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Dec 16, 2008
Hello just starting for nbde part 1...any suggestions...please help??
Hello Drshadow,:)

I have already started studying for NDBE Today!:)I plan to take NDBE 1 next year.When are you going to take it?
I am starting with Anatomic Science from Dental Decks but it seems that mine is the old version.

I am now in my home country.I plan to immigrate to Canada soon.There , I plan to take NDBE part 1 and TOEFL and then apply to Some US Dental Schools' advanced standing programs.

What About you?:)

My Suggestions to you: Try to be motivated and committed to do your best.:)Always be hopeful and confident and never stop trying.Hope you the best.Keep in touch!:)Let's enjoy our efforts!;)

GOOD LUCK!:luck:
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