1. V

    Is it okay to talk about bisexuality in a diversity essay?

    I grew up in a very Catholic, southern household, and both my parents came from rural areas. I have no ill feelings towards Christianity or towards rural areas, and wouldn't change anything about myself or where I grew up. I feel like my orientation and the experiences I've had because of it...
  2. mydestination

    Feedback on diversity essay topic?

    Hi everyone! I'm struggling to pick the topic I should write about for the standard 'diversity' essay. I'm between a "safe" option that may sound cliché or something that's unique, but a little bit riskier? I'd really appreciate any feedback. My first option, talking about growing in a...
  3. D

    Appropriate Diversity Topic?

    Hi all, I've really appreciated the feedback I've received from this community thus far, and I was hoping for insight once again. I’m struggling to figure out whether my diversity essay topic is appropriate. It seems more interesting than talking about my time being a high school oboist or...
  4. J

    Diversity in PT schools and where to apply

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this post will get flagged or receive unnecessary hate but here goes. I am currently in the process of retaking some prerequisites, and getting more observation hours so that I can apply to a DPT program in the upcoming 2020-2021 cycle. I graduated from...
  5. C

    Help with my diversity essay!! PLEASE IM DESPERATE AND OUT OF IDEAS

    Hello! I am new to posting on sdn but have been browsing forums throughout this whole application process. I am almost done all of my secondaries but have been struggling with the basic diversity essay. I completed undergrad in the US but I am not a US resident/citizen and are planning to do med...
  6. V

    Example of contributing to diversity...

    I am currently working on the secondary for UMass and they threw an odd curveball asking for a concrete example when you had contributed to the diversity of a group... I am having trouble understanding what that really entails and would appreciate any pointers or tips to things I can talk about?
  7. M

    Diversity topic?

    Hi all, Would either of these topics be good for diversity secondaries? My background- grew up in a well-off Asian family in a rural New england community. 1. Talk about rural upbringing and attending schools where the majority came from poverty-ridden families (ie greater awareness of the...
  8. G

    Diversity Secondaries

    I am a white female, but I think I have been exposed to slightly different environment than applicants with a similar profile to me. They are all related to blue collar, low middle class income: 1. Deep understanding of how addiciton impacts every aspect of life: my brother battled alcohol...
  9. LizzyM

    Making Medical School Admissions More Equitable

    Closing the Gap — Making Medical School Admissions More Equitable Efrain Talamantes, M.D., M.B.A., Mark C. Henderson, M.D., Tonya L. Fancher, M.D., M.P.H., and Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D. in the February 28, 2019 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine N Engl J Med 2019; 380:803-805. Check...
  10. K


    No diversity
  11. I

    Diversity Question

    I am having trouble answering this question. I am a middle class white male whose parents have lived in Illinois for generations. Here are some things that may set me apart from other students. Let me know what you guys think is the best topic: I was a tutor (helped students of different...
  12. I

    Diversity Question - Is molecular and cellular biology knowledge utilized in PT?

    Hey guys, There is a question on many PT applications that asks what type of diversity I can bring to their school. Being a white American male, I found this question difficult to answer at first. But I thought, maybe I could talk about how I majored in cellular and molecular biology, and...
  13. boundlesscorpuscle

    Just Another Diversity Essay Thread...

    Hello lovely people of SDN. I am sorry to subject you to another query about the diversity essay, but alas, here I am. I'm really struggling with this one, despite taking @Goro 's advice of determining what's "cool" about me. I feel that many of my interests and endeavors have been pretty...
  14. A

    Three Options for Diversity Essay

  15. B

    Diversity Essay Topic Help

    Looking for feedback on potential diversity essay topics! I was talking out my ideas with my peers, but it was still hard to tell which one had most potential. 1.) As an executive board member of of an international collegiate service organization, I had the opportunity to work with students...
  16. sherer1

    Diversity Essay Opinions? Racing vs. Robotic surgery?

    For the diversity essays i was initially going to talk about being a Persian immigrant and so on but I realized that that's not what really makes me unique and will probably bore the admissions person so I'm stuck between these two: 1 - throughout my college years I found that racing cars was...
  17. Aqua264

    Diversity essay

    Hi everyone, I know a lot of people ask about the diversity essay - I would greatly appreciate some input between these options. Thank you in advanced for reading this. 1) I collect paper napkins - it used to be a common hobby in Romania and the collection was passed down from my mother. I...
  18. S

    Diversity secondary concern- too arrogant or elitist?

    Hey everyone — long time lurker and now posting for the first time! For my diversity secondary, I’m going with sort of a “diversity of mindset” approach: I’m talking about how I have a passion for developing medical technologies and other innovations to push science forward. I talk about how my...
  19. S

    Yes another Diversity question

    Struggling to pre-write my diversity statement and wondering what your all thinks about my options at this point: 1) Adopted from Russia and had a speech impairment. I was going to try to relate this to how being able to overcome it showed me the power of education I didn't get in Russia and...
  20. P

    Claiming Disadvantage despite High SES?

