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Dec 10, 2006
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  1. Other Health Professions Student
Hey Everyone,
Does anyone have any tips for making money for college using the internet.....for example doing surveys or such.

Please let me know!!
Thank you for your help!! :cool:


Neuropsych Ninja
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Oct 7, 2006
The Beach
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  1. Psychologist
99.5% of those "survey" sites are scams. There are only a handful of good ones, though most of the reputable ones are 'closed' to new people or are by invitation only (when they are looking for specific things). ANY that ask for $ up front are NOT legitimate.

I would suggest looking elsewhere...tutoring, etc.

I got involved with a bunch of marketing firms ~8-9 years ago, and I have stayed with a number of them....but they tend to focus on certain areas (my focus was IT...which they paid very well). Medical and pharma pays REALLY well. I have a contact who on occasion looks for FPs, GPs, etc. I'll keep an eye out for medical/healthcare stuff for ya'll.

So yeah....tutoring and traditional jobs...unless you are a programmer, e-bayer, e-tailer, or wholesaler....you aren't going to make any decent money on the web.

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