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Jan 19, 2020
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All the programs in your list have a good enough reputation that you should prioritize your rank list based on the geographic area where you want to eventually get an attending job.

Especially in IR, which is often the face of radiology for other specialties, and work with each other more often than the often solo-sport diagnostic radiology, groups love to hire known strong entities and will hire them over unknown entity at Big Name IR training program. IR colleagues with toxic personalities or poor attitudes are a pain to deal with. IR also requires some degree of technical skill that not all have, even after IR fellowship/residency.

The next best option is to train at a program with strong connections to your geographic region of interest.

You will notice that many IR attendings in many/most academic institutions generally trained at the same institution they are now an attending (either residency or fellowship or both), or at least in a similar geographic area where attendings at each institution may know each other well.

Most programs will teach you strong fundamentals in IR to build up to other procedures and disease processes you experience for the first time as an attending. No program is strong in everything nor does everything. I did basically no PAD work in fellowship, but became good at it in my first job as an attending without causing complications because of strong fundamentals.