Meeting with surgeon (in office) to discuss research: Wear white coat?

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Jul 7, 2005
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Not if it's just to discuss research. Nice shirt and dress pants, maybe even a tie, but no white coat.
Nope. I just wear "school" clothes (polo / khakis).

Wanna do dinner at my place tomorrow night?
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business casual. look professional, but white coat does not seem necessary/appropriate given the situation.

you could also do a shirt and tie etc. (for men) or a business suit for women.
Show lots of cleavage (man or women if you got it) :D
I would wear whatever I am wearing that day while working... If you are a 3rd or 4th year, just wear whatever you have on for the day...white coat or not.

If you are a 1st or 2nd year, I would at most wear slacks and button down tie. And if you do not have any thing that 'nice' (dont laugh, I never owed a tie until MS3 year), then I think a pair of khakis and a 'golf' shirt would suffice...
Go with the white tux option...

sport coat < two-button suit < three-button suit < double breasted < dinner jacket < tux < tails < white tux with leopard print hat and a cane
As I see you are from U Tenn Where a t-shirt that says "I love Tim Fabian"
As I see you are from U Tenn Where a t-shirt that says "I love Tim Fabian"

Or one with Pat Summitt's face on it. Get one with an appropriate scowl. That way he'll know you mean business.

I bet Q looks great in a sports bra. I'm saving a spot in my avatar for you...
Not that I disagree with the general consensus here, but just a personal anecdote:

I currently have a clinical mentor who is a surgeon. The first time I met with him we had a quick phone call and I ran across the street to meet with him. (I am doing the graduate portion of my dual degree--he knew I was coming from lab). I showed up in khaki pants, and a short sleeved polo shirt.

He was pretty quick to comment. He mentioned that when he did his MD/PhD that things were very casual with his graduate mentor and he could wear whatever in lab...but stated, "You have to be able to adapt to these two different worlds. If you are in the hospital, you should have on a tie and white coat. You have to look the part." So, whenever I go to the hospital, even if just to meet with his nurse for 2 minutes to pick up some papers, I look the part. Indeed, there are individuals who will frown upon lack of tie and white coat, even if the majority will not.
Ditto. Do you have a grill prepared? Get one with the whole top diamonds and the bottom row gold.
Arrive in a Bentley, with your chaffeur driving. Then tip the security guard with 100$ for letting you through. Don't forget your bodyguards.
grill... check
pimp cane... check
golf shirt... check
khakis... check

alright, i'm ready for my meeting!
Don't forget the popped collar, and ray-ban aviators :)

oh crap! too late! i already went to the meeting. I hope I didn't leave a bad impression... (i'm screwed)