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  1. N

    Let’s talk about money! Scholarships undergraduate transfer help?

    Disclaimer:) If this is not the right forum please tell me where to post/English is not my first language and I am on my phone so don’t kill me over formatting/grammar. I am hopefully transferring out of my Californian community college (applied to UC’s tagged UCSB so that seems a sure yes)...
  2. F

    Organic Chemistry Questions- Nucleophiles and Electrophiles- Mechanisms

    Hello, I am having trouble with a few problems, I would appreciate your help. The question asks to identify the sequence of arrow pushing patterns in each of the following mechanisms. For 8.25 I got nucleophilic attack and proton transfer, however, I also got another proton transfer...
  3. NeuroendoHolism

    my big D...lemma

    Let’s keep this organized and in advance thank you!!! About me: Marist BA psych n Phil 3.5 Pre med reqs almost done gpa 3.5 Age 26 American and working on dual with EU via dead EU ancestors in Italy. Goal:Become psychiatrist work in UK 1) The dual EU citizenship should help right? Especially...
  4. M

    First Post, Where should I be as a premed student

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on SDN, and I have some concerns in regards to where I should be as a premed student. I am far from a traditional pre-med student, with being back in school is a relatively new thing. I returned to college just two years ago, and despite doing terrible in...
  5. M

    Non Traditional Needing Advice

    I apologize for the lengthy entry so here it goes. Since high school I have been at crossroads as to whether to pursue engineering or medicine. Considering that my father was an engineer and that there was a field that combined both subjects (biomedical engineering), I decided to go to the...
  6. T

    Forgot to save essay!

    So I realized after I submitted a few of my applications that I forgot to save my "how did you enhance your application if reapplying" answer, thus leaving it out of my application. Is there any way to have that fixed? Or what should I do?!
  7. M

    DO Honest chances as a DO applicant

    Ok let me just preface this by saying I know my MCAT score is low. I wish I had had time to retake it this cycle, but I didn't and I won't make excuses. But please take the time to actually see if the rest of my application makes a difference. Ok. So my cGPA is a 3.73. sGPA is about a 3.5. I...
  8. B

    PTCAS essay

    I'm seriously struggling writing my essay for the prompt this year just because I know how important this essay is!! I've been super passionate about going to PT school since I was in high school, but I almost don't know what to write since I have so much to say. I know I'm running late but I...
  9. lifeguard2014

    MD Help a mere pre med in need!

    If anyone is feeling generous, I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at my personal statement. Its been a tremendous struggle, and I am attempting to submit in a week.
  10. Zayx

    Vet or Vet Tech?

    I don't expect this to be answered quickly but I wanted to give it a chance, everyone on here seems very helpful and to know what they're talking about so hopefully I can get some help. I also apologize if this is lengthy I'm not sure where to start without living out detail I've been out of...
  11. H

    Multiple Institutional Actions Question...freaking out

    I have 3 IA's on my record and I'm freaking out. I'm currently 25 and hoping to apply this cycle. My junior year (2013) of college I received an alcohol violation. I was drinking in a friends room getting ready for a sorority formal. She had requested that I didn't disposed of the (beer)...
  12. W

    How screwed am I?

    Hey guys, new here but I really need some anonymous advice. Just started my third year of medical school and am freaking out b/c I got a 224 on Step 1. Unfortunately my school is P/F the first two years (even though I was a standard deviation above on most tests, no one will ever know about it)...
  13. N

    June 1st or July 21st? What are my chances?

    I am a third-year biochemistry major at the University of Florida. I currently have a 3.8 cumulative GPA and a very similar science GPA (~3.65). I am currently registered to take the MCAT on June 1st. I was supposed to start studying in January – but the spring semester was much more difficult...
  14. HelpINneed911

    COMLEX Step 2 PE failed 3 times.

    I have failed the PE three times. The 4th attempt was taken one week ago. 1st take... Failed humanistic and biomedical 2nd take... passed humanistic, failed biomedical 3rd take.... passed biomedical, failed humanistic If I didn't pass the exam this time I will be dismissed from medical...
  15. I


    does do school calculate all gpas from institutions you've attended or just the gpa from the school you finish? my family moved a lot and it was a quite difficult time...i have a 2.73..a 1.89...a 2.75 gpa and now i have a 4.0 gpa...will they calculate all my gpa's and take the average or just...
  16. jrh2132

    Sophomore Biology Major. 3.25 GPA. OK EC's.

    Hello everyone! So I am a Sophomore with a 3.25 GPA aspiring to be a MD (but DO is just as good). I haven't taken my MCAT yet, but I am studying right now and feeling pretty confident. My freshman year was pretty rough and I just couldn't bring myself to ask for help so I got 5 C's (in Gen Chem...
  17. FutureDoctorX-men


    Hi everyone, this is a cross-posted thread. I hope you don't mind, please remove if its not okay: This is my very first time writing a thread on any online forum so please bare with me. Just a little background, I am in my 2nd year in University and I have failed 3 of my courses. They are...
  18. FutureDoctorX-men


    Hi everyone, This is my very first time writing a thread on any online forum so please bare with me. Just a little background, I am in my 2nd year in University and I have failed 3 of my courses. They are Statistics, a Biology class, and a History class. In addition, I'm only a 'C' student...
  19. S

    Recovering from bad first semester (3.1 GPA)

    Hello, I am new to these forums so please bear with me as I write my first post on my situation. Before my spring semester, I wanted to determine my problem areas that plagued me my first semester and recover properly. Here's my situation: I took 14 credits my first semester and received a 3.1...
  20. M

    DO Schools Grade Replacement GONE- Alternatives?

