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    Deferring School for Depression

    Hello everyone, There have been threads on this in the past, but I couldn't really figure out what to do. Long story short I have recurrent severe depression for the past 4+years. Additionally, my anxiety which is currently not as bad as it has been is sometimes better and sometimes worse to...
  2. Tbrock1994

    Psychiatric nurse practitioner mentor

    My name is Trey Brock and I am currently a firefighter paramedic and in nursing school as well. I have seen many people take their life as they did not have access to the help they need, but I have also saved many people simply from talking and listening to their story. I plan to attend a rn...
  3. M

    Applying for HPSP/ SSRI's/Navy Dentistry

    Hi all! I want to start by saying I've done a good bit of research on the HPSP, all branches of military dentistry, and all of the disqualifications. I have not applied for the HPSP yet, just in the process of talking to a navy recruiter. It's always been a dream of mine to serve in the Navy as...
  4. J

    MD & DO Research Survey: Medical school students & Anxiety

    Help me collect data for my research and take the survey below! Medical School Students & Anxiety Background: I am conducting a cross-sectional study of anxiety in first and second year medical school students for my Capstone project. I am using forums like these to help collect data. If you...
  5. L

    Talking about anxiety/panic disorder when applying

    Hi there! My brother is a doctor and told me to not share my story about how I conquered social anxiety/panic disorder as ADCOMs would view this as potential risk for the future. I truly took the hard road and faced my panic disorder head on and dealing with this hardship is one of my greatest...
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    dental school

  7. C

    Tough Decision


    Drop out of Masters Program

    So I'm tryna find advice on here if I should drop out of my current masters program. I am in the second semester of my masters program and I was doing well this semester but unfortunately I had mental health problems arise. Turns out I've been suicidal since I was 6 and trying to find...
  9. GarcendyD


    I do not know if this post serves as a warning or a question, venting or maybe a cry for help...perhaps all the above. The "pre-med" track as a non-trad student can be rough. In many cases it can break people down to a point where they are so defeated, they become lost. At the beginning of my...
  10. S

    Mental Health in Personal Statement

    Hey y’all, so I’m a 30 year old Senior PreMed about to apply to Med. School. I am considering how to write my personal statement as I was out of college from 2009-2017. The gap from 2009-2016 I suffered from severe ocd, labeled as the worst case of OCD many of my Doctors ever saw. I finished 3...
  11. Perchperkins

    Will going to a therapist ruin my chances at medicine?

    I won’t go into explicit detail but I’m going through a rough time and I wanted to see a therapist or psychologist. I don’t have any mental issues. However, I heard that it stays on your permanent record. Could this ruin my chances at pursuing a career in medicine?
  12. B

    Second Degree, SMP, or leave my dream to be a fantasy?

    Lol I tried to make the title rhyme to get you guys attention :happy: But my situation is quite serious. I caught myself between a rock and a hard place where I currently have a VERY low GPA and need to figure out what is the next step for me. Here's some context information: I grew up being...
  13. J

    Need some advice

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading alot lately on physicians seeking mental health treatment. It concerns me, because I've always wanted to go into medicine and hopefully become a surgeon. To give a little context, when I was about 11 going on 12 I was hospitalized for about a week...
  14. A

    Giving up medical school because of mental illness?

    I am a 4th year med student. Recently diagnosed with Bordeline personality disorder. I am depressed too. At the moment I am using antidepressants and receiving medical attention and believe I can finish medscholl. I am at the top 5%in my class. I am smart..But seriously considering if I can be a...
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  16. T

    Personal Statement Theme

    I was diagnosed with ADD and anxiety at age 5 and my family struggled for 4 years to find the proper medication regimen that worked. I am from Arkansas and at the time SPECT scanning wasn’t available, so we flew to CA to have one done to see what areas of my brain needed treatment. The SPECT...
  17. Waldrons1

    Got a C+ of a Neuroanatomy exam... its 30% of my grade

    I just got a 78 on my first Neuro exam of the semester and I am devastated. I studied weeks in advance and ended up actually switching answers from right ones to wrong ones on my exam (which would have made my grade SIGNIFICANTLY higher). I feel like now I'm behind the class because I just can't...
  18. N

    Mental Health ruined my chances?

    I was in the psych hospital this week due to a bad reaction to my antidepressants. Because of this I am planning on applying for a partial medical withdrawal, potentially I may have to do a full medical withdrawal to preserve my scholarship. Can I still become a doctor after this? SOS
  19. M

    Residents sent to Physicians Health Programs (PHP) or Sham Psych Evals to push them out of residency

    I wanted to get the community opinion on this news story in my city. Apparently, local hospitals are using the Physicians Health Program to push out doctors with disabilities or who may make a patient safety claim. Physicians with no addiction issues were being forced into 60-90 days of...
  20. XWing5000

    Non nursing degree holder and not sure to pursue an ADN, BSN, or MSN

    I have a BS in Computer Information Systems, 2.9 cGPA. I only need 3 more classes to complete the science prereqs. I have a 4.0 for my prereq classes at the moment. I know I will need to get to at least a 3.0 cGPA, should not be an issue with the 3 classes I need to complete. local community...
  21. D

    Mental health group for healthcare students and professionals

    New group created for students and professionals aimed at battling mental health among healthcare providers. Facebook: Healthcare(s). Healthcare(s)
  22. Z

    Is there anyway to make Mental illness work in a personal statement???

