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    Gen Surg rank list

    Hi all, obviously down to the wire here and I'm trying to turn over every stone I can. I am pretty solid on my rank list but agonizing over my top 3: Georgetown, Jefferson, and Umass. I know they are all good programs, but I'm trying to figure out as much as I can about their...
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    Help with Rank List: UNC vs Duke

    Hi all. MS4 that applied to anesthesiology this year. As my scheduled interviews are nearly done, I have naturally started to think more about my rank list. Currently, I’m having a really tough time with UNC vs Duke. My gut says UNC > Duke purely based on my virtual interactions, but I can't...
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    IR/DR Rank List Help

  5. C

    Rank list help!

    Hi guys, Need help ranking 3 programs. I had some red flags so I’m grateful I even have 3 to rank lol. That said, it’s hard. The programs are: 1. SUNY upstate 2. Rutgers 3. UT Houston I enjoyed all 3 interviews some more than others. Does anyone have any info on Rutgers? It’s hard to find...
  6. D

    The most student-centered medical schools

    Hello! I wanted to ask you which medical schools you think/know are the most teaching-oriented, student-centered ones. I understand all medical medical schools are, well, "schools" and care about their students, so that’s why I say "the most" and specify the teaching aspect of it. I’m in my...
  7. dioxane

    ranking IR programs

    hi everybody! i'm about to wrap up this interview season and need advice on ranking IR programs. with the virtual nature of everything this year, it's been tough to get a true feel for each place, and the clinical quality of many programs seems comparable. i'd appreciate any insights you have...
  8. J

    Rank list advice

    Hi all, I'm the education chief resident of neurology at Washington University. I just sat down with two of my co-chiefs and recorded a podcast where we offer our tips on choosing a neurology residency. Check it out if you're interested: Home - Brain Boy Neurology Let me know if you have any...
  9. P

    real trouble with rank list

    Having trouble making my rank list after my #1. Wanted some input on experiences people have had with the following residencies: Cleveland Clinic UPMC UFlorida Sinai NYU Wake Forest Hopkins WashU UTSW UTMB In particular, I feel pretty equally about WashU, UPMC, Cleveland, and Hopkins.
  10. L

    Help me rank. Internal medicine program..

    Please help me rank IM programs. Interested in GI fellowship/academic career. 1. Cleveland Clinic Ohio. 2. Case Western UH. 3. U Wisconsin. 4. Boston University. 5. U. Miami. 6. Montefiore NYC. 7. UT San Antonio. 8. UTH Houston. 9. Uni of Kansas. 10. University of Oklahoma. 11...
  11. D

    Program Rank #1 Advice Needed

    Hey everyone, I'm a medical student and I need some advice. So, a while back, I took part in a PD question answer panel at my base hospital. Almost all of the PDs agreed that it is best to send an email saying basically "hey I'm ranking you #1 in the rank process". I misunderstood and thought...
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  13. N

    Where did you match on your ROL (2018 Match)?

    Hey everybody! I saw this post last year as a way to calm the nerves (i suppose) of applicants and thought it would be interesting to see some updated results. Again, this is all in 'good' fun so please take the poll with a grain of salt! Edit: So far so good!
  14. R

    Academic vs Private Practice/Community Radiology Residency Program?

    Preface: Just one man’s opinion and there are some generalizations, but I think it’s applicable to most programs. Congratulations, you’ve interviewed at multiple radiology residency programs and now it’s time to make your rank list. How should you rank or sort the list to get the best medical...
  15. claner1

    2018-2019 PM&R Interview Experiences

    Happy ERAS opening day tomorrow! Wanted to start this thread so we could all collab and discuss as the interview trail unfolds. Best of luck to everyone!
  16. SoMuchMCATAhhhh

    Advice Heading into Interview Season

    Hi folks! Had some questions regarding the level of applicant I am for Gen Surg, and the types of programs I could reasonably be a good applicant for. Goals wise- I'd like to head into academics in the future, and do a residency in a bigger city (mostly as this provides my SO with good job...
  17. AbominablePain

    Help me rank these southern CA programs please!

    Greetings fellow SDNers, Come rank list crunch time, I seek your brutally honest input regarding ranking my favorite southern CA programs: UCLA/OVH, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and Kaiser San Diego --- especially from anyone familiar with them. I'm lucky to know I'd be pleased with any of them...
  18. R

    A system for building your rank list

    Hey, everyone! It's that time; time for the constant anxiety and intermittent nightmares about our rank lists. Everyone is going to generate this list completely differently, but I think we can all agree that, like patient care, it's an assessment that can be made only after consideration and...
  19. R

    Looking for rank list help from radiology residents and attendings!

