hey guys,
is it too late to add schools to AMCAS? i've been thinking and i REALLY think i made a big mistake not applying to u mich. i know it's a very competitive school, but i feel like i'll always wonder if i dont.

i sent in amcas over a month ago (i think?), but it's not verified yet. so does it matter, time wise, if i add it now? (ie, would there have been a difference whether i included it when i submitted, compared to adding it now, since i'm not verified?)

just lookin for some opinions....thanks everyone.


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Jul 12, 2001
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Go ahead and add it. As I recall from last year, they will send you an email with the password to their on-line secondary (everyone gets this). After you've filled that out, and they've received your verified AMCAs info, they will then decide whether or not to ask for your LOR's and picture (about 25% get asked). Once they have received this your status page will say that you are "under review" for some time until they decide whether or not to interview you. So, since you're not verified yet, I don't think you've lost much time by not designating them already, and you might as well get started on their on-line secondry. Good luck with your application.:)


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May 5, 2002
hey, I also say go for it!
hey, i say go blue always!!!

are you a resident???

I applied not thinking i had a shot since i'm not a resident, but lo and behold on saturday my interview came in the mail. so who knows!!! don't have regrets!

the only correction i have is that it says that only 40% get asked for the LORs instead of 25%... at least that's what the msar says.


haha no, i'm not an MI resident, which is why i didnt' apply to begin with...i thought i'd have NO chance.

but i'm gonna listen to you guys and add it on now :) what the hell.

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