low science gpa

  1. dinucleotidecarl

    Could I benefit from doing a DIY post-bacc this summer for this cycle?

    Hi everyone. This is a long one, so there's a TL;DR below. I graduated college in 2017 and have worked in both health care (scribe/scribe trainer, CMA) and elsewhere (Fulbright, teaching abroad) since graduation. Texas resident. I took all my prereqs in college and got a Pre-Health Professions...
  2. E

    MD & DO WAMC for low GPA and high MCAT

    Hi, I am an IL resident applying next cycle. I need some advice on cutting down my list and making sure I don't have too many low-yield and top-heavy apps. But I've also heard that some lower tier schools don't give much love to splitter applicants like me, so I'm worried all around and I know...
  3. BNoog

    MD/DO possible? IN resident with 3.5 cGPA/510 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Been a lurker (inactive) for the past year and was wondering what your thoughts on my WAMC are! cGPA: 3.50 (upward zigzag trend explained below) sGPA: 3.18 AMCAS 3.25 AACOMAS MCAT score: 510 (127/128/128/127) State of residence: Indiana (have direct family connections in Ohio)...
  4. V

    MD & DO Doubting My Chances..

    I'm going to make this as short as possible. Starting to have the unsure feeling in my gut of my future in medicine. 100% okay with DO schools at this point. Applying the 2019 cycle EARLY. Here is my resume: GPA: cGPA: 3.55 - sGPA: 3.23 (=/) - MCAT: 505 Shadowing: 150 hours ER (DO & MD), 25...
  5. LCRUF

    Dental School admission with a lot of C's?

    Hey guys! So as you can tell by the title, I have a lot of C's on my transcript (over 10 C's) and a lot of them are in my science courses. I am a senior at my university and I am already planning on going for a post-bacc or a Master's but I'm not sure which one will benefit me more. I am...
  6. B

    Plan to get into medical school with currently low GPA

    My science GPA is 2.95 and overall 3.2 as a chemistry and spanish major and I have not taken the MCAT yet. My plan is to raise my science GPA to at least a 3.0 taking post-bacc classes, take the MCAT, then apply to special masters programs. I have everything else including research...
  7. Punished Angeleno

    Add More Programs?

    Hello all, A little while ago, I was advised to apply broadly if I choose to risk applying at all. So, I am wondering if it's worth adding more programs to the list, despite the subpar sGPA. Is fourteen adequate? Thank you for your time. [CA resident: UCLA alumnus] sGPA: 3.10 cGPA: 3.45 DAT...
  8. LindaAccepted

    Medical Applying to Medical School with a Low Science GPA

    The process of applying to medical school is stressful. Applying with a low science GPA can make the process even more nerve-wracking. For over five years with the UC Davis School of Medicine Postbaccalaureate Program, I specialized in helping students with low numbers apply successfully to...
  9. Y

    Advice Needed: Gap Year? Post Bacc? SMP?

  10. Baryjt01

    Do I even have a chance?

    Ok so heres the story. I just figured up my GPA and it was lower than what i had been expecting... Freshmen year and Ochem really hurt me. However other than those two my grades have been phenomenal. This last year I maintained a 4.0 overall and science. However overall my gpa sits at a 2.92...
  11. T

    Former D1 Athlete: Average MCAT, Low GPA. School suggestions?

    I am planning on applying in the next cycle. Former D1 football athlete, team captain senior year. Originally an engineering major, switched late and will finish prerequisites at the end of this April. I have a great deal of volunteering experience, sub-investigator of an ongoing research...
  12. M

    Take MCAT Before Applying to Post Bacc/SMP?

    Should I take the MCAT before applying to an SMP or Post Bac program?
  13. P

    Low-ish GPA. I need advice!

