1. B

    New DPT Program at Univ. of Arizona Starting in Fall 2025!

    For students looking for a program with an innovative curriculum at an affordable tuition, University of Arizona is seeking accreditation for a new Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Applications open on PTCAS in June 2024 for the first inaugural class incoming fall 2025. Our program is...
  2. V

    Position Available Mayo Clinic Residency Open House

    Posting on behalf of the Mayo Clinic - Arizona. Calling all 4th years interested in pursuing their residency with the Mayo Clinic. Virtual event on August 28th, 2023. REGISTER HERE: See flyer for additional details.
  3. crmdpt

    NAU DPT Cycle 2021-2022

    Anyone else interview with NAU? If so, any idea on when we are supposed to hear back?
  4. M

    Residency Programs: Announcements and Advertisements

    The Abrazo Health Emergency Medicine Residency would like to invite you to a virtual open house designed to give fourth year students more information about our program. We hope to be able to tell the attendees about our philosophy, curriculum, hospitals, faculty, and why you should train here...
  5. M

    GPR/AEGD Programs in AZ/CO

    Anyone know about the GPR/AEGD programs in AZ or CO? Looking to apply to these two states. Arizona seems to only be LMC AEGD programs without specific details about the individual programs. Colorado seems to have some good programs such as the dental school and the VA. Looking for more specific...
  6. H

    Midwestern (AZCOPT) or ICO??

    Hi! I'm applying to both schools and I'm having trouble picking which school would be better for me. I thought I would go to ICO because a lot of the people I know went to or are going to ICO but when I visited Midwestern, I really liked their facility and the atmosphere there. ICO Adv: great...
  7. H

    Midwestern (AZCOPT) or Chicago (ICO)??

    Hi! I'm applying to both schools and I'm having trouble picking which school would be better for me. I thought I would go to ICO because a lot of the people I know went to or are going to ICO but when I visited Midwestern, I really liked their facility and the atmosphere there. ICO Adv: great...
  8. C

    Should I email a school updates if I have already done so on AADSAS? (Waitlisted)

    I got waitlisted at MWU-AZ, and am not sure if I should email them updates about me acquiring my x-ray license and continuing to assist at a dental office for the past 8 months, as well taking an anatomy course right now. I updated AADSAS to reflect these changes a month ago, but just wanted to...
  9. LEC_DPT

    NAU Admission

    Is anyone willing to DM me or discuss here how competitive it truly is to get into NAU? I love the school, but consistently see competitive students rejected without an interview. I would love for people to really tell me what it takes to get in, how they think they stood out, or what they...
  10. D

    Midwestern (AZ) 2021

    Hello! Does anyone have any opinions about Midwestern in Arizona? I think I'm going to put my deposit down, but I'd like to collect as much information as I can before making my final decision. Any opinions/things you've heard about the program, faculty, school in general, finances would be a...
  11. maybeapedsdoc22

    Gap year vs acceptance to very expensive school

    I was accepted to Midwestern University AZ, which although I am happy about, I also am not happy with their >$110,000 COA per year. That is an INSANE tuition amount and id easily be in $500,000 in debt coming out of school. That being said, should I try to retake the DAT and maybe hope for a...
  12. S


    VCOM - CC + Cheaper tuition ~$45,500 + Less moving throughout medical school + Clinical experiences every Friday + Clinical years spent in hospitals + 100% Match rate + Cheap cost of living - Mandatory lecture attendance - Letter grading system - Far away from home ATSU - SOMA + I'm from...
  13. E

    Should I send in secondaries?

