letter of reccomendation

  1. G

    LOR without Letterhead

    Hey everyone, I have been working as an EMT-B during my first gap year and was going to get a letter of recommendation from my supervisor/preceptor who is a paramedic. Unfortunately, however, the letter writer said that they do not have official letterhead to use. Should I still get a...
  2. sailboatgorilla

    LOR Question

    Hi all! I have a question regarding a LOR. For some background: I started working as a medical scribe for a very well-known physician in my *rural* college town community. They had one shift a week that needed filled, and so I did and have loved it! I am planning to work more than that for the...
  3. healthEngineer

    Letter of Recommendation - MD or PA/NP

    I have worked as an emergency medicine scribe for about 6 months and now the time has come to ask for a letter of recommendation. I have worked primarily with physician assistants and only with doctors a handful of times. One of the PAs I've worked with for over 100 hours, most of the docs I've...
  4. A

    Physician willing to write a letter of recommendation for 2022-2023 application cycle?

    I know this seems unorthadoxed, but I have really been struggling to find a physician to write me a letter of recommendaton. I am currently living in Japan and the idea of shadowing does not really exist here. I have some experience shadowing in the US but it was years ago and not enough to ask...
  5. stebgbby

    Professor getting cold feet about letter of rec...

    What do I do if a professor I am close to and made a letter of rec for me is suddenly getting cold feet? I have had a really great relationship with this professor, did research with him, presented at conferences, but I wasn't able to publish my work by the time I graduated. I was even offered...
  6. D

    What qualifies as a "Science" Letter of Recommendation?

    How do we know whether or not an engineering course that is considered BCMP qualifies as a science course for the purposes of a letter of recommendation? After looking through several medical school LoR requirements, it doesn't seem like any really define what qualifies as "science". Harvard...
  7. M

    Clinical LOR requirement

    My school's premed office does a committee letter packet & they require a clinical letter of recommendation for it. I'm wondering though, what med schools require a clinical letter of recommendation? Not sure if the schools on my list don't or if I'm just missing something... Are there any med...
  8. S

    Does a LOR from a microbiology lab professor count as one from a science professor?

    I am a biology/philosophy major and have an LOR from two non-science teachers, a physician I worked with, my supervisor during my time as an RA, my A&P teacher, and my microbiology lab professor who I also worked with as a LA. It’s the last one I’m kind of worried about? I know schools require...
  9. ramblingamblin99

    Postbac Composite from HES vs. Undergrad Packet?

  10. D

    Writing my Own Letter of Recomendation

    Help! I asked for a letter of recommendation from an attending I worked with back in February. She said she'd love to, and that she would make the letter sound like I "walked on water." But given that I asked in February, and they didn't need to be in immediately, she waited to write it. When I...
  11. G

    Should I Send an LoR where my advisor called me attractive?

    I just received my final LoR and was reading it when I saw my writer called me attractive. She said..... "There is something about his demeanor that invites others to trust him. Perhaps it is his attractiveness and easy-going nature or his non-judgmental disposition." I do not need to add this...
  12. Welshman

    MD Away Rotation Advice; No Home Program

    Hi everyone, I haven't been able to find much relevant advice for my specific situation, especially given COVID changes to the residency application process, so I thought I would ask here. I'm planning on applying to a small surgical subspecialty this year but unfortunately, my med school is a...
  13. R

    1 science faculty LOR - school list

    To summarize, should I get a second science LOR even though it may be impersonal/hella old just so I can apply to those schools that have the 2 science requirement? Or just not even bother applying to those schools? (the ones on my list so far are creighton, evms (reapplicant but never sent...
  14. I

    Some of my letter writers have stopped responding

    Hey so I have letter writers from my upper divs for my med school applications and they agreed and stuff but some of them just stopped replying. I sent them my interfolio stuff earlier and like now only one of my upper div bio professors has replied and one of my English professors replied. I am...
  15. ?

    LOR from Dean Emerita?

  16. 444zane3

    Volunteering LoR Question?

    Hey Guys, I've been volunteering at a hospice care for a few years and have a good reputation. However, the volunteer coordinators always quit after 4-5 months so the current volunteer coordinators doesn't personally know me too well. None of the patients I visit are in-house, so the staff of...
  17. T

    Acceptable Non-Science LOR?

  18. P

    What topics should letter writers (dentist and professors) focus on in LORs?

    Hello everyone, What are some points I should ask the dentist I worked for for 3-4 years to put emphasis on in the LOR? What are points my professors should focus on? Also, I am planning to use interfolio for these letter and wondering if I need to pay right away for it or only when I...
  19. S

    Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Open House; 9/23/20 | 6pm EST

    Hello everyone! Hope you're staying safe! Please see the flyer here (or attached pdf) for the virtual open house for the Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Program--the event is scheduled for 9/23/20 at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to meet residents and program directors at Mount Sinai if...
  20. D

    High School Dual Enrollment

    Hi Everyone, I am currently a Junior in High School. I am dual enrolling at the local community college for the majority of my classes including Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Math classes. I plan on graduating with my associates in science, in the spring of 2021, which should...
  21. Lifeblood_20

