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    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MBS) 2024 Thread

    Hi All! I didn't see a thread for this year so I figured I'd make one! Any other applicants for Fall matriculation? And any former students who care to share their experience?
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Comprehensive Guide to Postbac Programs

    You know you want to become a doctor, but you also realize that you’re not quite ready for medical school. Whether that’s because your profile isn’t as competitive as it could be, or because you simply just need more time to study basic sciences to determine whether this is truly the right path...
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    Dominican University Bachelors of Medical Science Postbacc

    I am considering Dominican University's (Illinois) Bachelors of Medical Science for my postbacc program. I'm having trouble finding information about the program and was wondering if anyone has either been through the program or knows anything about the program. I struggled a lot in undergrad...
  4. WerkkHardMedBae

    Morehouse School of Medicine masters of science in medical science 2022

    Hey everyone, I am starting this thread for other applicants for the Fall 2022 application process.
  5. N

    Postbacc: NYU vs. UCLA extension vs. Loras College? (or more?!)

    Hi all, I've been heavily debating which postbacc program I should begin in the fall. For reference, my uGPA is 3.09 and my science GPA (general chemistry, plus 2/3 of the general bio series) is around a 2.6-2.8. I will be retaking general chemistry and biology. I only got into 1 formal program...
  6. T

    Business Major Pre-Med considering Post-Bacc

    Hi everyone, I'm an incoming 4th year business major (finance concentration) at a large public school. I am completing premedical requirements as well. So, the reality of the situation is that the administration at my University isn't allowing me to take physics next year, and I also want to...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical Is a Postbac Program Right for You?

    Understanding postbac programs, and how they can help YOU apply to medical school successfully [Show summary] Accepted consultant Dr. Barry Rothman offers an overview of postbac programs to help prospective med school applicants discern if the postbac experience is the next best step for them...
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  9. F

    UPenn vs. Byrn Mawr PostBac

    Hi everyone. I am having a lot of trouble deciding on what school to attend for postbac. I know Bryn Mawr is the most prestigious school for premed postbac, but I really had my heart set on UPenn prior to getting an interview at Bryn Mawr. Can anyone speak from prior experience in either...
  10. C

    Applying to PostBac PreMed Programs - Advice?

    Welcome everyone, any guidance or insight you can offer is greatly appreciated! I'm currently in my senior year of undergrad as a B.S. in Psych student. Pursing medicine always seemed like a pipe dream for me—a first generation college student who severely slacked off in high school (mainly due...
  11. L

    Do I need an SMP or post-bacc for applying to DO schools? 3.3cGPA 3.2sGPA

    I'm a current undergrad on pace to graduate this fall with a cGPA somewhere around 3.3 and a sGPA around 3.2. I haven't taken the MCAT yet I am planning to take it in February next year. I've made up my mind that applying to DO schools is the path for but I'm not sure if I'm ready to apply yet...
  12. B

    Advice: Elms Post-bacc vs. Hofstra Post-bacc

    Hi everyone! New to SDN; I graduated last year with a low GPA (c: 2.93, s: (honestly idk, likely 2.6)) and got accepted into a few post-bacc programs this year. Currently, I'm having some trouble choosing between Elms Post-bacc and Hofstra's. I'm still waiting to hear back from BU MAMS, but...
  13. B

    Advice: Elms Post-bacc vs. Hofstra

    Hi everyone! New to SDN; I graduated last year with a low GPA (c: 2.93, s: (honestly idk, likely 2.6)) and got accepted into a few post-bacc programs this year. Currently, I'm having some trouble choosing between Elms Post-bacc and Hofstra's. I'm still waiting to hear back from BU MAMS, but...
  14. JustFlossy

    ~* List of Post-Bacc/Masters Programs (EXCEL SHEET) *~

    Hey everyone! I took some time to throw together all of the pre-dental post-bacc/Masters programs I could find on one organized spreadsheet. It's divided into 3 sections: career changers, academic enhancers, and underrepresented/disadvantaged student-centered. Of course, I might have left a few...
  15. P

    Gap Year Decision! SMP? Research?

    I graduated from undergrad this May, and I will be applying to medical school next summer. I am taking my MCAT this August and so far I've been averaging around 510. I am at a huge crossroads on what to do this next year. I graduated from a top 30 college with 3.59 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA with good...
  16. odette.rosales

    What MBS program do I choose for Fall 2020?