    I know it already that discussing mental illness of any kind you have is a huge red flag to adcoms that pretty much equals to automatic rejection as they see you as a liability and even a danger or maybe even a pathetic excuse. (which is messed up, but that's just the harsh reality of med school...
  23. M

    Medical Student Mental Health

    What mental health care services are available for medical students at your school? What was useful for you or others? A fellow medical student and I are working on creating a forum or website for medical students who need mental health support. Since there are many students struggling across...
  24. emlady09

    Survey of mental health among health professionals.

    Edited to state the survey is still open! I invite you to participate in this survey; an academic research study conducted by Erica M. Asencio under the supervision of Dr. Robert LaChausse through the College of Health Science at California Baptist University. The study is driven by the...
  25. emlady09

    Survey of mental health among health professionals.

    I invite you to participate in this survey; an academic research study conducted by Erica M. Asencio under the supervision of Dr. Robert LaChausse through the College of Health Science at California Baptist University. The study is driven by the statistics that a disproportionately higher...
  26. M

    Torn between MSW and Mental Health Counseling Degree

    Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. It is not my intention to put down any profession or discipline. I'm just confused and trying to seek advice. This may be long, so please bear with me. I'm 32 years old, and have an undergrad degree in Psychology and a master's...
  27. C

    3.28 cGPA (4.0 last two years) -- Medical School Options

    Hey Everyone, I estimate that by the time I finish my undergrad at my top 10 university, I will have about a 3.28 cGPA. I was wondering, given that my last two years were straight 4.0, what my options for medical schools would be? I had heard that some schools only look at your last two years...
  28. Piglet2020

    Incoming student, feeling a bit scared

    Hey everyone, I’m an incoming MS1 and I’m feeling a bit scared about medical school. I just remember hearing things like: “oh you wont have time for anything when you’re in med school” and just general depressing things. I know I’m going to work hard but I dont want to get to the point where...
  29. M

    Seeing a Therapist/Counselor while in Med School?

    So I am a first year DO student (starting really soon!) and I was curious on what, if any, are the possible negative consequences of seeing a counselor/therapist while in med school. I have anxiety, and while it does not render me unstable at all, it is something that pops up from time to time...
  30. M

    Should I leave social work?- What’s next?

    Hi, Before I ask the quearions in the post title, let me give some background on my qualifications and career path up to this point. I have wanted to be a therapist since I was in high school. Since then I have always openly explored my options and challenged that career goal as I was in...
  31. M

    Expressing an interest in psych

    Hello! I'm a premed (sophomore) set on being a doctor (not a psychologist). When thinking about specialties, my primary interests would be either IM or psych. In terms of research, I currently do lab work in a basic science/translational psych research lab, and am leaning towards ultimately...
  32. S


    Hi there! I am conducting a research study internationally as part of my masters thesis. It focuses on mental health outcomes and resilience and only takes about 10 minutes of your time. The study has received full ethical approval from the UCC board of ethics. If you are over 18 and have a few...
  33. XWing5000

    Which subspecialties of psychiatry pay the least/most?

  34. A

    Medical School with Epilepsy or after Epilepsy Surgery?

    Has anyone completed medical after having a left temporal lobectomy due to epilepsy? Can anyone share their experiences in and after medical school with epilepsy? Any insight on either would be greatly appreciated. My story: I was accepted to an MD/Masters Dual degree program. During my...
  35. N

    Mental health advisors at CC

    Hi, I feel like I need some help with therapy as I would like to control my thoughts and reactions to things better (dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety in both personal life and studies). I am in my second year in a CC and I will transfer to a 4 year cycle of 2019. I think CBT will help...
  36. flora77

    NHSC - FT direct care requirements realistic?

    Hi y'all, I'm posting on this forum because this seems to be the most active place I can find on the internet to talk about NHSC. Please forgive me that I'm not a student or a doctor. I'm an LCSW applying to the NHSC loan repayment program. I have a full time position at an eligible site, and...
  37. Instawell

    Mental Health Counselors/Helpers needed: Work from home

    Inviting all mental health/psychology/counseling students and graduates: I would like to invite you to Instawell, an online marketplace for self-help plans by mental health professionals. Plans are week-long online courses with personalised advice from certified professionals. I believe it...
  38. thelonelyresearcher

    Study of Psychological Safety Among Residents - $50 Amazon Gift Card Raffle

    Are you currently a medical resident? If so, you may be able to participate in an exciting research study. Audrey Bachman, M. A., a doctoral student at the University of Kentucky, and her faculty advisor, Dr. Nancy Harrington, are conducting a study on the experiences of medical residents as...
  39. fve17

    Mental Health + Interviews

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice. I have a bunch of interviews coming up in the next few months. It seems schools are interested in me. I have a handful of poor grades (C range and below) in prerequisites. Some of them are as recent as can be; some are not. There is no...
  40. Cura_te_ipsum

    MD & DO The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-being - JAMA Int Med

    Shanafelt T, Goh J, Sinsky C. The Business Case for Investing in Physician Well-being. JAMA Intern Med. Published online September 25, 2017. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2017.4340 Abstract Importance Widespread burnout among physicians has been recognized for more than 2 decades. Extensive...