    Hi, I am a Pennsylvania resident with a 510 MCAT and 3.75c and 3.65s GPA. I have a lot of leadership and volunteer experience as well as a year of research. I received most of my secondaries including Michigan State and Arizona(Tuscon). I know these two schools heavily prefer in-state students...
  14. M

    DPT Programs in Arizona

    Hello, I am applying to PT school this year with hopes of getting in to the program Fall of 2019. I am thinking about making Franklin Pierce one of the schools I apply to (along with NAU). Has anyone attended Franklin Pierce? Good program? Thanks in advance!
  15. M

    ATSU SOMA - Clinical Site Selection

    Wondering if there are any current students or others that could provide some input on selection a CHC for clinical years. I'm from the East coast but I am willing to relocate so I would love to hear from current students that could talk about how they chose their site. Beyond that, anything...
  16. futuredrummerdoctor

    Any current/former AZCOM students?

    I am starting medical school this fall at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ and I have a few questions! MUCH appreciated if you could respond if you are affiliated with AZCOM, thank you!
  17. M

    Why are all the PH.D/Psy.D candidates and post docs leaving Arizona?

    (I attempted to find the specific school forum but was unable to do in I'm not sure if it exists on SDN. But this is really asking more about psychology candidacies in AZ. Read on please. So if this post is in the wrong place, I'm new and sorry to offend!) Hi! I'm really interested in...
  18. G

    Help With School List (MO resident)

    Hi everybody, I've been reading the forums here for almost two years now, but this is my first official post. I need some advice/help creating a school list. I'm looking to add about 6 more schools to my list, and hoping to apply to about 15. If you have any insight on what programs I should or...
  19. N

    MD 516 MCAT & 3.99 GPA | Help with School List!! | WAMC?

    Hi Everyone! I am a Junior at my university and will be applying to medical school (MD) this cycle (2018). I would really appreciate any help with my school list! I would love to go to a top tier school and aim to apply to a large number (35+) of schools. I study at the Honors College of a...
  20. H

    Midwestern Arizona scrubs

    hi I want to buy a surprise pair of scrubs for my brother that got into midwestern Arizona optometry school. He mentioned that they’re supposed to be galaxy blue but the nicer scrub brands that I’m looking at don’t have an option for that color. Anyone know if the Figs brand navy color (1st pic)...
  21. N

    Midestern Arizona dental school Vs UCSF dental school

    Hey Everyone, I am debating between UCSF and Midwestern. UCSF has the name recognition that is useful for apply for specialization and for jobs in academia. San Francisco city is super beautiful and offers so much to do. dental program is okay. it is not the strongest clinically. their...
  22. F

    MD & DO Can I get in? Any and all opinions!

    Hey guys! Recent bachelors graduate here with a a few more med school reqs to take. I have a relatively non-traditional background so I'm looking for some honest opinions and advice on if I have a shot at reaching my dream of med school in this upcoming (2018-19) application cycle. I'm also an...
  23. ifitfitsyourmolars

    Minnesota vs. MWU-AZ vs. Roseman

    Hey Guys! So I was fortunate enough to have been accepted to 3 schools yesterday and am still on edge about what school I should attend. For background, I'm from CA so all schools are OOS so cost is currently not a factor because they're all roughly extremely expensive. I'm extremely interested...
  24. B

    Arizona Naplex results wait!!!!

    Hello, I took my exam Monday oct 31 2017 and have not received my results yet. Arizona has one of the quickest turnarounds in posting results online on nabp. Any experience with long wait??? Passed / failed? I emailed them on Friday and got the “wait 7 biz days” email.
  25. C

    ER Scribe Position - Kingman, AZ

    Opening for an ER scribe position at Kingman Regional Medical Center in Kingman Arizona. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is planning on going to medical school, physician assistant school, or nursing school. Scribes work with physicians, residents, physician assistants, and nurse...
  26. I

    University of Arizona Pharmacy c/o 2022

    University of Arizona Pharmacy c/o 2022 Just wanted to start this thread for the class of 2022. How many people have had interviews? Is the class size really going to 160?
  27. I

    University of Arizona c/o 2022

    University of Arizona Pharmacy c/o 2022 Just wanted to start this thread for the class of 2022. How many people have had interviews? Is the class size really going to 160?
  28. SwineTor