    LOR due date

    I have reached out to professors for LORs (applying this upcoming cycle) and they confirmed that they'd be happy to write me. I will be using interfolio to store letters. Should I give my letter writers a deadline of sorts? Or just that applications soft open in May and that I hope to complete...
  22. P

    Derm LORs from aways

    Question regarding derm LORs... Should you always get a letter from an away rotation so you can submit that letter when you apply there or is it better to just submit your strongest letters, regardless of if they are from that institution or not? I feel like my letters from other aways will be...
  23. goodvibes27

    Letter of Recommendation issue

    Hi, I’m planning to apply for the match this year and I had m completed an externship with a family medicine physician last year. It was a really good rotation and the physician told me that he’d upload a really good LoR for me. Now much to my dismay, this physician’s license has been...
  24. Insaiyandave

    Letter of Recommendation Suggestions

    Alright, so I am to the point where I am starting to get all of my letters of rec together for the upcoming cycle and am in need of an outside opinion for some choices I have. First, I am a Georgia resident and %100 would like to stay in-state. Over the years, my family and I have been good...
  25. dwarfplanet

    Public Health Professor for a LOR?

    I already have a non-science and a science LOR, so I’m trying to get one more science LOR. Right now I’m working closely on a paper with one of my former professors who taught me a public health course, and I feel that they would be willing to write me a very good letter, but I’m wondering if a...
  26. V

    Letter of Rec from someone without college degree?

    I am currently doing a community service volunteering program where the director is a college drop out, but he is kind of successful now in terms of starting up this local organization that is in the works of expanding throughout California (got funds and approval from state gov already). I...
  27. M

    Is having a letter of recommendation from a priest frowned upon by adcoms?

    I was wondering if asking for a letter of recommendation from a priest I have grown close with would be frowned upon by adcoms. Much of my ECs have come from serving at my church in various activities for many years. I believe he could write me a strong letter of recommendation because of how...
  28. T

    How mandatory is a humanities letter of rec?

    I'm part of a full ride scholarship, and the scholarship director will write me a letter of rec. My research PI/taught me a bioengineering class will write me a letter of rec. My orgo 2 prof will write me a letter of rec. A doctor whom I shadow often will write me a letter of rec. I'll be...
  29. N

    Letter of Recommendation Question

    Hi, So I've been scribing for a doctor and he agreed to write a LoR for me, but the problem is that he might be retiring soon (in the next few weeks). I am planning to submit my app this cycle (May/June 2019). Is there a way he can write a letter for me and store it right now/if so, how? I...
  30. G

    Seeking LOR Advice

    Hello SDN, So I had built a strong enough relationship with my prehealth advisor of four years and a science faculty professor to be confident in their ability to write a strong LOR. Very recently, both got fired. Additionally, due to a lot of changes to my school's health advising office...
  31. 1

    LOR Help. Science Professor ghosted me.

    About 1 year ago, I asked a science professor for a lor and he said he would DEFINITELY write it over the summer. I reminded him before summer as well. But recently, when I tried to get a committee interview, the staff told me that I did not have the required 2 science letters. I emailed that...
  32. M

    Letter of Recommendation from a Dentist

    Most schools ask for a LOR from a dentist. I have shadowed an Orthodontist and I know that he would write me a stellar LOR. Is it preferred to have a general dentist write the LOR? Or would it probably be looked at about the same? Did anyone do one or the other considering what would be better...
  33. D

    Do dermatology aways require letters of recommendation?

    Hey all, pretty straight forward question that I can't find the answer to. Any advice about Dermatology aways and when to schedule them would be great as well. Thanks so much!
  34. 7

    Where should you ask your professors to send a LOR?

    Currently a sophomore and won't be applying till next year but I still want to ask for LOR's now since I did really well in my core science classes. Since I don't have an application ready, is there anywhere I should ask my professors to send my letter so it can be stored for future use? And...
  35. T

    Letters of Rec

    I wanted to ask for a letter of rec from my neuroanatomy professor. Unfortunately the class is listed under the psych department, despite the fact that it's 100% biology of the brain. Would this work as one of my 2 letters of rec from a science professor?
  36. 6

    URGENT! Best Way to Get A Last Minute LOR through email

    Here's my situation: I'm applying to post bacc programs now and one of them I just found out about has a Nov. 1st deadline. However they require two LORs which I was not expecting. I have two professors in mind that I want to ask but I want to ask them asap so they can have time to do it...
  37. A

    Not having all 3 LOR on initial application

    I am applying to urology this cycle and only have 2 letters of recommendation uploaded so far. I am waiting on my other letter writers to upload. I sent my application in with the 2 letters before the release date Sept 15th. Will programs consider my application incomplete and either not look at...
  38. B


    I am applying for the upcoming cycle and I just started Job shadowing an OT two months ago and have only shadowed her 3 times. I have been working on building a professional relationship with her. When is the right time to ask her for a recommendation? Any suggestions on how I should bring up...
  39. P

    Letter of recommendation from OD you work with

    I work as an optician at a private practice. Am I allowed to ask the doctors I work with for a letter of rec?
  40. C

    Grad School before Dental

    Hi all, I am an aspiring dentist and will be applying to grad school (most likely an MS in biology) to help further strengthen my application before applying to dental school. While I do enjoy biology, I really am applying just to further bolster my credentials as a dental applicant. I've been...