    Long time lurker here and now I am in serious need of help from the senior radiology community. I've read so much about prestige and academic vs. private practice careers that I think I am psyching myself out. Especially after talking to MS4s. So here is me: I am a MS4 who is going into...
  20. S

    IR Rank List Help

    I have a few weeks between interviews to start to gather my notes and **** but I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me sort through my rank list. Considerations are: 1) Want to go into academic IR, so research (especially basic/translational/device development) is very important to...
  21. Redpancreas

    Official 2017-2018 Help Me Rank Megathread [Internal Medicine]

    Let's get it started! Previous years: 2016: Official 2016-2017 Help Me Rank Megathread 2015: Official 2015-2016 Help Me Rank Megathread 2014: Official 2014-2015 "Please help me rank these IM Programs" Megathread 2013: Official 2013-2014 Help Me Rank Megathread Rules: 1. To minimize clutter...
  22. U

    How to pick/rank your OMS residencies, from a senior resident.

    I've been meaning to post this for a year or so, but here it goes. One thing matters when you rank your options. One thing above all else. You'll encounter a lot of advice and methodology for ranking programs; people will record sedations, talk about osteotomy numbers, talk about their areas of...
  23. G

    help: neurology program comparison (rank list)

    Could you please share some information about the following programs? How would you rank them solely based on the quality of the program, NOT location or weather. Thank you very much! Loma Linda University Tulane University SUNY Downstate Rutgers NJMS Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA)
  24. S

    PhD/PsyD Internship match: what are the odds of matching to top choices

    Does anyone know whether there are any stats out about odds of matching to your top choice on your rank list? Top 3, top 5, and so forth? I searched around but can't seem to find these numbers. Thanks in advance and good luck!
  25. F

    Ranking Help Needed!

    If these were your top two choices, how would you rank these programs? Program A: At home institution 3-4 hours from home (being semi-close is somewhat important to you) Already know you love the faculty and know they are good teachers At mid-tier institution that's not as well known...
  26. O

    Rank List Guidance

    I'm having one hell of a time trying to order my rank list. Location is semi important, but so is my significant other's preference (couples matching into peds). I also know that I want to do an IR fellowship. I have narrowed down my top 6 to: UPMC Cincinnati U Illinois - Chicago Einstein (PA)...
  27. W

    HELP me rank these programs please! 2017

    I'm a US Citizen, no visa issues, location is not important. Below is a tentative list but please give your input. If I match in IM I plan to do a cardiology or allergy/immunology fellowship. If I match in FM I plan to do a sports medicine or ER fellowship. 1) UPMC Hamot - Emergency Medicine...
  28. W

    HELP me rank these programs please! 2017

    I'm a US Citizen, no visa issues, location is not important. Below is a tentative list but please give your input. If I match in IM I plan to do a cardiology or allergy/immunology fellowship. If I match in FM I plan to do a sports medicine or ER fellowship. 1) UPMC Hamot - Emergency Medicine...
  29. W

    Other HELP me rank these programs please! 2017

    I'm a US Citizen, no visa issues, location is not important. Below is a tentative list but please give your input. If I match in IM I plan to do a cardiology or allergy/immunology fellowship. If I match in FM I plan to do a sports medicine or ER fellowship. 1) UPMC Hamot - Emergency Medicine...
  30. K

    Rank list 2017

    Hey guys! Echoing similar posts from the past, what are your opinions on the following list of radiology programs (DR). Thoughts based on quality of training and your "feel" of the program if you have interviewed at any of them (some are blending together as interviews are ending) - Thanks...
  31. M

    How about starting to talk about our 2017 rank lists?

    Hi! Since it's time to start finalizing my match list I wanted to kick things off with mine and let you all critique or give me ideas. In order: 1.) University of Pennsylvania: + Very complete program w/ freestanding peds hospital. Quite close to my home with ease of access, -Work their...
  32. gutonc

    Official 2016-2017 Help Me Rank Megathread

    But you guys probably want to ask how you should rank programs. So go ahead and do that I guess.
  33. S

    I made a web tool for people trying to Couples Match

    Hey guys! My buddy asked for some help creating all the possible combinations for his Couples Match rank list, and I had some free time to I made a web tool here: MactionTools Some features: * Generate all possible program-pair combinations from individual rank lists * Sort based on average...
  34. drpatelplasticsurgery

    PRS Away Rotations for 2016-2017: UC Davis (NorCal)

    Our program at UC Davis has two (2) openings for visiting subIs this coming 2016-17 academic year: (1) June 27 - July 22, 2016 (2) October 24 - November 18, 2016 If submitting VSAS soon, please let me know about yourself in more detail so I can relay your interest to our PD, our program...
  35. K

    Help Me Rank (Med-Peds)

  36. C

    Rank List Help

    Another current applicant for rads done with interviews and having trouble ranking. I would ask someone else, but my rads advisor is extremely biased towards my home institution. I also have a few friends in residency but they self-admit they are biased on where they want me to go (they want me...
  37. P

    Your criteria for ranking programs...any regrets?

    Hey everyone, recently started posting here. I'm an AMG heading into pathology (unless all this talk about the poor job market scares me into primary care) and was wondering how people who have gone through the match felt about their ranking of programs. I have applied to almost all programs in...
  38. N

    Advice to Applicants

    Hey everyone! As match season gets underway (and I'm sipping hot chocolate in my scrubs on an overnight call) I couldn't help but get nostalgic about all the fun ya'll are about to have! All of you will be getting loads of advice from classmates, residents, and family (don't leave them out!)...