maternal and child health

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May 7, 2009
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Hi everyone.

I'm fairly new to the MPH field and I hope people can help me answer some questions about Maternal and Child health focus.

How competitive are the programs to get into?
What is the average GRE scores required?

I'm psychology BS major with human development of family studies minor.
I'm worried since my major lack in science and math.
I have much research assistant experience, a pretty average GPA and some volunteer experience.

Thank you!

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MCH is one of the least competitive concentrations to get into because there are very few applicants on a year to year basis. Most programs get no more than 20-30 applicants in that department a year.

SPHs don't generally report a "average" score to get into. Most schools ask for a minimum of a 50th percentile on all sections. Obviously, the higher the better.

Plenty of non-science and math folks enroll in MPH programs. Just focus extra hard on your biostats and epi class(es) when you're a student. The other classes should come just fine.
Thank you so much for all your info!

I see that you went to BU for MPH, BU is definitely one of my top choices as well :)
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I am also interested in the maternal/child health concentration. I was wondering if any school offers this concentration online? Also, what's the scope of the maternal/child field? What is a day to day life of an MPH with maternal/child health concentration?
If you have only an MPH in MCH (as in, you do not have another advanced degree), you're likely to work in a non-profit or in state/local government. Job duties include: program development, training, program evaluation, research, creating reports, etc.

The school I went to required at least 1000 cumulative on the GRE, though the average for applicants was quite a bit higher than that.