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May 24, 2017
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Hello! So obviously most schools recommend (or require) a letter of rec from a professor. I'm looking to apply to schools in California, and the three schools here only recommend a letter from a professor (though I do understand that it would be ideal to have a letter from a professor). My problem is, I don't know any of my professors very well! There is one professor that I have planned on asking but I'm not confident that he would agree to write me a strong letter. I do however have two optometrists and an employer who know me well and who are willing to write me a strong letter. My main question is: How detrimental would it be to submit three letters of rec (two optometrist, one employer) and not include one from a professor?

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Just ask your professor anyways! Ask to grab lunch or coffee with him and use that opportunity to tell him about yourself. If not, ask him to write a letter of rec anyways along with giving him your CV. The worse that can happen is his saying "no", right? Good luck :)
What did you do when you applied school? I'm in same boat with you now...:(
I graduated a long time ago, so there is no professor to ask recommendation letter:(