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  1. ashcave

    HPSP for Veterinary Students

    Hello all! Is there anyone on here that has done the military HPSP to pay for vet school, or know anything about this scholarship? Is it just the Army that offers this or is it Air Force as well? And can anyone speak to the number of years of service this requires after graduation and how many...
  2. N

    HPSP Physical Requirements?

    Hey everyone! I was looking into the HPSP, for dental school and I was wondering if the actual height/weight requirements for the army/navy/air force also applied to recipients of the HPSP. Let's just say that I'm a fair amount higher than the maximum weight limit for my height... I was...
  3. B

    Cross commissioning/switching scholarships

    Hello all, I am currently a dental student on the Air Force HPSP Scholarship. I am about to start my 3rd year of dental school and I am looking to cross over into the Navy HPSP program, as my spouse is active duty Navy, and co-location will be difficult AF-Navy. I have heard that it can be...
  4. KABUKI7

    Air Force Dont know if i should do HPSP/ROTC

    I'm new to this site and currently in high school planning for my future. I know I have a lot of time to decide these things, but I'd like to have a general idea about it now. I wish to be a pediatrician in the air force, and I have a lot of questions. 1. How often do pediatricians get...
  5. M

    Air Force AEGD

    Hello, I am a 3-year HPSP scholarship recipient via the Air Force and as such I am required to apply/accept an Air Force AEGD position. I understand that there can be some variability due to the different needs of each of the AEGD bases but I was wondering what I should be expecting in terms of...
  6. VivaVeritas

    PCOM HPSP/Post 9-11 GI Bill Insight

    Hey all, I'm interested in more insight about attending PCOM using Air Force HPSP and/or post 9-11 GI Bill resources. Please PM me with your experience. Thank you :)
  7. A

    HPSP Questions

    Hi everyone, I am a first year medical student and am on the fence about joining the 3 year Air Force HPSP program. The financial benefit is not a huge concern for me and, in fact, I found that most civilian doctors typically make more money than members in the HPSP program in the long run. A...
  8. D

    Air Force/ Navy HPSP chances?

    I am planning on submitting early for both Air Force and Navy HPSP. I have a 3.80 GPA and a 22 DAT score. I am posting this to see what you guys think my chances are on getting the scholarship. Obviously I know that there are many other factors that are involved in getting the scholarship too.
  9. K

    Air Force HPSP

    Hello! I am currently applying for the Air Force HPSP.. I have a strong GPA (3.997) and DAT (24AA 25 PAT) but I want to make sure everything else is good for my interview/application. I am a Division I athlete and have service experience both in a dental office and general volunteering, as well...
  10. C

    Hpsp fast retirement

    I was wondering if you could get 20 “good” years in less than 20 years? If so what can I do to get enough points to make this happen? I actually don’t care about the money of retirement I just want to retire fast. AF hpsp
  11. 9

    HPSP Question about MEPS

    Hi All, My MEPS appointment is on Tuesday and I just has a few questions on how MEPS will be. I have Invisalign and I'm worried that I will get DQ for it. Is this true or am I just freaking out. Thanks so much for all the replies!
  12. C

    Army 4 yr HPSP Scholarship

    4 Year HPSP Army Scholarship- I was accepted a couple weeks ago. Scroll came in. I was accepted into a 3 calendar year dental school starting this summer 2018. Is it possible to apply my 4 year scholarship to this 3 year school?
  13. W

    Having trouble contacting Air Force HPSP recruiter...

    Hello, I will be applying to dental school in June, 2018. I have been attempting to reach out to AF HPSP recruiters at both the Bellevue, NE and Naperville, IL recruiting stations. After leaving messages many times over several months, I have still yet to be contacted by a recruiter for the...
  14. U

    How competitive is the air force scholarship program?

    Anyone have any experience/insight into the air force HPSP? I know it's competitive, but how competitive? Anyone with their stats that got in/rejected? Any insight or advice is appreciated.
  15. C

    3 Yr Air Force HPSP Stipend

    Hello! I am a first year dental student selected for the 3yr HPSP scholarship through the Air Force and I'm still waiting for my scroll to be approved so I can commission. I was hoping to figure out if my monthly stipend begins as soon as I commission or if I have to wait until next semester...