    Hi! I just graduated in December 2017 with a B.S. in biology, B.A. in Spanish, and a minor in chemistry. My overall GPA is a 3.33 and my science GPA is a 3.04. I have an interesting trend because I started out okay my freshman year (3.5ish). My sophomore year I was sexually assaulted, which as...
  14. S

    MD 511 MCAT Undergrad 3.3 c/sGPA; Graduate GPA 3.90

    Hey everyone, I'm a 26 year old white female. I graduated with a International Affairs degree in 2013 with a cumulative/Science GPA of 3.3. While in college, I had over 100 hours research. I taught science for three years after I graduated while getting a masters in Teaching Science with a...
  15. swimmergalpal1996

    Low BCPM, High MCAT, need honest opinion

  16. itsanewday92

    What are my chances? Need advice D.O school

  17. R

    Trying to decide whether a SMP or post bacc is best for my low sGPA

    Hello all, I am a senior graduating this semester and I'm planning to take a gap year (or two) to make myself more competitive. My plan is to apply to both MD and DO. I haven't taken the MCAT but I am registered to take in in June. I've gotten okay scores in my first two practice exams. Below...
  18. R

    Low Science GPA help!

    I am currently an undergrad bio major at Rutgers University and just calculated my science GPA and it is low as hell! My overall GPA is a 3.1 but my science GPA is a 2.3! I failed Orgo twice before finally passing with a C. I've basically gotten C's in nearly all of my science classes except...
  19. T

    Chances for Post Bacc (Low Science GPA due to special circumstances)

    I am currently a Senior in undergraduate studies, majoring in Economics. My undergraduate cumulative GPA is a 3.23, my science GPA is 2.25 (21 credits worth of AMCAS science classes total). What brings my grades and especially my science GPA is my first semester classes. I need advice on how to...
  20. wut?

    what are my chances so far?

    Hi, I'm currently a sophomore interested in applying to med school and I'm a little worried about how my chances look right now. I currently have 2 C's, 2 C+ and a D (pre calc) on my transcript. I plan on retaking the class I got a D in but I'm worried about how med schools are going to view me...
  21. A

    MD Should I apply for early decision? Odd situation

  22. I

    Advice moving forward (crappy GPA etc.)

    I'd like to lay out my case and maybe get some feedback on which direction I should take moving forward. One way or another I know my sGPA must (emphasis on must) improve. Disclaimer: Haven't taken my MCAT, but planning on dedicating a solid 3-4 months starting August and taking it in January...
  23. T

    A "C" In Chemistry

    Hi, I'm just looking for some help. Next week I have finals and it's looking like I might end up with a "C" in Chemistry, which is a science pre-req (as you all probably know). I have a lot of hands-on experience as a rehab tech, at a muscular dystrophy camp and working with football players...
  24. S

    Retaking prereq after already taking advanced science courses?

    I'm currently a junior bio student. I've done terribly in my science classes so far, and I know that. I'm trying to keep moving forward. I want to do a postbacc program after graduation, but I'm afraid my gpa is too low. My overall gpa so far: 3.03 My science gpa so far: 2.4-2.5 Genchem1: A...
  25. Netanel791

    Will high 21+ DAT offset Low GPA/Science GPA? Will Masters in Biomed help?

    I previously applied to dental school last cycle with low cum GPA and low sci GPA and low DAT. I am retaking DAT soon and planning on doing masters in biomed at Barry this summer for two semesters. Would it matter or help to just retake DAT and not do masters to boost GPA? or would I benefit...
  26. N

    Need some Advice Post-Bacc student

    I recently graduated from a top university with a cgpa of 3.5 and a sgpa of 3.0. I have been enrolled in about 24 units of post bacc credit so far and have a post bacc sgpa of 3.75. I am enrolled in about 16 units currently and I am studying for the mcat. I also plan to take another 7-11 units...
  27. Pursing My Dream

    Low Science GPA, Advice

    Hello, I am sure everyone has seen this title but I could not find any one that matched my circumstances. I am a junior, female Overall GPA: 3.2 Science GPA: 2.79 Major: Biochemistry Minor: Psychology My GPA is unfortunately in a downward tread, most of my bad grades were in organic chemistry...