1. yelenaMV

    Prerequisites for Midwestern and Auburn, please help.

    Hello, questions about prerequisites: for Midwestern Mathematics 6 credits, I have Calc 4 credits, not sure if Statistics or Computer Science can be applied. for Auburn Cell Biology requirement what other courses can be applied? I have Animal Genetics and General Microbiology. Sent multiple...
  2. wildmamathornberry

    Ignore thread/ incorrectly calculated stats

    Hi! I’ve been looking through this forum for a thread specifically for people who’ve applied and/or been accepted to Midwestern CVM. I’m an in state non trad student and I’m really just looking to compare stats so I know what my chances are! I’m applying in next years cycle. Here are mine so...
  3. B

    Subject based (Midwestern) vs systems based teaching (Western) approach

    I'm currently trying to decide between Midwestern and Western. I loved my interview with Midwestern and was impressed by their high board pass rates. However, I like the curriculum Western teaches. They do blocks and a 2 pass system with the 1st-year focus: Normal functions of the body, health...
  4. C

    Urgent: ATSU-KCOM vs. CCOM

    I need help deciding which school to pay my deposit to (by this week haha). I would chose CCOM in a heartbeat if it weren’t so expensive, but it might be worth it if CCOM could ultimately help me match into a more competitive residency. KCOM PROS -lower tuition and rent -oldest DO school...
  5. K

    midwestern CCO accreditation

    Hello everyone! hope everyone’s interviews are going well. I got accepted into Midwestern CCO and was wondering if someone can help me understand their current accreditation, and what that would mean for me as a student. So I know they are in the process of getting accredited. What exactly does...
  6. GetReady14

    AZCOM (Midwestern-AZ) vs RVUCOM-CO (Rocky Vista)

    Hi everybody! I'm having some trouble deciding between these two schools for the coming Fall. Some background: I'm originally from southern California and would ideally like to return there for residency. Both schools have similar solid board scores and match lists AZCOM/Midwestern Pros...
  7. S


    I know this thread has been done before but I wanted to start another one up since the DO landscape seems to be rapidly changing year by year. I have been lucky enough to earn an acceptance from each branch of Midwestern and I wanted current and former students' takes on the pros and cons of...
  8. H

    Midwestern (AZCOPT) or ICO??

    Hi! I'm applying to both schools and I'm having trouble picking which school would be better for me. I thought I would go to ICO because a lot of the people I know went to or are going to ICO but when I visited Midwestern, I really liked their facility and the atmosphere there. ICO Adv: great...
  9. H

    Midwestern (AZCOPT) or Chicago (ICO)??

    Hi! I'm applying to both schools and I'm having trouble picking which school would be better for me. I thought I would go to ICO because a lot of the people I know went to or are going to ICO but when I visited Midwestern, I really liked their facility and the atmosphere there. ICO Adv: great...
  10. C

    Should I email a school updates if I have already done so on AADSAS? (Waitlisted)

    I got waitlisted at MWU-AZ, and am not sure if I should email them updates about me acquiring my x-ray license and continuing to assist at a dental office for the past 8 months, as well taking an anatomy course right now. I updated AADSAS to reflect these changes a month ago, but just wanted to...
  11. T

    EXPELLED Dental Students accepted into Midwestern-AZ

    In October of last year, a fourth year dental student was expelled from dental school for some seriously unethical behavior. This person was caught stealing Denar Mark 330 Articulators from classmates and selling them on eBay. Other items were revealed to have been stolen from the dental school...
  12. R

    Loma Linda vs. MWU-IL

    Can you guys give me some pros and cons for Midwestern IL and Loma Linda (LLUSD). I do not know too much about Midwestern IL (NOT Midwestern in Arizona) and want to know a bit more about it. Thank you guys.
  13. D

    Midwestern (AZ) 2021

    Hello! Does anyone have any opinions about Midwestern in Arizona? I think I'm going to put my deposit down, but I'd like to collect as much information as I can before making my final decision. Any opinions/things you've heard about the program, faculty, school in general, finances would be a...
  14. maybeapedsdoc22

    Gap year vs acceptance to very expensive school

    I was accepted to Midwestern University AZ, which although I am happy about, I also am not happy with their >$110,000 COA per year. That is an INSANE tuition amount and id easily be in $500,000 in debt coming out of school. That being said, should I try to retake the DAT and maybe hope for a...
  15. I

    Questions to ask DPT programs during interview

    Hey guys, I have a few interviews coming up. I have heard that DPT programs love when you ask questions, but I am not sure what to ask considering I have researched everything I could find about the school and asked the admissions office all of the other questions I had. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. I

    Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL interview

    Hello everybody, I recently scored an interview with Midwestern University in Downers Grove! Can anyone who has had an interview here explain to me what the process is like and what types of questions are asked? Thank you,
  17. A

    CCO vs ICO vs NECO

    Hi all, I am new here, and though I have read through similar topic threads, I believe there is not much info on CCO. Plus, NECO has changed a lot recently adding a lot to their clinic which I think should be considered. I have got acceptance from all three schools. While I'm very grateful...
  18. I

    Midwestern CCP Fall 2019

    has anyone else applies to MWU CCP for early decision or regular?
  19. S

    Should I do the Midwestern MABS or retake science courses, orientation is tomorrow.

    Hey guys, I just reapplied to dental school for the 2nd cycle and I am between what I should do. Here are my stats: sGPA: 3.15, oGPA: 3.42, 20 AA DAT. I attended an international program for undergrad and transferred to Purdue to finish my degree and graduated from there. I am a US student from...
  20. futuredrummerdoctor

    Any current/former AZCOM students?

