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Nov 13, 2014
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Hey all,

I'm planning on applying to Med/Peds next year (rising M4). I did my pediatrics rotation relatively early in the academic year. One professor in particular seemed to like me, and I got the verbal committment from him that he would write me a letter of recommendation when the time comes. We've kept in touch, but he has recently decided to leave his job here in pursuit of a job elsewhere (wasn't getting to focus on what he enjoys doing clinically). As far as I know, he left on good terms here, but is it still appropriate for me to use his letter in ERAS? I just wonder if it will be weird considering his title will be from another institution.

Any advice is appreciated!


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Jan 27, 2011
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I did this for one my letters. My prof left for a better job at another med school. Uploaded the letter into ERAS using the new school's letterhead. Turned out fine. Few interviewers commented on it in an off-hand manner but that was it. In that particular case, I was willing to do so because the prof was fairly well-known not sure if I would have pursued it if they wasn't that factor. Can't hurt to ask and add that letter to ERAS and decide later if you will use it.
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If this person knows you well and would write well for you, get the letter.
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