    I recently got accepted to these following Masters in Biomedical Sciences programs for Fall 2020 and would love some guidance on how to best decide which program to attend. Ultimately, I am looking to start medical school in Fall 2021 so I am looking for a program that will best increase the...
  17. D

    Non-Traditional Student - Best Way to Overcome App Weaknesses?

    Twelve years ago I was a pre-med chemistry major, where I completed 1/2 year of Biology, 1 year of Gen Chem, 1/2 year of Physics, and 1 1/2 year of Calculus. I ended up changing majors and transferred to an art school where I earned a BFA in painting and drawing. After graduating I took courses...
  18. J

    Advice needed for SMP or Postbacc (Stats provided below)

    Hi Guys, First time posting here but I've been reading this site for some time now. I am currently applying to SMPs and Postbaccs for Fall 2020 and I am not sure at all which programs are the best fit for me. Ultimately, I'd like to join an SMP/Postbacc with a linkage to their DO/MD school...
  19. S

    Maybe Gap Year?

    Hello everyone! So I was thinking about taking a gap year as I am finishing undergrad this December! Thank God, so I wanted some advice, originally I was thinking to go straight into a post bacc program for next Fall. Which would give me 6 months off before I start school again. But I've been...
  20. D

    Fordham vs. Columbia Postbacc

    I’ve been accepted into Columbia’s postbacc program. It seems great, but it’s VERY expensive. Around $80,000 for the two years (which I can pay for but yikes). Fordham also has a postbacc which is significantly cheaper. But I can’t seem to get a good sense of how much of an advantage I would be...
  21. Dustyrose96

    DAT Prep DILEMMA, please HELP!

    You know the saying that there is a time and a place for everything? Or something along the lines of things having"bad timing"? Well, I feel like I am either not finding the right time to start my DAT perp.. or I'm just too afraid of starting because I don't want it to go downhill. I know its...
  22. O

    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Master of Science in Biomedical Science(MBS) 2019 thread

    Anyone been accepted or applied this year?
  23. M

    Should I do a post bacc program or declare a chemistry minor?

    Hi everyone, I am in a senior in George Mason, and until a couple month ago I decided that I wanted to become a psychiatrist. I am a psych major with a 3.4 GPA and I haven't taken any of the chemistry premed requirements yet. I have two options, either declare a minor in chemistry which will...
  24. S

    Need Advice - Take the MCAT next year or wait?

    My undergraduate GPA (2015 graduation) was 2.49 with 139 credit hours, most of which are science classes. In the years since I graduated, I decided I wanted to go into medicine and I have begun the long journey of repairing my past mistakes of my terrible GPA. I understand I have a long road...
  25. W

    Weird spot

    Hey! I’m thinking about doing a postbac program/special masters program after graduation(spring 2019) but I’m having a hard time finding one I meet the qualifications for. So far, I’ve taken every requirement except physics. This puts me in a spot where I’ve taken too many classes for a career...
  26. H

    Tulane Masters in Medical Genetics and Genomics

    The Tulane Masters in Medical Genetics and Genomics still has openings for students for the 2018 Fall class. We are a 1-year, post-baccalaureate Master which offers graduates an in-depth understanding of the rapidly advancing field of clinical human genetics. It is designed to prepare...
  27. Mickey.Mouse

    Rutgers Master of Biomedical Sciences 2018-2019

    Hey all, Just wanted to get some input from you guys, thanks in advance. I graduated with BS/MS in 2016 with a combined GPA of 3.05, I've been working as a scribe and at an accounting firm for the past 2 years. I needed the money to pay off loans. Anyway, I took my MCAT without studying much...
  28. MDbecomesMD

    Postbac-premed Questions!

    Hello everyone! I'm what most postbac-premed offerers consider a "career-changer." I didn't know what I wanted to do straight out of high school, and settled on studying my passion--music. I now will be graduating with my B.A. in Music in December, but over the course of my junior and senior...
  29. H

    UNT SMP for Texas Medial Schools (TMDSAS)

    Hey everyone, I have read in multiple threads how TMDSAS MD schools put more emphasis on the uGPA of applicants even with stellar SMP grades (4.0). Would this put an applicant such as myself who has a not so stellar uGPA in the non-competitive stack of MD applicants. I wanted to see if anyone...
  30. S

    MoreHouse MSMS Program 2018

    I applied to this program and am looking for more details about the program such as: Expected interview questions, Extensiveness of the program, Do you have the ability to work while in the program? Thanks in advance.