1. The Filipino Vet Student

    Sample Size for Prevalence in Wild Bird Epidemiology

    Hi! I am a fifth year veterinary student at Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan. Currently, I am working on a draft for a thesis proposal (though I am still at the RRL phase) which is about the intestinal helminths of Eurasian Tree Sparrows in Panay, Philippines. Sadly, publications about the...
  2. A

    2021 Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD): Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected!

    Hi Everyone! I have not yet seen a thread to discuss Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD) programs. I remember how much the "MPH: Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected" thread helped me and so I thought having one for those applying to doctoral programs could also be super beneficial...
  3. C

    Is it Possible to Enter a PhD in Epidemiology without a Master's?

    Hi everyone! I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in biology, and looking to get a graduate degree in Epidemiology. Just from doing some preliminary research, it seems like most PhD in Epidemiology programs require you to have a Master's. However, with the high cost of Master's...
  4. A

    How to calculate risk of someone being infected at an event

    Hi all. I'm cross-posting this here from the LiveScience forums, in the hopes of starting a discussion on how to best estimate risks for events in the context of COVID. (Note that the numbers are accurate for when I wrote it, on June 20th.) It is a longer post, addressed to those with more...
  5. EpiLover12

    MPH Thank you for helping me choose schools!

    I have chosen.
  6. M

    Is Public Health What I Am Looking For?

    Hello all, I am trying to get my life together and figure out what kind of program I want to apply to. Some background, I am currently in my junior year of college studying psychology and I plan on getting a PhD/ pursuing a research focused career. I originally planned on going to medical...
  7. N

    CSTE Fellowship

    Does anyone know about the interview process for CDC/CSTE applied epi fellowship? Trying to find info, but they did not give much to go on and just want to prepare as well as possible.
  8. S

    Associating Complications with patient characteristics

    I want to review ~1,000 OR cases for one specific procedure to look for patient and surgery characteristics, pre-existing conditions, etc that might predict certain postop complications. Many such articles are published with far too small a number of cases in order to draw any worthwhile...
  9. MarkovTheBeast

    Advice please: MD/PhD epidemiology

    I have an MPH in epidemiology from a CEPH-accredited school of public health and I have been accepted to the regular MD program at the same school. My interest is in cancer epidemiology and I hope to publish my first epidemiology paper in this area before the start of medical school. When I...
  10. W

    GPA and personal well being

    *from a stressed out second year who just finished a frustrating exam* Feel free to respond to this in any direction you choose. I’m honestly just looking for an affinity group here. To those who are entering the realm of epidemiology and public health, can you speak to the value of...
  11. F

    To PT or not PT?

    To be or not to be?
  12. M

    What Field am I Looking For?

    Hey everyone!!! I am a college junior studying biopsychology and I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Up until recently I have been planning on going to medical school but decided that I actually want to go into research instead. I have done really well in my research...
  13. M

    Is public health for me?

    Hey everyone! I need advice. I’m currently a pre med student about to start my junior year of college, but now I’m not so sure I want to become a doctor. I’m interested in disease, but I think I am better suited for research than clinical work. I am studying biological psychology in school and...
  14. P

    MPH Canada: Epidemiology

    Hi! I noticed there is next to no information or discussions about MPH in Epidemiology in Canada -- mainly U.S. talk is here. I'd like to pose a question: UAlberta is one of the few accredited public health universities. Can anybody provide details about its epi program, and the job prospects...
  15. L

    MPH Seeking MPH Student for Research Assistance

    A physician is seeking an MPH student for research assistance. Ideally, you are a strong writer and have a good understanding of epidemiology and biostatistics. The physician is open to how you'd like to reflect your title/description for your resume and some compensation is available. This...
  16. Andres Borrero

    Help: False Positive Rate, why not useful here?

    Hi, i'm studying for USMLE STEP 1 with Kaplan. I was testing the Qbank for epidemiology and found this question: The sensitivity and specificity of a common used fecal immunochemical test (FIT) for detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) are 80% and 90%, respectively. The prevalence of CRC is 1%...
  17. C

    MPH Got Into Emory MPH...but Also Sent Apps to Medical School. Hmmmm

    Here's the situation. I am interested in public health, maybe epidemiology (something that seems interesting to me is working as an applied epidemiologist at the CDC for example). I also have an interest in clinical medicine (though albeit the pig pictures and concepts of medicine interests me...
  18. K

    MPH-Epi student interested in Wildlife Epidemiology

    Hi All – I am looking for some advice. I wasn’t sure which forum to post this in, but I thought this group might be able to provide the best insight. I am currently in a MPH-Epidemiology program and will graduate in May of next year (I have a B.A. in Psychology). I also work as a research...
  19. C

    Applied Epidemiologist...Questions About The Paths of Becoming One.

    Greetings Friends, I would like to ask for some insight regarding some questions I have about being an applied epidemiologist and the various educational routes that lead to this kind of position. Working at the CDC EIS seems to be the dream for this line of work. (See CDC's side about epi...
  20. G

    Good Medical Schools for Statisticians?

