the materials and just received them directly from Dr.Sullivan. But turns out I'm not taking OH MPJE...... (GREAT) includes both 1. the law review book and 2. 410 practice questions Completely new. Didn't even take them out from the envelope. Paid over $80.. Selling them for...
  16. T

    Kettering (Ohio) Transitional Year (TY)

    Does anyone have any inside knowledge of the Kettering Transitional Year (TY) in Ohio?
  17. broken down muffler

    What are my chances?

    Hi SDN community, Schools Ohio State, Case Western, Cincinnati, Wright State, Toledo, Thomas Jefferson, Temple, Drexel, Pitt, Georgetown, George Washington, U. of Maryland, USU, Rutgers, Brown, Dartmouth, NYMC, Tufts, Quinnipiac, Wake Forest, Duke, UNC, Rosalind Franklin, Mayo, UCLA, and USC...
  18. N

    Rank Public Midwest Schools

    Hi everyone, just curious, but how would you rank the Midwest public schools? Also, what tiers would you divide them into (high, mid, low)? Midwest states are: North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio Thanks!
  19. S

    MD Help expand my school list please! (Ohio/Ivy/3.45s/3.7/512)

  20. sheboss

    Roommate Ohio State area - Worthington, OH - roommate needed

    I am looking for someone to take over and sign my half of a lease in August with my current roommate. The apartment is located in Worthington (about 15-20 mins from OSU campus) and you would be living with a nursing student. She has been a GREAT roommate and she has a super cute shep-husky mix...
  21. A

    State Licensing Before Boards

    Hi everybody. Im an IMG in my 4th year of residency in Ohio. I have to pay application fees of 700$ by Feb 17 if I want to give my Board Exam this September. This means I need to have to have an unrestricted State License by September. I have not yet applied for and given Step 3 (my bad). If I...
  22. T

    CWRU vs OSU

    As an Ohio Resident (living in Cleveland), I was lucky enough to get into both OSU and Case dental school, I know OSU is cheaper than Case, but Case is building their new building which will be done after my second year which I will have my clinicals at the new building. Which school should I...
  23. N

    WesternU COMP vs OUHCOM

    Hi guys! I know there are tons of forums comparing schools to Western COMP but I had trouble finding ones comparing HCOM. So I wanted everyone's thoughts on these two schools that I have been accepted to and maybe help me make a pros and cons list? I am from Ohio so the practicing requirment...
  24. T


    Was recently accepted to OU and I am interviewing at NEOMED. I already know that neomed is mainly for six bs/md people but what are the other differences between the schools for comparison? I am interested in rural medicine so both feel like a good fit.
  25. T

    OU-HCOM vs KCUMB, should I go to KCUMB interview?

    Hello all, looking for advise here. I was recently accepted to OU-HCOM, and have an interview coming up in a week for kansas city university (KCUMB). I was wondering if I should cancel and save the flight mileage for something else (I am flying from Ohio). In state tuition is cheaper at OU...
  26. D

    Online Graduate Degrees: Good Enough?

    I'm new to these forums and need some advice. I'm currently a senior in my psychology bachelors (graduating in May 2017). The closest grad schools for psychology are 40 minutes to an hour away. Because of this, I would prefer to get my master's and Psy.D online. My issue is that two psychology...
  27. doc4kids93

    Very Low GPA. Should I try Post Bacc or no point?

    My GPA is a 2.5 and I'm a senior. I've had trouble focusing on school (finally diagnosed with ADHD 5 months ago and have been making all A's for the past two semester after diagnosis/medication). I am certain that I have the ability to do well in my classes if given the opportunity to redo, now...
  28. G

    How do pods sell their solo practice when it is time to retire?

    I'm an Ohio podiatrist and have been in solo practice for over 17 years. I am ready to retire to Florida. I never thought I would want to retire early, it was not my original plan. Is there a forum that allows "practice for sale" postings?
  29. P

    Walsh Interview

    Hello! I received an interview invitation to Walsh, and I was wondering if anyone has interviewed there that would like to give some pointers for the interview. Was it more situational questions, or typical interview questions? Thanks so much for your help I'm a re-applicant and extremely nervous!