MD/DO School List Help (3.84 cGPA/507 MCAT)


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May 14, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Race: White (Male)

cGPA: 3.84 / sGPA: 3.79

MCAT: 507 (127/126/126/128) <-- took in 2017, retaking June 5, 2020

State: TX

Undergrad: UT Austin

Major: B.A. Geology

Research Experience: 2200+ hours

Clinical Experience: 800 hours in an underserved clinic

Shadowing Experience: 60 hours at a hospital in internal medicine, 60 hours in a family medicine clinic

Clinical Volunteering: 250 hours providing hospice care

I applied while still in undergrad for the 2018 entering class and received 3 II's, but was not accepted. After I graduated, I ended up working for a top management consulting firm for almost 2 years. I recently left that job to study for the MCAT and commit 100% of my time to applications.

I am applying to all of the Texas schools, but I need help with the out of state MD and DO school list (based on my current MCAT score, hopefully the new one is higher!) I am not shooting for any "top-tier" schools, I just want a good education and to become a family medicine doctor.
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