1. celestia0313

    Volunteering at Multiple Hospitals...

    Hello, So I am volunteering at 2 different hospitals currently but the experience at one is far more rewarding and really I would like to stop volunteering at the other hospital (let's call it hospital B)...but with around 30 hours so far, would it look bad on my applications that I 'quit'...
  2. M

    Advice On Shadowing Doctors

    Good day, I promise I'll make this short and worth your time. My name is Hayley. I'm a rising junior and I'm on the pre-med pathway. It has been a rough year with the pandemic and opportunities and challenged but I'm making it work. I have a quick question because I appreciate the input of...
  3. B


    Hi! I'm creating this post to shed some light onto what schools/how many schools I should apply to? And if I should apply to DO as well: I'm really nervous about this process and worried my GPA is holding me back as compared to my peers and their 4.0s. Do i even have a shot at T20? T10? Some...
  4. N

    Any recommendations or tips on studying during a semester?

    Hey all! I have never posted here before, so feel free to tell me if I am breaking the rules or anything. I plan on taking the MCAT in late May (as of right now, I plan on applying next year as I am a Junior, I hope that's not too late). Anyway, I took the diagnostic Kaplan MCAT exam over...
  5. B

    Goldman Sachs Internship Vs. Research Junior Summer

    Hey, this is a throwaway account and I am in no means trying to brag, I'm just really confused. A little bit of background: I am a student concentrating in Applied Mathematics-Biology and Chemistry or Computer Science (figuring it out still) at Ivy League (Non HYP). I received an offer from...
  6. R

    Non-traditional Undergraduate Junior Considering Medical School

    Hey all, After spending a substantial amount of time on SDN everyday, I've finally decided to make an account! Here is some background: I'm an undergraduate junior (19 y.o.) majoring in Computer Science at a public state school. For the past 3 months, day in and day out, I've been thinking...
  7. M

    Extracurriculars for sophomore year?

    Hey guys, I'm technically a freshman right now, but I got my associate's degree with my high school diploma and instead of completing my bachelor's in two more years, I was planning to spend an extra year to bring up my GPA and polish my resume. When I was working on my Associates at a...
  8. Lucillus


  9. peanutbutterchocolate

    Junior, How to Improve? Need Pre-Med Advice please

    Hello all-- Spring semester of junior year about to start and I would greatly appreciate your opinions on my chances on getting into medical school because I feel like I'm doing things a little non-traditional and all the advice I keep hearing is confusing and contradictory! Many thanks to you...
  10. peanutbutterchocolate

    Junior, How to Improve? Need Pre-Med Advice please

    Hello all-- Spring semester of junior year about to start and I would greatly appreciate your opinions on my chances on getting into medical school because I feel like I'm doing things a little non-traditional and all the advice I keep hearing is confusing and contradictory! Many thanks to you...
  11. latiere


  12. KeepingUpWithK

    Dental Hygiene or Dental School?

    Hi! So I'm currently a junior now in college but since I've changed my major to biology (to become a dentist) my sophomore year I still have more courses to take. Now my school is offering a dental hygiene program and I feel like if I join I'll have a better chance at: • graduating early...
  13. K

    help!!! what do I do junior year

    Okay so I'm going to be a junior in the fall and am kind of nervous. if it matters I have a 3.74... Freshman year: worked in biochemistry lab Summer: did research at state medical center, poster, no publication 24 hours of volunteering at recreational therapy center for kids (I have been doing...
  14. K

    Transferring as a Junior State School->LAC

  15. miniman

    Canadian Medical school-- I have a deep connection, but still wonder.

    Hey y'all! So, I was looking around at other schools out there and was talking with my dentist (NO I don't want to be a dentist) and he said he went to school in Canada and moved down here. So, I am sure I am beating a dead horse, but still... I have a deep connection to Canada, and under some...
  16. ogleea

    Taking a Graduate Course Junior Year?

    So I'm currently in the process of planning my course schedule next fall. I'm going to be a junior, but I was considering taking a 1 credit hour, 8000+ level lecture on epidemiology and biostatistics. It isn't required, but I am interested in it and I think the content would be useful for me...
  17. U

    Should I take the MCAT this summer or wait until next year?

