1. johnsonthehopeful

    LMU-DCOM vs Noorda

    Hello all! I've been accepted to LMU-DCOM and Noorda and have to pay a deposit by mid-December for both schools. For background, I'm a non-trad from Texas, so both schools are quite a ways from me. I'm also interested in urology after working as a urology CMA/scribe for ~5 years, though I know...
  2. P

    Help me decide: USC vs. Lincoln Memorial University?

    USC vs. Lincoln Memorial University? I am from California and I live about an hour away from USC. I am interested in specializing (perhaps OMFS or dental anesthesia) but not committed. However, this may change as I explore other options in dental school. I really want to be close to my family...
  3. W

    LMU SMP vs. Midwestern Masters (Illinois)

    Hello all, Having trouble deciding between the two. Received acceptances to both. Final GPA (including post bacc) 3.23 cGPA 3.12 sGPA Post Bacc GPA (19 credits upper division science) 3.95 cGPA and sGPA MCAT: 507 (124 CARS) LMU SMP Pros: - guaranteed acceptance pending 3.4 GPA in the...
  4. M


    Hey everyone! I am grateful to have gotten three acceptances from KCU (kansas city, MO), LMU (harrogate, TN) and BCOM (las cruces, NM). I already made a deposit at LMU because their deadline came before I received the other acceptances. However, I have to make a decision very soon because BCOM's...
  5. M


    Hey guys, I got accepted to both KCU (Kansas City campus) and LMU-DCOM (Harrogate campus). I can't decide on which school to go to and would appreciate some feedback from either current students or just any advice in general. I do not know as much about KCU campus/area wise because I spent...
  6. future_vet_51819

    LMU c/o 2023

    Forum for those who have committed to the LMU-CVM program!
  7. W

    Truth About LMU SMP

    For those who are planning to apply to any 1 year Special Masters Programs, proceed with caution as I will be highlighting my experience with SMP at LMU-DCOM. First of all, LMU Masters program is ONLY affiliated with DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine in that you’ll be taking 3 courses...
  8. 3

    LMU DCOM 2018-2019 Waitlist

    Hey everyone, This is a waitlist thread for LMU DCOM applicants in the 2018-2019 cycle! I don't think we'll start hearing anything until sometime in May but feel free to post here. Good luck to everyone and I hope we all hear good news this cycle!
  9. emlady09

    LMU Class of 2023 Applicants

    Figured I'd start this...who else is looking to apply here?!
  10. puppylove1255

    LMU-CVM class of 2022!

    Forum for those who have committed to the LMU-CVM program...
  11. HalluxSlicer

    LMU MS 2017-2018 Cycle

    I was accepted 1 week ago for Biomedical Professions program and are heavily leaning towards LMU because I heard a lot of good reviews from past students; the matriculation rate from MS to DCOM is relatively high, transfer of GMA and Neuroanatomy credits to DCOM once acceptance, and guaranteed...
  12. D

    LMU-DCOM's DO/MBA program

    Hi! Just wanted to some input about LMU-DCOM's DO/MBA program for any current or past students. I have heard that having a MBA makes you a more competitive applicant for residency. But is the actual degree useful when practicing medicine? Aside from opening up your own clinic/running a business...
  13. abisho15

    Lincoln Memorial University 2018-2019 Waitlist

    Hey guys. Figured I'd start this thread for anyone else waitlisted like me. I don't think we'll start hearing anything until May, but I know someone who got pulled off randomly in December, so I suppose it isn't too crazy to hope for a miracle this early, haha.
  14. HopefulDoc91

    LMU Secondary on AACOMAS

    Has anyone done a secondary for LMU on AACOMAS yet? The essay question is, "Medical school requires a huge commitment in time and energy. How have you prepared for this commitment? OR 2. If you are a re-applicant please tell us what you have done to strengthen your application." Now I am a...
  15. ysera555

    LMU vs. ACOM vs. Campbell: Advice Needed

    Hello SDNers, I have lucky enough to have 3 acceptances to LMU, ACOM, and CUSOM. I have made a pros and cons list but am unsure which school I should go with. I am from CO and don't really have any family near any of the schools I have been accepted to. My SO does go to school in Atlanta...
  16. C

    LMU Interview

    I have an interview at Lincoln Memorial coming up and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I know it is a blind interview but I wanted to know what they might ask about besides my own personal experiences.
  17. Dr. Ivy

    LMU. POC... I need your help!

    So I was going to fill out the secondary for Lincoln Memorial but I'm not sure anymore. I haven't heard great things about Tennessee in terms of race... Any current students or anyone know how " accepting" they are toward my fellow black students?
  18. AndThenIMetHer

    LMU c/o 2021

    So I am actually from Florida and my IS is UF obviously but I visited LMU and I immediately fell in love with the campus and the people. Plus they are now allowing on-campus students to keep pets! This beautiful school is probably my number one choice. Who else will be applying?
  19. C

    Decision, Rotation Worries: LMU DCOM or Touro NY Middletown

    Hi all, I'm a longtime lurker and would really love some input, especially from current students at LMU and/or Touro NY Middletown, as I'm really struggling with this decision. I feel like I've read nearly every thread from the past couple years about LMU and Touro NY (not much about Middletown...
  20. D

    Campbell University MSBS vs. LMU Master in Biomedical Professions.

    I have been accepted to post-bacc programs at both LMU and Campbell. My ultimate goal is to matriculate into D.O. school for the August 2017 cycle and I am trying to choose the program that would best help me to achieve that. Are there any current students of either programs that can speak to...
  21. F

    PostBacc LMU vs CSU San Marcos (Need advice)

    I have a bit of a dilemma (a good dilemma - always good to have options) and would appreciate some advice. I've been accepted to both Loyola Marymount's Post bacc program and CSU San Marcos program. I'm trying to figure out which is the best fit for my situation. I just don't have enough...
  22. R

    Loyola Marymount University Post-Bacc vs Harvard Extension

    I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience with Loyola Marymount University's Post-Bacc program. How well is this program perceived by ADCOMs? Are there ample benefits to the program outside of the classroom, such as research opportunities, clinical experience, etc. Is it worth the cost of...