Is applying to the NHSC scholarship early beneficial?

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Apr 18, 2018
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Is applying to NHSC early beneficial similar to how it is beneficial to apply to dental school early?

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as i’m aware, no. but as far as i know they don’t really discuss how they go about giving scholarships aside from the added weight to those with disadvantaged backgrounds.
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3 year scholarship recipient - @pickaychu is right. I applied pretty late in the application window and got it. More important than applying early is having a compelling essay, tailored CV that highlights community involvement especially among the underserved, and strong LoR from people that tie it all together. Your application should be consistent in demonstrating that you align with the NHSC's mission. The Application and Program Guidance document explains what kind of providers they are looking for, definitely worth the read!

Also, check out their definition of what a "disadvantaged background" means (see attached). My hometown environment and high school definitely qualified as "disadvantaged" by their definition, despite my family being ok financially. I discussed some of this in my essay.

Good luck with your application!! I wish you the best!


  • NHSC SP Verification of Disadvantaged Background Form.pdf
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I don't think the time you submit your application matters much. I'm a four-year recipient of the program and to my understanding, none of the applications are reviewed until after the due date.