    Official Rejection List c/o 2022

    1 rejection so far: Midwestern.
  29. R

    AZ Board meeting and drug test

    I have to appear before the board due to some legal issues that I had over a decade ago. I have no clue what to expect. I was previously on Texas Board of Pharmacy probation for a decade, never had any issues. Anyone have any idea what the board normally does with someone with a criminal record...
  30. X

    MD Step 2 CK score and Anesthesia residency for 17-18

    Hello, I am a current MS4, planning on applying for anesthesia this cycle. I took my Step 1 score and got a 234 but havent taken Step 2. My dilemma is that I decided on Anesthesia pretty late (end of May) then did an elective in June (which I honored, got 3 associate level letters). However, I...
  31. B

    Interview at Midwestern Glendale Campus

    Hello everyone, I recently set up an interview at the Midwestern University Glendale campus for August 18th. For those who have interview/attend Midwestern, can you tell me about the interview experience you had? What types of questions did they ask? Was it a 1 on 1 interview or a pannel format...
  32. Y

    Midwestern AZ vs DG? MBS

    Got into both schools' MBS program, debating which one would be a better fit. I am from IL but I don't mind at all moving to AZ. Have any of you heard about one being better than the other? I'm set on doing the 2 year MBS in hopes to get accepted elsewhere and drop out after the first year. Any...
  33. M

    ER Physician Needed in AZ for Underserved Population (IHS)

    Caduceus Healthcare has an exciting opportunity for an Emergency Room Physician at the Whiteriver Indian Hospital located in Whiteriver, Arizona, that offers a rewarding and unique healthcare opportunity to serve the Fort Apache Indian Reservation community. Education and Experience: • MD/DO...
  34. A

    Too Late for Masters?

    Currently applying to MWU in IL and AZ- should finish the app before June 1st. What are my chances of actually getting in this late? Are there any other masters with a guaranteed interview program into their dental schools with rolling admissions up to July ish? Thank you in advance
  35. P

    My MPJE (AZ) Experience and Material Available (for both federal and state)

    Hello, I just received my MPJE results today and found out I have passed!! I used to federal MPJE book to study (Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law, 9th edition, By Barry S. Reiss & Gary D. Hall) and a specific state book called (Pharmacy law simplified Arizona MPJE study guide for 2016-2017, by...
  36. P

    Advertisement Card game to study AZ pharmacy law/MPJE

    Hello, I am a recent pharmacy grad and created this resource from an APPE rotation I was at. I was at Bula Law (Home), a pharmacy law compliance firm. I created a fun game with mechanics similar to UNO to make studying for Arizona pharmacy law easier. The content is all curated by Bula Law. The...
  37. M

    Arizona optometry jurisprudence exam tips

    Hey guys, I have my Arizona jurisprudence exam this week and I wanted to see if anyone has already taken it and can give me any tips. Not really sure how I need to be studying for this test
  38. J

    veterinary science major for pre med

    Hello all, long time lurker and first time poster. I wanted to get some advise because when I used our handy dandy search engine I couldn't find any results. I am currently trying to plan out my undergraduate career to go as swimmingly as possible and I am trying to choose my major. I know...
  39. bschaefer97

    Will a C kill my chances?

    Hello all, I just bombed a test in O Chem II, and I was just wondering how everything shaped up so far grade- and EC-wise. This has likely been covered in a different thread, if so, just LMK and I will check it out. Just a bit worried about how this bad chem grade will affect my chances of...
  40. L

    room for rent near Midwestern University, Glendale Campus

    Hello, we are midwestern alumni and have a room for rent near Midwestern University, Glendale Campus. It is 6.5 miles from Midwestern. It is a very safe neighborhood with plenty of street parking. Frys, Lee Lees, Sprouts, and Arrowhead Mall are literally down the street!! Room is unfurnished...