1. abualas

    Going part-time in college next semester in order to study for MCAT?

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on applying to medical school this upcoming cycle. I've been doing my due-diligence and have a good GPA, will apply with good ECs, been working on getting my LORs, etc. This really leaves me with one last major hurdle besides actually applying to medical school and...
  2. B

    Haven't needed to study much for pre-med. Will I be unprepared for medical school?

    Hello! I created an account just to post this question because it's been stressing me out for a while. I've received great grades in all of my pre-med classes and didn't really need to study for them. I'm worried that once classes get even harder in med school I won't know how to study enough...
  3. Piglet2020

    Step 1 - Dont know where to start

    Hi everyone, I'm an incoming MS2 and I take step 1 next year (scared). I dont know where to begin in terms of prep b/c there's a lot of resources out there. From experience, which resources are a must and how do you set your schedule for studying? (Really lost, panicking this summer...) Also...
  4. arebart

    Anatomy Prep Course

    Hey all! I was accepted to Texas A&M :soexcited: and recently discovered that they offer an Anatomy Workshop over the summer for accepted vet students. Having taken ZERO anatomy classes during my undergraduate career, my hunch is that I would be silly NOT to take advantage of this opportunity...
  5. DoctorOrdinary

    MCAT test date

    Hey guys, I'm planning on registering for the MCAT soon but want to be 100% sure that I'm scheduling myself appropriately. My plan is to apply as soon as AMCAS opens up, so I would ideally want my scores before June 1st. The latest MCAT date that would allow me to do this would be April 13th...
  6. Z

    Majors for Pre-Medical Studies

    Hi, So I'm reaching my, technically, junior year in my Pre-Medical Studies. Right now, I am a biology major deciding to pursue a Bachelor of Science. I'm not the biggest fan of Biology. This is for me, but also for different people debating a major. Here's my issue right now: I prefer a more...
  7. allojay

    Ortho Intern year Preparation

    Hi everyone, I recently matched into an Ortho program and was doing an extensive online search on how to prepare as an Ortho intern. Most of the posts were dated and I was hoping to get a more current idea of what I can do to prepare before intern year begins. So far, I've seen people say...
  8. Y

    Pharmacology NBME

    Any suggestions on how to prepare for the pharm shelf? I'll be taking it in about 3 weeks. Should I go for FA, BRS, Qbanks, sketchy?
  9. D

    Long Axis of the tooth

    I'm in my first year and while I'd say i've gotten a decent hang of drilling, I always end up with either my buccal or lingual walls being perfectly convergent and the other being divergent or just straight (usually straight). It depends on the quadrant that i'm working on whether it's my buccal...
  10. Y

    Aiming for Step 1 score of 240+

    Hi! I am a second year MD student taking the step 1 in july 20. My semester ends May 11 which gives me about 9 weeks to prepare. Anyone has any suggestion or tip on how to prepare during those 9 weeks if I'm aiming for 240s? Things to do and things to avoid doing. I have uWorld, Rx, Pathoma...
  11. G

    MCAT Advice???

    Hi, I am entering my second semester in my sophomore year (I go to a community college and I will transfer to a 4yr Uni for my junior and senior year). I am wondering a few things regarding the MCAT.... 1) When should I start studying? I plan to take the MCAT in 2019 because I am aiming to...
  12. A

    What should I start on as a Sophomore?

    Hi! I am very new here and I know I need to get started on Medical requirements. Here are my stats so far: College: NYU GPA: 3.1 Volunteer Work: 0 Shadowing: 0 Interns: 0 MCAT: Didn't take yet. Race: Egyptian and Japanese (Does it count for affirmative action? I am put as black on my birth...
  13. wannabedoc1231

    Retaking MCAT- best prep method?

    My first attempt with MCAT has been horrible. I registered to take it in May 2017 and thought that I could prepare for it while going to school in Spring 2017, but I was wrong and had to reschedule it to June 2017. Couple of weeks before the test, life happened and I had to reschedule it again...
  14. V

    Passed USMLE Step 2 CS but should have done things differently

    Hello to all readers. I had a great pleasure to learn from other people experiences and would like to return with my own story regarding the preparation for a CS exam. I reserved 4 months between Step 2 CK and CS exams. I was able to go over First Aid casebook twice and Dr.Sherazi’s notes once...
  15. Titoxyco

    USMLE Schools to prepare USMLE?

    Hi guys! I am a European medical student looking to prepare the USMLE. In my country there are academies to prepare the equivalent exam. What academies are there in the US to prepare the USMLE? Are there options online? Thank you very much!
  16. Isoval

    What are the best ways to prepare for an interview?

    Hi guys! I wanted to pose the question: what are some of the best ways to prepare for interviews? What kind of outside information should we know walking in the door (Affordable Care Act, general ethics, etc.)? With the first interviews quickly approaching, I think this could be a big help...
  17. White Coat Admissions

    Comprehensive Med School Interview Prep with Top Students

    Announcing White Coat Strategists' Interview Preparation Packages! Get a head start on interview preparation! The interview is a critical component of your application. Don't wait until the last minute to prepare. We're very excited to announce the launch of White Coat Admissions Strategists'...
  18. L

    Psychiatric specialist/ advice

    Hello to all of you wonderful doctors, I have some important questions whose answers will have a dramatic impact on my decision. So I am asking you to put some comments and give me some advice. I am a 30-year old guy ( single ) holding a master degree in Biomedical engineering. Although I am...
  19. A

    Step 1 Prep and Resources

    Hey Guys, I'm about to start my preparation for Step 1 and was wondering which resources I should be using to benefit the most out of. For starters, I'm not a fan of reading and studying so I think I do better with videos and/or pictures and flow charts. So what are the materials I should...
  20. P

    Best way to prepare for residency

    What do you think is the best way to prepare for residency? I would like to cover the normal histology at least. I found that watching videos is really helpful and fun. such as this Unfortunately, I did not find many others. What other resources would you suggest?
  21. Gruffud

    Most Useful ADAT Prep?