    Ok so here's my current situation. I'm a biology major and will be finishing up my junior year of college in roughly a month. Originally I planned to take the MCAT after my junior year, but due to some unpredictable circumstances, there are a few classes I still need to take and in general, I...
  18. l_studybuddy_l

    Junior Next Fall: Should I switch goals from Neuropsychologist to PA?

    Hi, I'm a current upper sophomore in undergrad majoring in Psych, minoring in Biology, and minoring in Neuroscience. I plan on going to school for my PSYD in Clinical Neuropsychology. So far I don't have any clinical experience, but I was a researcher's assistant last semester and got promoted...
  19. M

    MCAT DOs and DONTS

    Hello everyone, this is my first forum, and after years of looking at everyone else's post that weren't exactly answering my question,... I decided to ask my own finally. 1.) I am a Junior in Biology minor Nutrition Pre- professional. I am currently taking the MCAT in June on the 29th and have...
  20. greysxo

    PSAT and SAT

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I would like a newer opinion on this. I'm a sophomore in high school and I did not take the PSAT this year. I plan to take the PSAT my junior year and the SAT my senior year. I'm worried that I will not do well on the PSAT and will then not...
  21. N

    Post-bac vs. Finishing Requirements in Last two years

    I discovered quite late that I not only have a passion for public health/kids but that I also would like to become a doctor. I am currently a junior and would have four semesters to take most of the science pre-reqs (I have already taken Physics 1, Bio 1, Psych, Sociology, Calculus). Would it be...
  22. BlueBee20

    Incoming Junior- Need Advice!

  23. A

    switching from econ to pre-med; junior year

    I'm an economics major about to start my 3rd year this fall. I've recently become very interested medicine and have been more passionate about it than I've ever been about my major. Unfortunately because I never really liked what I was studying, my GPA is a fairly average 3.4. My math/science...
  24. J

    Should I keep pursuing pre-vet?

    I am currently a junior at UT Austin and an advertising major. I've been pursuing pre-vet for a few semesters now and already know I'm going to graduate a semester or a year late. My current GPA is low... like a 3.1 and I do have vet hours but not that much. (I was going through some health...
  25. F

    Transferring and Med School

    Where do I start... I've dreamed about being a doctor since I was a young girl. I graduated with honors from high school with a 3.78 gpa. I was accepted into all of the schools I applied to, including Northeastern, Howard, etc. I come from a very traditional family, and was basically told that...
  26. B

    Pre-Med Plan

    I Graduated this past year from my high school and community college with a Interdisciplinary Studies degree (Big Regret). When I transfered to The University of Texas RGV I enrolled as an incoming Junior. Not knowing that I no longer had filler classes to enroll in. Left with all the core...
  27. NeuroAF

    Summer: Research and Clinical Experience and/or MCAT?!?!

    Hello SDN! I'm trying to decide what will be the best use of my summer. I am a rising college senior and planning on taking one gap year before entering medical school. Because my gpa is not where I would like it to be, I'm really concerned about becoming the most competitive applicant I...
  28. S

    Anyone really apply Junior summer? I feel rushed

    Is anyone planning to apply end of Junior summer? (so you can attend dental school as soon as you get out of undergrad). I am currently finishing my sophomore year with 3.6 at top undergrad; however, i have not taken DAT, I am not ready to ask LOR. I see merit applying junior summer because I do...
  29. O

    Unique situation

    I've been reading SDN threads for a few months now and still haven't found the answer I'm looking for. This isn't really relevant but when I was 17 I moved out because I couldn't get along with my parents. I can't blame them though, I wasn't exactly making it easy for them. I had been working a...
  30. Pursing My Dream

    Low Science GPA, Advice

    Hello, I am sure everyone has seen this title but I could not find any one that matched my circumstances. I am a junior, female Overall GPA: 3.2 Science GPA: 2.79 Major: Biochemistry Minor: Psychology My GPA is unfortunately in a downward tread, most of my bad grades were in organic chemistry...
  31. Tigrane

    I failed Freshman, Sophomore year and now I'm failing Junior year? Can I still be successful?

    I'm now a Junior in high school, and the last two years (Freshman and Sophomore) have been complete trash (Bs and Cs all around) and now my Junior is already slipping down to hell(I have two Cs, a D-, and all rest Bs and As). I am extremely worried because I know even if I get straight A's my...