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Jun 23, 2003
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I have gotten ****loads of emails/PMs/and IM messages regarding the little spreadsheet schedule thing I made a few months ago. I didn't release it to but a few people, primarily because it was a piece of ****. Alas, I have released a new one to the public.

Features of GraderCalc/Scheduler

-- Current updates of total and semester cumulative and science GPAs
-- GPA by Semester
-- Ability to enter course titles and brief descriptions
-- Track your progress and trends easily
-- Simply enter your credit hours and grades and let GraderCalc/Scheduler do the rest!

New in version 2.0!

-- Designate courses to be included in science GPA by simply typing, "Yes".
-- Displays GPA by Academic Year as well as semester and overall.
-- "Motivational" section gives advice on your admissions chances given GPA.

Planned for future versions

-- Dual AMCAS/AACOMAS functionality. For now, simply don't enter the original grades of repeated courses.

-- Ability to include audit and withdrawals.

-- Ability to display letter or numerical grades by preference.

All of this for only $19.95!

Hear what others have to say:

"GraderCalc/Scheduler was so intuitive and easy to use, I nearly shat my pants!" -- Bob Woodward, Lincoln Nebraska.

"Usually my wife manages my GPAs and advised me on my weaknesses. Unfortunately, she was also a gold-digging manipulative bitch. Thanks to JKDMed and his revolutionary GradeCalc/Scheduler, I was able to leave her and file for divorce! Thanks JKDMed!" -- John Matheson, Indianapolis, Indiana.

"It was so hard, like, trying to figure out my grades on paper and stuff. I'm really not good at algebra! I totally thank God I found JKDmed and his program! Without it, I wouldn't have known that my GPA was like totally horrible and I shouldn't apply to medical school. Customer service is totally awesome too! JKDMed offered to take me out one night drinking to help console me. I got totally trashed! He even stayed with me that night to make sure I didn't hurt myself during the hours I was passed out drunk." -- Tiffany Soleil, Tri-Delta President, Atlanta, GA

"A spreadsheet to figure your grades? That's ****ing stupid." -- Mack Jordan, Columbia, SC

For download access, please send a money order or personal check for $19.95 to:

GraderCalc/Scheduler, LLC.
1234 Eagle Lane
Columbia, SC 29070

Download now:


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Aug 3, 2003
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That was hysterical.....I needed that!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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