    For those of you that have taken the ADAT, what seemed like the most useful resources to study?
  22. C

    Is taking a week off bad??

    Hi, I wanted to start studying for the DAT now, so I could take it late in March/beginning of April, BUT there's a volunteering trip I signed up for and this will occur the last week of March, and lasts that whole week. Then right after I begin school again for the spring quarter. I have no...
  23. coffeeandcats

    Preparing for Vet School in Highschool

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and want to become a vet tech. I have thought about many careers I want to persue but I think I have my heart set on becoming a vet tech. This summer I helped to rescue 6 stray kittens in my neighborhood that were going to be sent to a shelter and found...
  24. EatingPsych17

    Anticipating interviews...

    Good afternoon! While I wait to hear back from the schools I have applied to (both PhD and PsyD), I thought I might distract myself by preparing for possible interviews. I am prepared to answer questions about my educational, research, and clinical experiences, as well as read bios and articles...
  25. A

    Best Step 1 Study Plan

    If you had 1-2 years to study for Step 1, what would you're schedule be like? Also, what material would you use with this amount of time for a high Step 1 score? Any help is appreciated. The more detailed the better. Thanks in advance!
  26. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    How much preparation do I need for first year?

    Hey guys and gals, the semester is almost over and it looks like the 4.0 post-bacc GPA will remain (knock on wood). Next semester I’ve got Ochem II, Microbiology and Genetics, followed by Biochem and a required Psychology course in the summer. MCAT is June 30th. Extracurriculars are VERY strong...
  27. saratonin

    Two MMI questions.

    Hey guys, I have an upcoming MMI, and I have two questions on the process. First of all, do any of you recommend any certain services/companies for prep? Is it worth it? Should I just buy a book? I'm out of school so I don't really have a pre-med advisor to help me with this. Second, I...
  28. T

    Medical School Application Pre Preparation Resources

    Does anyone know of some online resource for "pre preparation" of your application for medical school? I'm looking for somewhere I can begin to input some of my experiences in a similar format to the AMCAS application so that when June comes around, I have everything in one spot already...
  29. M

    Group Interview Prep Services

    Does anyone have any suggestions for group interview prep services that I could use for my upcoming interview? I know that there are many prep services for a regular interview but what about group? I would not be opposed to using a normal interview prep service either. Anything would be helpful...
  30. L

    First Aid and UWorld Step 1 HELP

    Is being thorough with first aid and uworld after reading kaplan notes and videos and pathoma once enough to be sufficiently prepared for the Step 1?
  31. E

    For Sale 2015 DAT Destroyer Materials For Sale!

    Hello Everyone, I am a pre-dental student who recently sat for the DAT exam and is selling my DAT Prep books at a discounted price. I saw my friend's 2016 version of these materials and they are pretty much the same. Nonetheless, I have the following books up for grabs: DAT Destroyer (2015...
  32. V

    What to do after the MCAT?

    Hi everyone, I am based in London and I have recently finished my MCAT exam in June this month. I obtained a Biomedical Engineering Masters Degree from Oxford 2years ago and I have not been working for half a year just to prepare myself for medicine. I planned to apply for medical schools in...
  33. doctor dolittle

    Crown & bridge preparation: do you known any didactic DVD ?

    Please write anything you think that could be helpful to learn crown and bridge preparation.
  34. Log8

    How early do I start studying for the NAVLE/ECFVG?

    I am an American from North Carolina currently studying and almost completing my 2nd year of vet school in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. My plan is to graduate and move back to the US, but I've been becoming increasingly worried about being prepared when the time comes to enroll in the ECFVG. The...
  35. E

    USMLE Canadian Med Student Considering Step 1 - Couple questions

    Hi There, I am a Canadian Medical Student (just finished 2nd year) and am thinking about writing the USMLE Step1. I have heard (through the grapevine) that it is beneficial to have if you wish to do a fellowship in the US following residency. Q1) Can anyone verify if this is true? Q2) Is it...
  36. R

    MCAT Preparedness

    I'm currently classified as a Junior by credit (just finished second year), and believe I have gotten a late start on all things med school. I got so carried away during the last semester with work and such that I lost track of where I was school-wise. During the last week of this past Spring...
  37. MedicalMermaid

    Need help making a MCAT study plan

    Hello everyone! Here is some background info: I will be graduating this month and am taking some pre-reqs before applying next cycle (May 2017). I am taking physics in the summer and OchemII in the fall because they were not offered together. I am also going to be shadowing during the summer...
  38. Jessie61195

    Should I Take Physiology?

    Hello everyone. I am planning to attend an Anesthesiology Assistant program next year, and I signed up to take Human Physiology w/ Lab this upcoming Fall semester. I am taking it with Organic Chemistry Lab, Biology 2 w/ lab, and other health science courses. The only reason I am taking Human...
  39. FromENGtoMD

    MCAT prep before postbacc

    Good day! I'm sure this question might have been posed a few times in different ways, but I wanted to get some more opinions. I'm a mechanical engineer who is thinking of moving over to the medical industry. Over the years, my passion for medicine and helping people has grown stronger, and I...
  40. D

    OAT test preparation books

    Hi everyone, I am planning to study for the OAT test this summer and do the test by the end of the summer. I am researching on the best ways to study for the test and I was wondering if any one could suggest me the best books to use for this test. Also I would like to know if you think that prep...