Nov 11, 2010
Hi everyone

ok i don't exactly need help but i need advise, any advise from your point of view will sure help me see the bigger picture.
i'm IMG just came to US preparing for usmle step one, but really interested in healthcare administration actually am now applying for MHA fall 2011
i have a diploma in healthcare quality and studying for cphq..
well that's not all... i really like intensive care medical speciality..
so if i got accepted in MHA will that mean that i have to leave medicine forever ..ok if i leave it for now ..when i'll be able to come chance as IMG in getting intensive care residency is not high at all
so should i forget the idea..what about CPHQ ..i really like it but does that mean it's helpful or i'm just wasting my time..
know u got lost but any idea????:D