How important is Major GPA in AuD application review

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Nov 10, 2016
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Hi, guys.
So I have been reading on on all about importance of GPA and everything but what are my chances if my SLHS GPA is barely above 3 but overall GPA is 3.5?
I feel like I should have good chances because I have a unique interest in the field, I was involved with international hearing aid manufacturers and clinics, so I have great insight into Audiology as a profession. I also have an international educational background from Russia, England and USA, some Ivy league research involvement, volunteering and fund raising for children with cochlear implants but my professor (who is a chair of the committee and the director of graduate studies at top 15 AuD school) let me know that low GPA in my major will probably get me nowhere.
So my question is has anyone been accepted with a low major GPA at all?
I doubt my GRE score will be lower than 300, recommendation letters are probably strong,
Please help!
Forgot to mention, I am an international student, would that be a problem? Does anyone know international students studying AuD?
Plus, I am only applying to schools in urban settings, any insight for me, guys?
Thank you !

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I am an international student either and I think international educational background is not that much important for GPA .
good luck
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Depends on the selection board for the program. I know most programs mainly look at overall GPA and communication sciences or communications disorders courses mainly when doing their first selection of people to move on to the next step.

My suggestion is if you have a low GPA then your personal statement needs to explain why your GPA is lower (say if you had a hard sciences background vs. a comm dis background) and why your other activities should be used to overlook your lower GPA compared to the other high performing students with high GPA's.

My other advice would be apply to state schools or lower ranked programs as they tend to not be able to attract the high level applicants and usually will then start looking beyond just a GPA for selection of possible grad students.