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    Future residency rec letter from non-MD research faculty

    I've narrowed my potential research for this upcoming post-M1 summer to two labs, and I'm having trouble making a decision. I have a history with lab A, and if I continue there, I'll likely complete a substantial project, get a nice rec letter from an up and coming MD faculty member, and get...
  2. 3

    Receiving a Recommendation Letter Before Applying

    Hello everyone. I was hoping to ask my gen chem 2 professor for a recommendation letter to a medical school but am uncertain how to do so because I am currently not in the application process. I took his class last spring semester and thought it would be best to get a recommendation letter now...
  3. T

    Canadian Applicant ~ 3.99/521 ~ Need Advice!

    Hello all! First time applying to the US, not really sure where to apply to but I have some constraints. I'm looking to apply to 3-4 schools and be competitive. Also looking for any general advice or thoughts on my stats. Stats Program: Pharmacology w/ CS minor GPA: 3.99 MCAT: 521...
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  5. V

    Letter of Rec From Shadowing

    I know the general consensus is that letters from shadowing are given little weight since the activity is done passively.. but I shadowed a doctor at a private clinic over the summer once a week (total about 50 hours) and did a mini project for her organizing patient outcomes from her past...
  6. V

    Letter of recommendation from volunteer coordinator

    I am volunteering in two university hospital volunteer programs and trying to get a letter of recommendation from the volunteer coordinator from either program. In program A, I worked directly with my supervisor(a manager) who has a high evaluation of me. She promised that she would write me...
  7. Y

    Was I screwed over by AMCAS?

    As this application cycle is coming closer to an end, I can’t help but reflect on what went wrong for me this cycle. There’s something that happened during this cycle that made me want to consult the SDN community on whether you guys think it could have possibly affected my chances a lot or not...
  8. S

    High Stats, Very Sticky LOR Situation

    @LizzyM @gyngyn @Goro would also appreciate your feedback on my situation, thanks so much!
  9. S

    Would I be able to use this professor for my Science LOR?

    I am currently working under a full-time chemistry professor as a learning assistant for his General Chemistry I and II courses, and I have been working under him for the past year. I answer students’ questions in class about the course content, I help grade exams, and I lead out-of-class...
  10. C

    Non-Traditional Applicant Letters of Recommendation

    I am a non-traditional re-applicant (graduated from Masters program in Dec. 2017) gearing up for the 2019 application cycle. I feel like I have a strong grasp on everything but recommendation letters. Since I have been out of school and therefore out of touch with professors for over a year I'm...
  11. P

    Is this bad???

    I’m currently a 4th year Biology major thinking about potential recommenders to write red letters for med school. The two professors that I took Physics with know me pretty well, I did very well in their classes, and I’m fairly confident that they will be able to write solid letters. Is it bad...
  12. P

    Is it weird to get the two science LOR’s both from physics professors?

    I’m currently a 4th year Biology major thinking about potential recommenders to write red letters for med school. The two professors that I took Physics with know me pretty well, I did very well in their classes, and I’m fairly confident that they will be able to write solid letters. Is it bad...
  13. Kobethegoat24

    Recommendation letter help?

    So as the title says, I asked my professor for a recommendation letter but she says she wants to read my personal statement. The thing is I haven't written my personal statement yet because I dont plan on applying to dental school until June. I haven't shadowed a dentist yet and I only came up...
  14. X

    DO Recommendation Letter

    Hi everyone, I’d a question regarding the LOR. Should the doctor I shadowed mention how many total hours I’ve shadowed her as well as the start & end date in the letter? Also, what constitutes of a good number of shadowing hours?
  15. X

    DO Recommendation Letter

    Hi everyone, I’d a question regarding the LOR. Should the doctor I shadowed mention how many total hours I’ve shadowed her as well as the start & end date in the letter? Also, what constitutes of a good number of shadowing hours?
  16. Clementine1863

    Recommendation letter from new gap year mentor

    I started working full-time at a new institution for my gap year in June, and I did not ask for a recommendation letter from my new mentor for my primary app (as I thought it wasn't enough time for him to get to know me/work together/write a whole letter). Does it look like a red flag if I do...
  17. nembry

    can I compile my LORs now, and apply next year?

    I will be applying next year but want to get all of my LORs compiled now, so that I don't have to wait for all them to be sent in when it's time and deadlines are near. Can i get them all now? Or do the writers have to submit them personally themselves to TMDSAS when it's time for me to apply...
  18. S

    Supplemental rec letter deadline?

    Hi, In addition to my university's pre-health composite letter, I want to have two supplemental recommendation letters--one from my PI and one from a doctor I am shadowing. I am not sure when the "deadline" is for them to submit their letters? I will be taking the MCAT June 1st and will be...
  19. H

    Should I get a LOR from a class that I got a C?

    I got a C in medicinal chemistry class. I contacted my professor and she was willing to write a letter of recommendation for me. Since I was taking biochemistry and medical chemistry concurrently (biochemistry was the prerequisite of the class), she told me that she can explain my grade in the...
  20. M

    How to get recommendation letters when I plan on taking a gap year or two?

    I have about a year left until I graduate. After I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year or two, so I'll be around 22-23 when I apply. I'm a psychology major. I've basically finished all of my psychology degree requirements. Right after the class had finished, I asked my professor for Research...
  21. Basil246

    My advisor messed up my committtee letter, help?