    Hi All, I was a statistics major, applying this cycle. I want to treat patients (so applying for MD) but I love stats too much and want to continue to research/apply statistics to my MD work. Dream would be to work for the CDC. Does anyone know good medical schools that offer strong...
  21. M

    PhD PhD opening in truma epidemiology (Finland)

    Might be of interest for those with an interest in trauma. https:// apps.sph.emory.edu/PHEC/index.cfm?action=job_Details&JobID=59025
  22. E

    General Debt for public health degrees?

    I'm currently deciding between doing an MPH in Biostatistics/Epidemiology at the University of Arizona vs. a MSPH at Johns Hopkins in the department of international health, with a concentration in global disease epidemiology and control (GDEC). I'm well aware that JHU is pretty much the best...
  23. E

    Emory vs. UGA in Epidemiology PhD and Infectious Disease Modeling Research

    I am a prospective PhD student who has received admission offer from both Emory University and University of Georgia (UGA). I am very interested in describing infectious disease processes by analyzing risk factors (using statistical methods), as well as modeling disease dynamics. Career-wise, I...
  24. MarcusAureliusAntoninus

    Epidemiology study/prep material recommendations

    Hey everyone. I've been trying to do some leisure reading on epi and other public health related topics so I'll hopefully be sort of ahead/prepared for my epi mph in the fall. Are there any textbooks/websites/research papers/anything that y'all would recommend I read? Anything that in your...
  25. J

    Having Difficulty Deciding on an MPH Public Health Concentration

    I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health...
  26. J

    Public Health Concentrations

    I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health...
  27. J

    MPH Having Difficulty Deciding on a Concentration

    I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health...
  28. R

    MPH MPH Fall 2018 Deadlines: Rolling Admissions?

    Hello all. I'm new here. Forgive me if I say something stupid. So I am applying to MPH programs in the US (US citizen) and I have noticed a lot of schools, such as University of Michigan, have rolling deadlines after a priority deadline (often December 15 is priority, and March 1st is final)...
  29. P

    Vocab word for describing pop at risk for a disease: age, race, etc. "epidemiology"?

    This is a pure brain fart right now... but can spmeone tell me the commonly used word when describing characteristics of the type of person at risk for a disease? I keep thinking "epidemiology"... but it doesn't sound right. eg. "what is the epidemiology for Craniopharyngioma?" to which...
  30. I

    Do these count as public health experience?

    Hi everyone! Just getting a head start on my personal statements and was wondering if these count as public health related experience...or if I can kind of spin them to relate haha: 1. Volunteering at a clinic emerg room - speaking to those in minor treatment realizing how easily preventable...
  31. E

    In need of some guidance please

    Hi everyone! I am going to be applying for MPH (most likely with an epi concentration) for the 2018/2019 school year. I am unfortunately going to be applying quite late (Mid December) because of some unforeseen circumstances. I am going to be moving to NYC and it is my dream to get into Columbia...
  32. V

    Epidemiology; should I go to med school and do an MPH alongside, or just go straight to an MPH?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums so please tell me if I do anything wrong or incorrectly. I had a few questions with regards to epidemiology, even though my entrance into the field is likely years away since I'm still just a senior in high school. I'll be applying for a B.S. in econ/math this...
  33. D

    MPH Question about UAlbany online MPH program

  34. D

    Stuck between two concentrations. Help!

  35. S

    Interested in USPHS, with an MPH degree

    Hi, I've been really interested in a possible career in the USPHS, but have had difficulty what I could use my Masters' degree for. I have a master's degree in Epidemiology and am currently working in Social Behavioral Sciences Research. I'm looking for a change in pace and a more hands on...
  36. B

    MPH: Grad Assistantship Phone interview (ETSU)?

    I applied for a GA position at my school (ETSU) in the epi/biostats department. Originally I was emailed because my "name was provided as someone who may be a good candidate", and when I saw what the job entailed, I jumped at the chance to apply (because it involves some of the things I'm...
  37. bwblue

    Advice: Apply for Epidemiology PhD now or later

    So I'm coming up on my second year of my second year of MPH program, and I'm trying to decide what direction I should take next. I have done well academically in my program but have not participated in epidemiology research (though I have undergrad biology research experience and a public health...
  38. K

    RN vs CLT for Epidemiology

    I am interested in becoming an epidemiologist. I will either do get MPH or a DrPH with a sepciliazation in epidemiology. I already have a Bachelor's degree but because I've had difficulty finding a job I want to do a 1 year program to get a second Bachelor's either in Nursing or Clinical...
  39. S

    Career Change from Neuro to Epi

    Hi everyone. I have recently found an interest in epidemiology after having spent the last few years pursuing a degree/career in neuroscience. Naturally, I am not completely familiar with admissions standards for PH schools, so I'd like some advice on how to better my application/prepare myself...
  40. ogleea

    Taking a Graduate Course Junior Year?

    So I'm currently in the process of planning my course schedule next fall. I'm going to be a junior, but I was considering taking a 1 credit hour, 8000+ level lecture on epidemiology and biostatistics. It isn't required, but I am interested in it and I think the content would be useful for me...