Malignancy in West Coast Schools vs East Coast Schools

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Feb 26, 2017
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I’ve heard from a few people (and seen both on here and reddit) that west coast rotations/programs tend to be less malignant than east coast programs and have a “chiller” vibe. Is that in anyway true? Are attendings/residents at Stanford/UCSF/UCLA less likely to berate or yell at you than attendings at Harvard/Hopkins/Penn?

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VERY VERY anecdotal because this has nothing to do with medicine but from experience all the people I know doing research in Cali seem super chill and had really supportive PIs.

I have heard how competitive the environment can be in the elite places in the east and have first hand experience myself. I also have tales form others. I of course had great mentors in the east as well.
You’ll find great people and super toxic people at both. Probably not significantly different enough to make your decision off of and definitely place and specialty dependent as well.
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In general, the West Coast is a more "chill" and less "type A" place than the East Coast. Of course, your milage may vary.