    Hello, I wanted to start a thread for any advice or alternatives for those of us who were depending on Grade Replacement GPA calculation offered by AACOMAS. Albeit, at this point I'm heart broken so I have no problem dropping my poor scores. Thanks for your honesty and advice! Age: 26...
  21. A

    Chem/Physics Tutor, exam 1/19

    Hey guys, New to the forums and a bit on edge! Quick intro: exam 1/19, using EK and their 10 week study program, currently behind by 2 lectures (sigh. Working full time and was in school until a couple weeks ago). I'm doing well with my biology (scoring a scaled 127 on average for my 30 min...
  22. E

    Csu or UC for pre-vet? I'm a transfer student

    Hello! I'm kind of new here but i've been lurking around the forum for a few months now. So, I am currently at a cc in California and I want to transfer (Fall 2017) to a 4 year university. I entered cc Fall 2013 and changed my major 1.5 years ago. The problem is that I completely messed up in...
  23. V

    Would This Plan Work?

    Hello, I'm 16. I'm Junior in High school at the moment. In February, I plan on talking to a recruiter and joining the Army National Guard through the Split Enlistment Program (go to boot camp the summer of junior year come back for senior year then leave again for job training and come back in...
  24. L

    USMLE Step 1 HELP Urgent please

    I am a graduate from India, and have prepared for Step 1 by reading Kaplan books and videos and have done the Kaplan Qbank and the exams that go along with it. I have also done other self assessment exams and have done the NBME 13 and gotten a score of 220. I am planning on taking the exam on...
  25. O

    Any MCAT CARS tips to get a better score

    Hello fellow future doctors, I have been doing okay in the other sections on the practice MCAT exams but for some reason, CARS has been the only section that I haven't been improving on :(. I started at a score of 123 then improved to 125 but for the next 3 FL exams (NS), I seen no...
  26. A

    1 week to DAT... FREAKING OUT

    So I have my DAT in exactly one week from today. I have been studying since June when my classes ended. I've been mainly been using Bootcamp and Destroyer for practice questions, and I find them both to be extremely helpful. Here is my dilemma: When I do untimed practice on any subject, I...
  27. P

    What should I do for this last week before my MCAT and how do I seem to be doing so far?

    I've been studying very hard this entire summer and take the MCAT August 20th. I am retaking from a 494 (124, 121, 125, 124) that I got in January after obviously not taking the MCAT seriously enough the first time around. I spent about 6.5 weeks doing content review and the rest of the time...
  28. J

    Admissions question for my stats

    I have a 3.3 GPA, 20 on the DAT, and am a resident of Nebraska but finishing my undergrad in Colorado. All I want is to attend the CU dental school, but am terrified about acceptance and the statistics. Could apply in august or could take a gap year and become resident of CO and apply after my...
  29. G

    Calculus in the new MCAT?

    Hi! I have a question about calculus on the new MCAT. With my AP credit, I am able to place out of Calculus I and II in my college, and will be placed in a stats class and not take calculus at all in college (I'm about to begin college as a freshman). Will I need calculus or calculus based...
  30. M

    Can International students studied and trained in US get license here?

    Hey guys, This maybe a dumb question but I was told by a US MD that when she went through the licensing process, they had PR or citizenship as one of the licensing requirements. I am wondering if that is true as I am a Canadian accepted to a DO school. This will make a difference in my choice...
  31. M

    CAN'T complete english pre-req before matriculation

    Hi guys, I wish I found this forum earlier because I am in serious deep trouble. I was accepted off waitlist last week and the class starts in August. Because I was almost certain I need to re-apply again after the interview and I know I would not do too well on English, I did not plan to take...
  32. I


    Hi everyone, I would appreciate some help and brutally honest advice. I am an FL resident, and applied to the following schools: FIU FAU USF FSU UF UM UCF University of South Carolina Greenville Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina School of Medicine Morehouse School of...
  33. S

    Need help choosing a post bacc

    I recently have been accepted into Loyola, Umass Dartmouth, and Florida Atlantic University. I had a 3.5 GPA undergrad studied finance, so I am trying to position myself with the best chances for med school. Any advice?
  34. L

    AMCAS Mistake: Wrong Contact info in work/activities!

    So I just realized that I made an error in my work and activities section. For two of the contacts, I accidentally put my school email instead of theirs down. I have a phone number that is correct, but the email is so obviously mine- it has my last name and school. This is a huge mistake and was...
  35. F

    I need advice

  36. W

    DO Any Chance?

    Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry GPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.84 MCAT: 490.... Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems - 123 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills - 123 Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems - 124 Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of...
  37. C

    I'm totally new and non-trad ... what do I do?

    Hi all. Long story short: I'm in the beginning of my engineering PhD in a bio/chem type of research. I've got it in my head that I want to go to med school after PhD and I can't stop thinking about it. Undergrad GPA was very low (for top-school standards): 3.74 overall, 3.62 in major. Adcoms...
  38. P

    Personal Statement Introduction Help!

    THANK YOU!!! :):):):):):)
  39. hawthorn9797

    Help With School List Please

    I graduated this may with a BS in Biology cGPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.62 Strong upward trend (first semester of college 2.84 GPA... around 4.0 since) MCAT: 505 (70th percentile) Chemical and Physical: 126 (68th percentile) Bio/BioChem: 128 (88th percentile) CARS...
  40. S

    Chances of getting into vet school?

    Hey everyone I just finished my freshman year at my university and I am freaking out because my GPA was not nearly as high as it should be. I am a pretty good student- make mostly As and Bs, unfortunately math killed my GPA (C+ in pre calc and D in calc). My cumulative GPA is a 2.9, awful I...