MGH vs. Stanford child & adolescent psychiatry fellowship

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Nov 22, 2013
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Yeah, just to say I'd also like any thoughts on this. I have a slightly different question which would also get at what you are asking, which is how the different Boston programs compare in terms of CAP opportunities? It might be helpful to you choosing between Stanford and MGH to know how MGH fits in with Boston Children's and CHA in terms of CAP.

The tiny amount I have heard is that MGH is very intense. This is from a fellow who chose a different program owing to this perspective. I'm not sure how that compares to Stanford.
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1) neither one will hurt your reputation.
2) you may have to trust your own interview impressions. Chances are there are very few people, especially on this board, who have direct experience with both.
I heard that they are both very clinically solid and strong research CAP programs. As oldpsych said they both have good reputation and your interview impression is going to be very important in your rank list. It's a bit strange that you did not have much interactions with the follows at Stanford. I wonder if anyone here has any input or direct contacts with these programs to share.
Hello CAPsychiatry,

I am currently a 2nd year child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at Stanford. I'd be happy to share my impressions of the program with you. I came from a general psych program with a strong esprit de corps (NYU), and have found Stanford to be a very warm, rewarding and intellectually stimulating place to train. The clinical experience has been diverse and well rounded. There are ample opportunities to focus on areas of particular interest in the 2nd year of fellowship through elective time and participation in a variety of specialty clinics and school settings. I've found my co-fellows to be a friendly, accomplished and very down to earth bunch. The same can be said for the faculty, who have been highly accessible, who care a *lot* about training and who are great mentors.

I'm sorry you had limited contact with my classmates during your visit. We try and create opportunities for interaction at lunch (most fellows are there for this), but it sounds like it didn't happen for some reason. Please feel free to message me and I'd be happy to put you in contact with any of them.