    Hi, So my pre-health advisor used my old MCAT score in my committee letter(he also based his strength of the recommendation based on that score) and I just found out when an interviewer mentioned it in passing at an interview. Do you think this might have recked my chances this cycle?
  22. Sameffect

    Letters of Recommendation from community college

    Hey everyone, I will be applying for Dental School in the upcoming cycle. I am getting a LOR from an instructor at my 4 year university and another from a dentist. For my third letter, I was thinking about asking my chemistry professor (PhD) whom I have kept in contact with for over 3 years...
  23. E

    OOS/International Friendly Colleges + How Many to Apply To?

    Hello all! I am considered an international student even though I have spent most of my life in the states (since 3rd grade), and finished my undergrad here. So when I apply, I have to look at OOS/international student friendly schools. Here's my working list, and I don't know how many (or...
  24. S

    Deciding between two professors for recommendation letter

    Hi all! I'm using my school's committee letter system. I need to have three recommendation letters from my professors. I already have two (biology and organic chemistry). I was a TA for organic chemistry, and I worked my butt off in biology. I am having trouble picking my third. Below are the...
  25. P

    MSW at UMD

    Hello guys, I have recently been considering MSW at the University of Maryland because I want to take the LCSW route to directly start doing psychotherapy. Now the problem is that I don’t have much work experience..I have only volunteered at Johns Hopkins Hospital twice and shadowed a doctor. I...
  26. M

    Accepted to Yale Elective!! Need advice!!!

    Could anyone offer their experiences at Yale as an elective student? I've been accepted for IM-Gastro and IM-Allergy/Immuno and a friend of mine I think has been accepted for General Surgery. If anyone could offer their experiences or advice as to whether it's worth taking, I'd appreciate it...
  27. smileyfacegirl27

    Asking for a LOR in person unannounced?

    Hello! What is the best way to ask for a letter of recommendation for professors I have previously had when I don't know their Office Hours? Do I show up unannounced? Or send a professional email asking them to "Set up a meeting to discuss the possibility of a letter of recommendation?" I'm not...
  28. R

    Pre-PT Recommendation Letters

    Hi everyone! I have a kind of different question that I don't think has been talked about much (if at all) on these forums. I'm currently in my second year of undergrad and have gotten almost 50 hours of volunteering/observation hours at an ortho clinic. I've made some real good connections with...
  29. UNCafDDS

    Dentist want me to write my own recommendation letter - can somebody lead me in the right direction?

    One of the dentists I shadowed agreed to submit a letter of recommendation on my behalf (for summer 2018 - I am collecting letters on Interfolio). However, he wants me to write it, as he said that he does not have time. I guess he will just read it, approve/edit it, sign it, and submit it. I...
  30. Cheezy89

    Getting Recommendation letters - when and how?

    Because I received lots of message about how to ask for recommendation, I decided to make a video about it just so to make the process a little bit easier.
  31. pvpapaioann

    Physician Recommendation

    Hello, For Midwestern (DO), they prefer a recommendation from a physician. I spent the most time with and am the closest with a orthopedic surgical resident in his final year, so I would like him to ask him to write a recommendation for me. However, is it frowned upon if the physician is not a...
  32. J

    Non-Tradition Student: What do I need to supplement?

    Hey Folks, I'm sure I am not a unique situation, but I couldn't find any other non-traditional threads with similar backgrounds. I am planning on applying to get matriculated in fall 2019 which sounds far off, but reading some of the other threads as well as Doc Toothaches's guide has got me...
  33. T

    Letters of Rec: Professors

    Hello! So obviously most schools recommend (or require) a letter of rec from a professor. I'm looking to apply to schools in California, and the three schools here only recommend a letter from a professor (though I do understand that it would be ideal to have a letter from a professor). My...
  34. M

    How to ask for a recommendation Letter?

    Hello everyone, I found a volunteer program at a hospital to shadow doctors and gain clinical experience, and the program requires one recommendation letter. I would like to ask my professor or lab instructor for a letter. Have any of you asked for a letter by email? I don't know how to...
  35. M

    I feel like i have a great Recommendation letter from dentist, or am i just flatterring myself?

    So I was able to get a recommendation letter from a dentist whom I shadowed. He used to be a Professor at a local dental school for 25 years. Was on the 9/11 team identifying victims and is on the state dental board. Since I really want to go to my local state school (not where he taught), I...
  36. S

    What to do if want new letters of rec but already graduated?

    Can I take classes at a CC solely for LORs? Or sign up for more undergraduate classes?
  37. S

    Good time to ask for letter of recommendation?

    Just a quick background - senior about to graduate - a bit late in the game as a pre-med. Anyways, I need letters of recommendation, but was wondering if it is better to ask now, or if should I wait till after finals and graduation? I don't know if it's best to wait until the final grades come...
  38. I


    I'm sorry if I sound pathetic but I'm on the verge of tears. So my school gives a Letter of Evaluation to be sent to Medical School. In order to receive it we need to submit our application for it and a minimum of three recommendation letters by February 15. One of the letters MUST be from a...
  39. K

    Gifts for rec letter writers?

    I initially wrote thank you letters for willingness to write my rec letters but now being accepted, I wanted to write back with an update and a small gift. For a clinic that I got most of my hours at, I'm thinking a small gift basket for the whole staff to share. Need to get something for my...
  40. A

    No committee letter, but school offers one

    My school writes committee letters, but they require students to open a file with the pre-med office a year prior to applying to medical schools. Since I didn't know about this, I missed the deadline to open a file and now I will not receive a committee letter. Will this look bad on my...