    Hi all, I've read posts where @Med Ed and @Goro state that disadvantage can be claimed by those who attended bad schools in rural areas despite high household income, but also posts by @LizzyM stating that disadvantage is reserved for low SES applicants. Posting this to get some clarification...
  21. medstudent1215

    Chances at Howard University College of Medicine

    Hey all, I am a nontraditional student going on 3-4 years out of college now. I will be 28 with a wife, 2 kids in elementary school, and hoping for a 3rd. I have a 3.51 GPA at my most recent university in undergrad, combined cumulative GPA of 3.42 including my initial community college years...
  22. B

    Boston Psychoanalytic (BPSI) vs Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis (MIP)

    Does anyone know major or minor differences between these two institutes providing psychoanalysis training? I'm interested in getting trained, but want to make the best decision obviously. Also, insight on how issues of diversity are handled for each would be greatly appreciated!!!
  23. N

    Do I put White ?

    EYE plan on applying this coming June and EYE am Palestinian. Born in the U.S. but both my parents are Palestinian. On the application is there an option for middle eastern? Should EYE put “other?” Or do click white ?
  24. U

    Diversity statement advice

    Yes, another thread asking for advice about what to write for those secondary diversity essays... In terms of demographics, I'm nothing special (22, white, female, middle class, parents still married, grew up in suburbia). I've brainstormed a few topics, but I'm not feeling too compelled about...
  25. Prometheus123

    Diversity: cultural competency, communication, family?

    Should I talk about my cultural competency and family like this in my secondaries about diversity? Am I answering the question convincingly? @Goro has said that the goal of diversity is to write about what makes you cool, unique, different, not necessarily about your socioeconomic background...
  26. Lion84

    Looking for Black/African-American friendly Residencies

    Hi! I just started 3rd year and I'm looking for Black friendly residency programs in Radiology. I'm married with 2 kids and I've got a pretty good application: GPA 3.8, Step 1 233 (no step 2). I did research at Yale & I'm published as a co-author of the study I worked on there, I also anticipate...
  27. L

    Anyone willing to review my challenge essay?

    I'm not sure if I've articulated my challenge sufficiently, and would love to get some second opinions!
  28. lickerwhicker

    *Diversity essay topic HELP*

    deleted for anonymity!
  29. U

    Diversity Essay

    Would anyone mind reading over my diversity essay? It's pretty short but I'm worried it may sound too cliche. If willing, PM me
  30. U

    Diversity Secondary Essay Review Request

    I was wondering if any of you all would mind looking over my diversity essay and letting me know what you think. Diversity questions always give me the most trouble so I would love to hear any feedback. PM me. thanks.
  31. D

    2017 Admissions to postbacc/premed/MBS

    Hello! I wanted to create a thread for those of you who have been accepted or rejected from pre-med or post-bacc programs this year (2107) as well as your stats! Thanks!
  32. procrastin8r

    PhD/PsyD PhD/PsyD App Requesting Diversity Statement?

    Hi, Everyone The diversity committee in my department would like to give future doctoral applicants the opportunity to comment on their contributions to diversity. We would like to update next year's grad app to include a. an optional, supplemental diversity statement; OR b. an option to...
  33. P

    2017 UPenn Summer Pre-Med Enrichment Program for URM Students

    Hey! Is anyone applying to this / has applied to this? What are your stats? Past attendees and applicants, tips?
  34. zax

    Diversity Essay

  35. kegar99

    Marriage as a diversity essay topic?

    I couldn't really find any feedback on this by using the search function, so I thought I'd go ahead and ask. I'm working on a diversity essay for a secondary app and am thinking about talking about how I'm married. I would focus on how as a spouse, nothing is just about me anymore because I have...
  36. D

    Advice on adversity/diversity

  37. R

    Thoughts on my diversity essay topic?

    For my diversity essay topic I'm thinking of writing about a near death experience. Last year I travelled to Panama as part of a volunteer medical team. While we were there we went swimming in a water hole in the middle of the jungle. One of my team members couldn't swim so he started to drown...
  38. pastafanatic

    Diversity essay ideas - feedback?

    Long-time lurker but first-time poster here. I was hoping to get some feedback about an idea for my diversity essay. I'm not part of any UR group, come from a middle-class background, parents are immigrants from Asia, I'm heterosexual, etc. so no potentials on that front. Other potentially...
  39. M

    Diversity Essay

    Hi! I am currently writing some secondaries and would like some opinions on the diversity essay. I have two ideas and I'm not sure if they can be considered good for diversity or under represented status: 1. This one is more factual. Basically I am writing about how my experiences with medical...