    I am starting medical school this fall at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ and I have a few questions! MUCH appreciated if you could respond if you are affiliated with AZCOM, thank you!
  21. S

    What schools should I apply to?

    Hey guys ill keep this short. Here are my stats: oGPA: 3.42 sGPA: 3.15 DAT(19AA, retaking it June 29th, hoping for anything >19) Doing the Master's of Arts Biomed program starting Aug at Midwestern. 3 shadowing exp >100hrs >200 volunteering hrs. I am applying very broadly - I am a reapplicant...
  22. davdango

    ***The Official Midwestern-Illinois Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread***

    PREVIOUS THREADS: Class of 2022 Thread Class of 2021 Thread Hello! I'm an incoming D1 who is super excited to start school. :welcome: Please feel free to discuss and remember to be courteous. PM me if you need extra help. Best of luck! :D Link to interview prep: Midwestern University College...
  23. BlueBee20

    Midwestern vs. Des Moines (DO programs)

    Hi all! PLEASE HELP! I never thought I'd be in the situation where I had the opportunity to CHOOSE between two great schools that I love, but here I am! I have made a list of pros and cons. However, I would love your help and advice when it comes to choosing between these schools! Midwestern...
  24. S

    What should I do?

    Hey guys! So I am a little confused on what I should do regarding dental school. So I applied this cycle and did not get any interview invites but got the Creighton Wait list opportunity. I did also apply to a few special masters programs as back up. I applied to WesternU MSMS, MSBS and...
  25. V

    Post-bac or Masters?

    Hey guys, This is my first post and I'd really appreciate any feedback! I graduated last May, and took this year off to travel/study for the DAT. Dental school is undoubtedly the goal. I have done research outside of SDN about which route to take but keep getting conflicting answers. I want to...
  26. H

    Midwestern Arizona scrubs

    hi I want to buy a surprise pair of scrubs for my brother that got into midwestern Arizona optometry school. He mentioned that they’re supposed to be galaxy blue but the nicer scrub brands that I’m looking at don’t have an option for that color. Anyone know if the Figs brand navy color (1st pic)...
  27. T

    PhD/PsyD Wisconsin School of Prof. Psych and Other Programs in Midwest

    Hey all, So I have an upcoming interview at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psych and was wondering if anyone has any experience with their Psy.D program. I'm attempting to compare the following programs and am feeling pretty lost on where I could see myself (I've either been...
  28. S

    Midwestern University MABS 2018-2019

    Hey guys, didn't see a thread up for this cycle so wanted to create one. Anyone get accepted yet?
  29. N

    Midestern Arizona dental school Vs UCSF dental school

    Hey Everyone, I am debating between UCSF and Midwestern. UCSF has the name recognition that is useful for apply for specialization and for jobs in academia. San Francisco city is super beautiful and offers so much to do. dental program is okay. it is not the strongest clinically. their...
  30. S

    Midwestern IL Master of Biomedical Science 2018-2019

    Hey guys, I didn't see a thread up for this so wanted to go ahead and create one.. Have people applied and heard anything back yet?
  31. D


  32. N

    USC vs. Loma Linda vs. Midwester-Az dental schools

    I am torn between these three schools. I have created pros and cons of each school to try to help me decide. I am mostly trying to decide between USC and Midwestern. I am very much leaning to Midwestern. please share your thoughts about each school and tell me what you recommend. I greatly...
  33. ifitfitsyourmolars

    Minnesota vs. MWU-AZ vs. Roseman

    Hey Guys! So I was fortunate enough to have been accepted to 3 schools yesterday and am still on edge about what school I should attend. For background, I'm from CA so all schools are OOS so cost is currently not a factor because they're all roughly extremely expensive. I'm extremely interested...
  34. W

    Midwestern BMS graduate and current D1 - Ask me anything!

    I completed the Biomed program at Midwestern in Arizona, and I am currently a D1 at MWU. I am more than happy to answer any Qs. Just for starters, I want to clear up some myths: 1) If I do one of the masters programs here, I am guaranteed an acceptance. They only offer guaranteed interviews...
  35. SwineTor

    Official Rejection List c/o 2022

    1 rejection so far: Midwestern.
  36. B

    Interview at Midwestern Glendale Campus

    Hello everyone, I recently set up an interview at the Midwestern University Glendale campus for August 18th. For those who have interview/attend Midwestern, can you tell me about the interview experience you had? What types of questions did they ask? Was it a 1 on 1 interview or a pannel format...
  37. Y

    Do I have a chance at all

    sciGPA 2.76, overall GPA 3.18 - Upward trend since freshman year. Over 300 hours of shadowing/assisting, working, Dental club board member at our school, a lot of community service etc. Deans list last two semesters of senior year. DAT: AA 17, Bio 19, RC 19, GC 17, OC 14, PAT 16, QR 14. It was...
  38. Y

    Midwestern AZ vs DG? MBS

    Got into both schools' MBS program, debating which one would be a better fit. I am from IL but I don't mind at all moving to AZ. Have any of you heard about one being better than the other? I'm set on doing the 2 year MBS in hopes to get accepted elsewhere and drop out after the first year. Any...
  39. C

    Midwestern MBS Downer's Grove 2017-19

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone else was accepted/accepted their seat in the 2017-2019 program? Haven't really found any threads or FB groups so figured I'd start one!
  40. A

    Midwestern University treats students like garbage

    I am a student at Midwestern University in Arizona. I need to warn everyone thinking about applying to Midwestern. My advice is to pick another school. Midwestern treats its students horribly. They do not allow students to use the bathroom during 2-3 hour long tests, which occur 2-3 times a week...